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  1. hello all,
    We had our info meeting at ccrm this week. they are apparently doing a pgs research study that takes 6 weeks to map all of the embryo chromosomes. they say that they are having great success, 80-85% with 2 transfered. has anyone out there done this? what can you tell me? I am 41, how old were you? how many retrieved and how many normal and then how many transfered?
    thank you for your responses. I am interested in doing this, but the time is a factor and of course the $5000 price tag.

  2. You should go over to the Colorado board, there's lots of information over there and definitely a few over-40s. Here's blog from someone over-40 now pregnant after two cycles, one normal embryo each, and the subsequent FET transfer. She posts over on the CO boards. If you scroll down a good bit on one of the CGH/Microarray (the two methods used to test chromosomes) threads, there's a big chart with everyone's screen names, ages and # of embryos tested, etc. that will give you a lot of info. The chart has gotten a bit buried. Personally, I'm 43 and have had one CCRM cycle and gotten one normal from that cycle. Waiting to do second cycle to bundle, hoping there's another normal in there, before FET of whatever we found. Someone just posted too who did three cycles and has two normals, she was 42 I think for both. Check it out. Good luck.

  3. Sorry, forgot to paste the blog address: elusivebabycarriage.blogspot.com

  4. kdma- thank you for directing me. I am new to this and did not even know about that board. there is a lot of info out there. good luck with your cycle.

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