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    Ladies forgive me for barging in but I am in my 2ww and going a little nuts over something. I posed the same question on the IVF board and there were not many answers and I really could use some feedback. I feel I might get better answers here among those of you who are carrying multiples.

    On the 3rd I had IVF with donor eggs/sperm in the Czech Republic but we are from the US so there were some communications / being rushed / credit card issues to complicate the process.

    We had firmly decided to do 2 blasts before leaving. However faced with the REs refusal to freeze the 2B blast I could not walk away from it so I had them transfer all 3 reasoning to myself that with almost 30 hours of driving / flying / waiting in airports starting less than 12 hours after the transfer circumstances would balance the odds so to speak especially in light of the fact that the 2B was supposedly not good enough to freeze. I honestly thought it didn't have much of a chance and I was just transfering it to save myself from feeling guilty later.

    I know this sounds stupid but the twins I lost came from a donor embryo cycle and I was just so happy to get the embies I really didn't delve that deeply into the grading process for blasts. Add to that the problems with my credit card and the time wasted trying to fix it having used up much of the time I could have spent asking questions of the RE and I know little more than a woman on her first cycle. Lame I know but looking on the web is of little help as there is a lot of conflicting / possibly out dated / very unspecific information and I just keep getting more confused.

    At this point only 3 days after transfer I am confident I am pregnant because I remember the feeling of implantation cramping from my previous pregnancies. The RE told me that my lining could not have been better (11mm w/ triple strip 6 days before transfer) and he told me that due to that and the quality of the embryos I had a better than 70% chance of getting pregnant and told me to expect multiples. However, his services ended the day of the transfer and my local OB who will be following my cycle from here on out knows virtually nothing about IVF other than how to do the needed tests so asking him will be a case of the blind leading the blind and I am sort of on my own here.

    I guess what I am asking is would a grade 2 blast be considered a high quality, medium quality or low quality blast? I just want to be mentally prepared when the time comes.

  2. simonsimon,

    Good luck with your transfer. I can't comment on the chances of multiples based upon quality but I can tell you what happened with us.

    They transferred 2 x Day 3 highest quality eggs. They offered to transfer the third embryo Day 3 B quality, however, we declined (ironically, we didn't want triplets, smile). The B quality egg did not make it to Day 5. The other 2 did very well and I am now pregnant with triplets.

    After the transfer, I planted my garden, helped renovate the bathroom and continued with my active workout regime. Hopefully your waiting/flying/driving theory will work out (it wouldn't have for us).

    By the way, did you transfer Day 3 or Day 5's? Have you ever been pregnant before? What were your problems (with you or your husband)? I feel that these are better indicators of your chances than the difference between A and B quality as I know women who have gotten pregnant with both.

    I too felt implantation at 7 and 8 DPO yet I had NO idea that 2 days of implantation might mean multiples!

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. All the best and keep us updated.
    Olivia, 25w4d pregnant with triplets (identical boys, fraternal girl)

  3. Thanks Swak,

    Laughing at myself because I had origionally put all that in and then took it out because I thought I was too long winded

    At this point we both have infertility issues so we went with donor sperm and donor eggs. Both were fertile and proven donors. The woman was 22 and the man was 28. They stim less in Czech which is supposed to make the eggs better quality so only had 8 to start with. Six fertilized. Three eggs made it to blastocyst stage on day 5 and they were the two 1As and the 2B.

    As to the pregnancy question, I have been. I have adult children concieved in my 20s but life got in the way of finishing my family until I was in my 40s when started infertility treatments. I 42 years old at this point. My lining was great (11mm with triple stripe 6 days before the transfer) I do not have a problem getting babies to implant as long as I am not trying to use my own eggs but for me that is the easy part, carrying to term has caused some issues. Even with FET with embies left over from another womans frozen cycle both took and I concieved twins. So the problem is not getting them to implant... its just getting them to stay long enough to finish the pregnancy.

    At this point, a few hours shy of 10 days post conception I've had crampling, nausea, tiredness and that heavy weird feeling I got with every other pregnancy only everything started very early. Its the very early part that has me concerned. With the twins this happened too but usually the signs take longer than this to show up and are not so intense.

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