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  1. Please tell me I am not the only one to suffer the worst break out in my life after m/cing. This has been going on for 2 months now. Started end of May and I thought it was just from being pregnant but at our June 4 u/s I found out the baby had died and my acne has only gotten worse. I look like I have the chicken pox with the amount of huge zits on my forehead. Benzoyl peroxide did nothing to help clear it up. I was on bcp for a couple of weeks to start cycling again and it helped minimally. I don't understand it. The hcg has been out of my system for almost a month. Am I going to be struck like this forever. I am starting stims on Saturday for another cycle.

  2. Hi bakar,

    Hmm, doesn't look like anyone else reading has the same issue. Well, I can chime in to say I had three pimples after my D&C, whereas I hadn't had one in years before that. So I suppose that is a little bad.

    I'm sure it must be the hormone craziness that is doing it to you. How frustrating though.

  3. Thanks riccardo morri.
    Ya I figure it is the hormones since the acne meds aren't doing a thing. I thought it would go away completely on the bcp, but I guess not. I start the stims for cycle #2 tonight. Hopefully all the new hormones I am pumping in my body won't make this worst - though at this stage I don't know how that is possible.

  4. Hi bakar,
    Yeah, I've had a small breakout and in general feel I am still getting back my moxy. In my case, it's only been a week, and I'm really waiting to get my groove back in general. However, I did notice that I got a few things going on on my chin. Don't worry, it'll subside, and if you're lucky enough to get pregnant again, don't be surprized if you get a few big fat pregnancy pimples! Somehow they're easier to take when it's for a good cause, right? Listen, all the best of luck for the cycle and great for you that you are getting right back on that horse. I'm hoping to try again with a FET cycle as soon as they give me the clear.

    Good vibes and happy thoughts your way!

  5. Thanks melike. Well it has been over 2 months and still have a face that looks like I caught the chicken pox. I was at the GP the other day (because my new clinic needed a recent physical) and we talked about it and basically she said there is nothing I can do about it since we are trying to get pregnant. I will keep taking the benzoyl peroxide until I get my bfp.

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