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  1. Hi All,

    I have been thru my 4th miscarriage in a row. Im 29yrs old and this journey to have our own baby has been truly brutal.
    The first 2 m/cs were not tested and we did not have a proper embryo. They were sort of blighted ovum pregnancies. Then we started seeing a RE and she ran prelimanary tests and nuthing came up. So she started me on prometrium 100mg BID(total of 200mg/day) from 7dpo(CD-27 in my case as I ovulate late) and baby aspirin. I got pregnant naturally on the first try and we saw the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and lost it when we went for our follow-up sonogram at 7.5 weeks. Had a D&C and got the fetal tissue karyotyped. We found that we actually would have had a normal boy( 46XY) chromosomes.
    Fast forward to after the 3rd miscarriage, we saw another RE at shadygrove, MD for further evaluation and he recomended that we up the promterium to 200mg X 2 times a day and start the promterium 3dpo instead of 7dpo and stay on the baby aspirin. Also we met with a leading perinatologist and he recomended that we add lovenox-80mg once per day to the mix of meds. So we once again got pregnant on our own and the peri started the lovenox about 18dpo but had me take 40mg untill 7.5 weeks when we saw 2 very strong heartbeats of identical twins. We knew very early on that we are having identical twins coz we were being closely monitored by the RE right from 13dpo when we got a positive HPT. So from 7.5 week onwards I was on 80mg of lovenox once a day. I had severe nausea and was vommiting like crazy so I was also on zofram from the 7th week onwards. Once again at our 9 week sonogram we saw 2 very strong beating hearts( 167bpm & 170 bpm) and we found out that we are having monochorionic-diamniotic identicals(coz we found the dividing membrane) and we were relieved. Then at our NT scan apt at 12w2d we were devasted beyond belief to find that we lost both our twins . They stopped growing on the very same day(i.e., 11w) so we were once again scheduled for a D&C. Our peri gave us the same **** that it would most likely be a chromosomal issue , lets wait for the fetal karyotyping result and go from there. Just yesterday we recieved the result and as I had predicted to my peri they turned out to be very healthy & normal babies. We found out they were boys(46XY) ...It was so so sad to know that 2 more normal babies got wasted for no reason whatsoever inspite of us doing whatever was in our hands and being compliant.
    I have been thru the thrombophillic panel tests which included all the factor leidens, protein S & C , anti-thyroid , ANA and anti cardiolipin antibodies. Every single thing has come back to be normal including DH & my own karyotyping result. My peri had put me on the lovenox coz he said it does not hurt/maybe I have some clotting disorder that has not yet been studied. But all of this did not work. Now the only thing I have not delved into is Immune testing. I have not had my APA or the other immune related stuff tested yet and was wondering if that would help. I recently had my ANA tested and I was on baby aspirin and fish oil at the time. The ANA came borderline like the upper normal limit was 99 and mine was 100 so my RE said lets just ignore that coz 100 is most likely normal. I mean im beginning to wonder would my ANA be higher if i was NOT on the BABY ASPIRIN at the time and so should I repeat it. Should I seek the immune testing or what should I do. I really do not mind trying the immune testing but is it worth it? Has anybody had a success story after going thru something like this?
    All of this is absolutely soul destroying and frustrating not knowing what is going on when all of my test results are normal as well all my angels lost in the process have also been normal.
    Any information or personal experience is more than welcome and I'll be grateful for all the info shared.

  2. janemela, I am so sorry for your losses. That is beyond devastating.

    Have you had a hysteroscopy (see my thread below, and also the one on the Pg Loss board)?

  3. janemela, our stories are very similar in some ways. I just had my fourth loss, one was ectopic, 2 were losses between 7-9 weeks and one was a chemical. I am having this one tested and am awaiting the results-- I made the mistake of not having the others tested. I did all the basic immune tests like you did, but now I am wondering whether or not I should explore the more intense immune testing (Dr. Beer Center etc). My instinct is not to, because these sorts of tests are very controversial and involve so much money etc. However, I do know that if this last pregnancy was a normal baby, there's got to be something wrong that I need to know the answer to.

    I am so sorry for all your losses. My New Year's resolution is to spend this year figuring this out so that I'll never look back and say "if only" I had explored this avenue, etc.

    Feel free to PM me and I will share information as I gather any. Unfortunately, I think there's a lot that hasn't been explored by doctors when it comes to miscarriages.

  4. I am very sorry to hear of all of your losses.

    The ANA panel is looking at antibodies, so aspirin isn't going to alter the results. It being a bit high makes me think that you have some underlying immune issues. Also, in addition to a hysteroscopy, have you had your thyroid tested? Your TSH levels need to be between 1 - 2 optimally. High and low numbers can cause miscarriage. Also, in addition to the lovenox I would add in a steroid for the first 14 weeks or so such as dexamethasone to help with any hidden immune issues. Also check for antiphospholid antibodies, as those too can cause miscarriages.

    I have a friend who was having recurrent m/cs and found that her thyroid was the cause of her losses.

    I am not an RE, but went through 8 IVF cycles and have some immune issues, so I have had most of the tests too. I hope they are able to find the cause of your losses.


  5. Hi Mica-- Thanks for replying and sharing all the info you have gathered. Did you pursue any kind of immune therapy after testing for your 3rd pregnancy? I was given lovenox and baby aspirin just as a precautionary measure and my 4th pregnancy did make it further along and we saw beautiful hbs which kept increasing everytime we peeked at our angels.Did you do some kinda immune testing coz when you say I want to try the Beer centre testing, does it mean all your other immune tests came back normal? I'm so sorry for all that you have been through so far, Im sure you'll have success at the end of it all. It'll all be worth it.
    ASED,I'm so sorry for all that you had to go thru. 8 IVFs must be so consuming and you must be a very strong person. The positive thing I see about this want of having a baby is that we become such strong people in this process.My thyroid and ATA's have come back within the normal range. I just wish something was abnormal.

