9 week old with a cold? (older sibling mentd)

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  1. My DD is 9 weeks and she has a little bit of a cold. Her nose is very stuffy and she coughs and sneezes a bit as well as her eyes are a little watery. She had her 2month checkup today and the dr. listened to her chest and lungs and so far they sound clear. However, he told me to watch for symptoms such as fever (which she does not and did not have) as well as difficulty breathing or anything else getting worse.

    I guess I want some reassurance that other kids had colds at this age and everything went away without problems, because now I am paranoid and will keep checking her temperature constantly.

    Also, is there anything that I can do to make it better and go away faster? I turned on the humidifier in her room and will start giving her saline solution for her stuffiness? She is on breast milk, so is there anything that I can eat to strengthen her immune system?

    This is my second child (I have a 2yr DD) and she was never sick this early on so I feel lost and nervous now due to her being so little.

    THanks for the input.

  2. My littlest DD (3lbs 10oz at birth) contracted a cold when she was 6w old actual. She was 8w premature. We did what you're doing (humidifier, nasal drops). Usually if I gave the saline drops she would sneeze, so I didn't have to try and suction her (makes me uncomfortable). The biggest problem at that age is that if they can't breathe, they can't eat and they can easily become dehydrated, so I would give saline drops before every feed (every 2 hours at that point). It never developed into anything else, but at 2yo she is still my tiniest both height and weight wise.

    ETA: she did run a temp, but not high like I've had since and she has never had an ear infection.

  3. I would drip bm in my babies nose instead of saline drops sometimes. It also helps to clear them out and I read that because bm has healing properties, it helps more than the drops. I don't know if it helped, but it couldn't really hurt.

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