5 wks after ectopic surgery and tubal ligation - STILL no AF

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  1. Hello Everyone

    I am now 5 weeks post op from my second ectopic pg. This time i also had a tubal ligation done...hopefully this is the last EP.
    I\'m wondering if anyone who has had surgery to remove and ectopic can remember how long until AF returned? The first time for me it was exactly 28 days from the date of surgery, this time i am now at 5 weeks and sooo frustrated!

    Please share your advice/stories...

    Thanks in advance

  2. Mine came after about 6 weeks. Hang in there.

  3. Thanks hun!
    Hopefully mine is well on the way soon!!! I need to book my HSG again and i can't do that until AF shows...furstrating i tell ya!

    But thanks for sharing your experience!

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