7dp3dt bfp - real or trigger

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  1. Okay I am 7 days past transferring a 7&6 cell embryo and got a very faint thin line on a frer and $tree test. This morning is the first day I started testing. Do you think it is real, or left over from the trigger?
    I took 10 units of hcg on 8/12 at 8:30pm and did the tests this morning at 6:30am (so 11.5 days later).

  2. Hi bakar -
    I'm same day as you - 7dp3dt - I'm too scared to test. I have NO symptoms whatsoever so I'm thinking it's a bust. I think the BFP you're getting sounds good - the HCG would probably be out of your system by now. Test again tomorrow to check again. Do you have any symptoms?? GL!

  3. HCG stays in your system for about 10 days... If your getting a faint line at 11.5 days...... You should be smiling my dear Blessings you way...


  4. 10 days is the guideline for how long it stays in your system but it does vary by person, but it sounds promising, bakar.

    And smarty, there's no reason to think that it didn't work just b/c you're not having pg symptoms at this incredibly early point... I swear, a lot of women imagine symptoms this early on. Try not to let it psyche you out.

    Good luck to both of you!

  5. Thanks,

    smarty - I had symptoms up to yesterday morning - queasy stomach and getting extremely fatiqued but both of those went away yesterday so I think it is fine. When I was pregnant before I didn't really get any symptoms until almost 5 weeks - infact my first symptom then was insomina (never would have thought I wouldn't be able sleep).

  6. That is the day I have gotten both my bfp's. My trigger was out by day 4! I think it's safe to say a cautious congratulations. wishing you a healthy pg,

  7. I got my BFP 6dp3dt
    I now have 6-month old DDs!

  8. Well turns out my bfp was real and not the trigger.
    Beta at 11dp3dt came in at 258.4

  9. Congrats bakar. How are you feeling?

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