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  1. Hi ladies
    I\'m just hoping someone could give me some advice on beta numbers.
    I just got results today for a blood test done on 7dp5dt so: 12 dpo. it is 173. I've been told it's high and I think so too! Ive got two other beta blood results to come but so far this is high. What do you all think? Twins? My daughter (who is 2 now) had a beta of 60 at around a simillar time!!

    PS: Is there a chart I can look at online to compare numbers for singletons and twins?

  2. Bubbly -

    Congrats on your strong number!

    You can look at #s on

    We did a fet and at 8dpt our beta was 213 and I am currently pregnant with twins.

    How many did you tx? When are your next betas?

    No matter your numbers, remember they can be all over the place and that you won't know anything until the US. When do you think that will be?

    Best of luck!


  3. Congrats on the great beta #!

    On 14dpo or 11dp3dt my beta was 346 (currently 13 weeks pg with twins)!!

    Best of luck - Keep us posted!


  4. Thanks for the replies! That result was from a blood test last Thurs (12dpo). I had blood taken today and another is scheduled for Wednesday. I'll keep you posted on the results but I feel it may be twins, we tx 3 embies.
    The wait is the worst part isnt it?

  5. Mine at 8dp6dt was 186 currently pregnant with twins. GOOD LUCK!

  6. 11dp3dt = 230 triplets
    11dp3dt=175 twins
    11dp3dt = 112 singleton

    I\'d be interested to know your next betas. With my multiples, it more than doubled and my singleton didn't double.

    You never know......Could be 3!


  7. 12dpo...173

    Waiting for third but according to this I have doubled every 1.94 days. So it's within range but still considered "high" numbers. The doubling time I have heard is faster if it's multiples so maybe I am having the one.

    has anyone had simillar numbers and had multiples?

  8. I know I have to wait until my US on Dec. 28th (at 7 wks) to find out anything, but does anyone want to comment on my numbers? I've been obsessing over the numbers. We tx 2 DE blasts. I have RPL so I am happy to have stong numbers, though.....this is the first bfp that I've ever even had a beta done.....I got a + on CBED at 5dptdt.

    7dp5dt 62
    9dp5dt 166
    14dp5dt 1422
    16dp5dt 3424

    ave. 2-day increase: 144%

    Thanks! Hoosier

  9. Hoosier - you def have to wait. Plenty of women have high # and have 1 and then women have low #s and have 2.

    Ours were:
    8dpt - 213
    12dpt -1428
    16dpt - 8928

    15w pregnant with twins. We suspected twins based on doubling times of about 34 hours more than from high #s.

    Wishing you the very best - the waiting is the hardest. We were actually able to do USs at 5w6d and then again at 6w5d so found out pretty early there were two.

    Best -

  10. cant tell by betas alone!

    ivf #1 beta 693 9dp5dt 10,280 15dp5dt - twins!
    ivf#2 beta 293 9dp5dt 8100 15dp5dt- singleton!

  11. Thanks, everyone. I think it's a singleton with high betas, but 7 wks is a loonng wait. I wish I knew what was going on in there! Hoosier

  12. If you don't mind I will add my 2 cents in---my first beta was 6 days after my transfer it was 136.9, then 2 days later it was around 350. They told me it was a singleton with high number---nope twins here. but I have seen other with higher number then mine and have just one baby and other with lower number then mine have 2. You just don't know till the ultrasound.

    Best of luck---all we want is that baby(s) stick and be healthy!

    I will keep lurking to see how it goes for you


  13. Thanks, Heidi. I'm praying for a healthy one to stick! Hoosier

  14. Well my third beta came back 18dpo (13dp5dt) 1391. A healthy number but still hard to predict.
    However, I have started spotting yesterday afternoon, it was heavy and brown later red! I also had cramps and my boobs are not as sore as before. I am so sad it might be over for me. I am 5 weeks so a bit early for a scan yet! if it continues Ill go to A&E for a check because I had an ectopic before and need to be cautious. Im so sad right now!

  15. they can still do an ultrasound your number is high enough to see a sac but you won't see much of anything. I was lucky and unlucky because I had ultrasounds along with my betas due to OHSS. I had ascites---so we saw early on that I had 2 sacs. But your bleeding could be implantation bleeding.

    Best of luck

  16. Bubbly, that sounds like a really strong beta. My RE told me it was possible that I could not only have spotting, but alot of bleeding, but to not stop my meds under any circumstances. Even though it's early, can you have them do an US for peace of mind? Hoosier

  17. I thought I'd post an update on my situation which is still a bit unclear. I had spotting all thru frid, Sat and Sun with red blood and few small clots but because it was the weekend, I couldn't go to my GP. Today I have been refered for an early scan so I'm waiting for them to get back to me. The bleeding has stopped (weird!!) so I dont know if I'm still pregnant or not. I have no idea whats going on in there. The not knowing is the worse thing. I'll update when I have the scan........TBC.

  18. Bubbly, I hope your scan went okay. - Hoosier

  19. Well, girls, you were right. I am having a singleton! We were so happy to see one strong little bean. Had an US today, at 6wks5days, and I am measuring at 6wks5days. Here were my final beta numbers:

    7dp5dt 62
    9dp5dt 166
    14dp5dt 1422
    16dp5dt 3424
    22dp5dt 14498

    - I hope everyone else is doing well. regards, Susan

  20. Hoosier girl that's great news congrats!!!!
    My news is a little confusing. I had a scan Xmas eve because I had been spotting for two days and my doctor was worried. Well, they found two sac's. One (they think) had a yolk sac and what they think was a fetal pole. The other was smaller with only a yolk inside. Obviously still a bit early to conclude so they sceduled me a scan for 10 days later to get a better clue. Well, all over Xmas I bled for three days solid (bright red with clots and Im pretty sure I passed what looked like a sac (sorry TMI). Funnily, I never had too much pain or cramps but alot of blood. So yesterday I called them to bring forward the second scan so I am going in tomorrow to find out if the second one has survived Hard to believe since I had so much blood loss and the gynae thinks that if there is too much lining lost, the other will just come away. Sooooooo..... Im still in limbo until tomorrow. Will update then. Good luck to everyone.

  21. Bubbly,

    I\'m praying that your scan goes well.


  22. Well, I went in for my 2nd scan today after my excessive bleed over Xmas feeling sure they would discover my vanished twin BUT to my shock and amazement I have two babies with two heartbeats!! I nearly fell off the table. I couldn't understand how it could happen after passing what I believed was one of the sac's. UNLESS I had a thrid implanted and it had come away just before the first scan and that's why they didn't see it on the screen.
    Twin A is a good size with a strong heart beat and twin B is smaller with a much slower heartbeat and I've been told he may not continue and to expect to lose that twin. So......I wait now for another scan in two weeks (unless I bleed futher) to assess the final outcome. But for now, I am pg with twins!!!
    I'll pop back to update
    Take care everyone and good luck to all.............

  23. Bubbly - that is great news. The problem is we tend to over analyze things when we have bleeding. We are sure things are over and that just isn't always the case - it does make for a nice surprise when going in for the US and seeing those heatbeat(s) for the first time when in the back of our minds we are expecting the worst.

    Will continue to look for good news from you over the coming weeks.

    Hugs -


  24. Bubbly - that is wonderful news. Keep us posted on how you are doing!


  25. Yayyy Bubbley, thats wonderful news I to have been follwoing up on you while I was reading beta threads !! Really excited for you!!

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