A proven donor but done too many cycles?

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  1. Hi

    We just started my DE journey this year (this site is great help so we can be where we are now!), and we are leading towards a top ranked IVF clinic with in-house donor pool. The donor we are interested is a proven donor (all of her four DE cycles lead to pregancies), but by the time we sign up with her (if things go well), it will be her 7th cycle. Should we be concerned about this? Is this proven donor better than a non-proven donor? Due to our minor ethnicity, we don't have much choice here.

    This will be our last attempt, and we are trying to make right decision as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Helen,

    I guess each person have their own views but I can only tell you my experience. I went with a proven donor. When I found my donor she had done 4 cycles, we only knew the results of 3 and they were all Positive. She also had 2 children of her own. By the time I used her it was her 6th and last cycle and I am now currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins. I am SO glad I went only with Proven. It was my one and only try. It does not bother me that she had 5 previous cycles, but I would be a little upset if she had kept going on and on. But I was told it was her last. Truthfully you never know for sure.

    So I think if your donor has had 4 out of 4 successful cycles than she's a GREAT choice. It's very hard to find someone like that. Especially to match your ethnicity as you said.

    BTW: I didn't think donors were suppose to do more than 6 cycles.

    Good luck!


  3. ASRM guidelines are 6 cycles, however some clinics will do more. I believe that SDFC will actually do up to 10. At some point you have to trust the RE, and I don't believe they would cycle more times than they felt was good for her.

    Each clinic is different, and the ASRM guidelines are just that, guidelines.

    Best of luck to you and your upcoming cycle.


  4. the agency we went with will only cycle a donor 5 times. We were our donors 5th and final cycle. She had a 100% pregnancy rate + 3 kids of her own. Out of the 4 cycles before us I believe 3 got pregnant with twins. We got our BFP from our first cycle with her plus 12 frozens but lost our twins. We will have an FET though this fall/winter. I am beyond glad we went with our donor.

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