  6. Hi janemela- I'm still trying to learn which testing is "immune" testing and which isn't. I just read a good book last night (skimmed it) "Avoiding Miscarriage" by Susan Rousselot, which was helpful. I have had all the "Recurrent Pregnancy Loss" testing that is covered by insurance. It includes testing for Antiphospholipid antibodies etc. I'm getting my medical records to see what the other tests were, but I know they include the MTHFR mutation also. There were about 20 blood tests and all came back normal except for the MTHFR which I was heterzygous (sp) for one mutation which I guess means nothing because another test came back normal.

    What I haven't had as far as immune testing is the whole Natural Killer Cells and other tests thing that Dr. Beer does. What I need is a list of all the possible tests (which are in the book I just read) and a copy of the tests I had done to figure out what was missing. Then I'll decide if I want to pursue and pay for more testing.

    What testing did you have? Did you have all of the immune testing?

    I am also going to have a 3-D sono hysteroscopy to rule out anatomical issues. Of course, the testing that's being done on the fetal tissue could come back a genetic abnormality.

    I'm also going for second opinions now too. So much work, but I want to give it my all....as long as I can

    You are right- all this stuff makes us stronger.

    I did some internet research and came up with two "experts" in recurrent pregnancy loss-- Dr. Lockwood at Yale New Haven and Mary Stephenson at the University of Chicago. From what I can tell, they both buy into the immune issues, which my doctor is adamantly against.

    Sorry if this is too much information and random- still trying to figure it all out.

  7. waitingmom va- just re-read your first post. I saw that "I have been thru the thrombophillic panel tests which included all the factor leidens, protein S & C , anti-thyroid , ANA and anti cardiolipin antibodies. Every single thing has come back to be normal including DH & my own karyotyping result." These are the exact tests I did, all with normal results also. So I guess we are both just missing the immunology testing.

  8. Hi Mica,

    I guess you are right about the testing. I have done all those tests and maybe some more coz its difficult to remember all of them accurately but none of the doctors in our area believe in immune testing...they are adamantly against it and in fact my perinatologist is discouraging us to go that way. But we definately want to explore all possibilities coz we have lost 3 absolutely normal boys and I feel very unfortunate to be so helpless. So me & DH have decided to atleast go ahead and get the testing done and then decide what to do.
    I think the Dr.Beer's centre is very extensive and we are not ready to go that far along as far as their treatment coz we haven't researched much and do not know the side effects etc. From this board I got very good recomendations for Dr.Jonathan Scher. My insurance covers most of th testing but Dr.Scher is out of network and so is Millenova labs which he uses to send bloods. I am liable to pay 30% of the cost coz I have out-of-network benefits but my insurance will pay only 70% of the cost. If the doc &Z lab is in network my insurance pays 100%.I've never had a hysteroscopy or sono-hysterogram but I have had hysterosalpingogram 2 times which was normal. Mica, have you tried lovenox or baby aspirin? Can you PM me about all ur losses and what all medications you were each time? My only hope and prayer to God this time was let the chromosomal analysis of this pregnancy come back ABNORMAL so I have some sort of closure and I can blame the loss on the abnormality and move on....But the normal chromosome test has deeply sadenned me and want to find out more.....
    Merinahna, my ANA was 100 and my doc said at the time it is equivocal so its not abnormal. I hope to re-do all the tests with a new doctor.

  9. janemela, just pm'ed you.

  10. Hi Mica,

    I replied to your PM...

  11. Hi, I have 3 losses one- natural, 2 FET. Every single thing came back as normal. Both my and DH's karyotyping is normal. with 2 FET i took baby aspirin. Had antibodies which was on the border line. My RE told it needed to be under 14 and mine came back 15. with the first losses it was too early now with 3rd loss, I collected the tissue and gave it for testing. I think the results will be in couple of weeks. Depending upon the results, we are thinking abt going for PGD/IVF.

  12. Hi polonasmast,
    I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I can totally relate to you but try to hang in there and find answers. Thats what I am trying to do. We had our consult with Dr.Jonathan Scher and he said he will send our fetal tissue from m/c-3 & m/c4 to Yale for testing since we know for sure it was not chromosomes. They can look & tell if it was any clotting or inflamation in the placental blood vessels which caused the fetal demise.
    Im now awaiting all my immunological testing from Millenova. We are not contemplating IVF/PGD/IUI at all for now coz we're already so very stressed out and above all we can concieve naturally so my regular perinatologist has told us try your best to avoid a multiple pregnancy next time coz that can jeopardize our risk factors.

  13. janemela, So did your peri thinks, probably the multiples making you miscarry? The reason I'm asking is, I have this odd feeling that may my body can't handle multiples. I read it somewhere too. B/c everytime, my beta comes back as high and RE thought it could be multiples. (All three of them). So I was thinking abt asking him for putting back 1. Thanks!

  14. Yes Wannababy my peri thinks the identical twins played a big role in our risk of miscarrying. Im awaiting immunological testing results from Roselind Franklin Labs so I'll keep you updated if anything comes up.
    Goodluck and keep in touch.

  15. Hi all,

    I'm a bit confused - maybe you could help me? My RE won't do immune testing on me because we've had 3 mc, 2 of which had a heartbeat. He said that if I had immune issues, the pregnancies would have never gotten that far.

    Is this what you've been told as well?


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