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  1. did you go to work the day after transfer or lay in bed. im not sure if i should go to work and literally 'sit around' and keep the stress down or sit on my couch.


  2. I honestly do not think it matters. I did bed rest the day of my ET and the day after. Modified bed rest the following day. Got a BFN. Have read other responses of women who only do 24 hours of bed rest and then go back to work and get a BFP. I think it just depends on what you are comfortable with. Good luck and baby dust to ya!

  3. My first IVF I too 1 week off and got a BFP (m/c). now i'm on IVF #2- I took 2 weeks off. No strenuous activity. took walks to keep the blood flowing. Beta is on Monday (??????). I have a stressful job and felt it was best to be very relaxed to help my precious little embryos implant.
    Good luck to you!

  4. My RE calls for 72 hours of bed rest. I am then going to take it easy until the beta.

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