47, 1st FET, 1st Beta 51

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    Hi. I will be turning 48 in July. I have done 4 IVF's with my own eggs starting when I was 42 (1 BFP ended in m/c, 3 BFN's). We then switched to donor egg and became pregnant ont he first cycle with twin boys. They are now 18 months old.

    This is our first FET. My transfer was on 5/16 and my beta today was 51 (I think that's 12dp3dt, do you count the day of transfer?). My Nurse (who I love and trust) said it's a good solid number but I'm worried. I know the next number is probably more important then this one but would love to here from others.

    My beta on 5/31 was 326 and my u/s is scheduled for 6/10.

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