"6 month quarentine" for donor sperm

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  1. If you are using an anonymous sperm donor from a bank, do they only show you donors that have been quartentined for the 6 months, therefore you can get the vials shipped and do an IVF cycle right away? I know if you use a known donor you have to wait 6 months, but wondering if you use a bank they already have this law built in to the donors they show that are available....thanks!

  2. Hi Sunshine,

    Yes the anonymous donor sperm has already been through the six month process. I was told that it can take a week to two weeks to arrive at your RE's clinic once you order it. Good luck! I am just about to start this journey as well, at first we were going to go with a known donor but when we heard it was six months after already going through so much we decided to go anonymous. Just have to go to our first counseling sessioon before starting the process!


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