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  1. Hello,

    I was here about 5-6 years ago when trying to conceive our first child. We did not have an easy time getting pregnant. Now our dd is now asking for a sibling. We hadn't planned on having anymore as I felt like I won the lottery the day they told me I was pregnant...that doesn't happen twice in a lifetime, right?! But I feel so guilty (for her sake) if I don't at least give it a shot. I turned 42 in late November and am pretty scared to do this. Does anyone have any advice/stories to share? We have our \"first\" consult with our old RE tomorrow. They just happened to have an opening when I called today (the clinic is usually booked out for 3-6 months). Meant to be?

  2. Hi hrisma

    I don't really have any advice for you but your story sounded similar to mine and i thought i would write. I will be 40 in june and i too was on these boards about 3-4 years ago, went through a tough time until we had our daughter who is now 2 years 8 months old. I just made an appt with the fertility dr who helped us the first time and am thinking am i crazy, is there even a chance it will work. i too feel guilty that i may not be able to give my daughter a sibling, i love my daughter so much but i do know how happy she would be for a sibling - she is a bit young to say anything but she loves babies so i know she would love a baby brother or sister. just wanted to say if u feel like chating i am here.
    take care

  3. Hi Brenda

    Thanks for your reply. good luck and i hope you get good news. Haven't seen the RE yet - we have an appt on the 11th of march. I went through 6 ivfs before having my daughter and i had a lot of trouble with stimming - i was not the best responder and i took a lot of gonal f etc... to get some good follies. i was never the kind who got tons of eggs - the most i had were like 8 so not so sure it is going to be so easy this time. I started ivf when i was 32 and gave birth at 37. I just pray this time will be easier but highly doubt it. will keep you posted. I have a while till i go so will see.

  4. Hi Elana,

    Thanks for responding. I had my preliminary bloodwork on Friday morning (yesterday). They will let me know in a few days if I should be considering another IVF cycle. I didn't have trouble with my response to the stims the first time, so I think the general thought is that I will get some eggs...maybe not 18 this time, but some. I keep going back and forth about this being a good idea or not a good idea. I am really nervous that we are rocking the boat.

    Have you seen your re yet? I think there is a pretty big difference between 40 and 42 for eggs, so do it before you get older. Even if you freeze some embryos. I didn't think my dd cared about having a sibling, but suddenly it is all she talks about so you're probably wise thinking that your child may want a sibling. I had my first when I had just turned 38 (with 36 year old eggs). Also, I am almost in shock at my dh. I didn't think he wanted anymore either and he is ultra gungho to start. Go figure.

    Good luck with your appointment and let me know how you do!

  5. I do need to ask what clinic you're possibly cycling at? I have been told that Genisis and Burnaby will not allow you to cycle after 41? I am hoping this info is wrong, because my husband and I would like to try once more after a 4 year break. This would be cycle # 6

  6. Hi aoye,

    I am at a clinic in Indiana. My RE is Dr. Gentry. He does prelimimary bloodwork to make sure your ovaries are still functioning, etc., before you start a cycle. Why wouldn't you be able to do a cycle at 41? I think that sounds a little weird to me.

    Elana, I still haven't heard back from the RE about the bloodwork. I really want to get started ASAP and thought they would have already gotten all the necessary preliminary testing done by now. I think I am a little impatient. When do you go for your initial consult?


  7. hrisma - your RE should have the reslts by now. Call them and inquire about it.

    I'm in a different boat....I have twins but I feel like I'm not done yet. I have frozen embies and I want to use those. Definitely no more fresh IVFs for me. If I go through all of my frozen without success, then that's it for us.

  8. Brenda

    What a great idea! I should mention this to the Re: when we go in for our consult. I never knew such a test existed. I've never personally asked a clinic until Friday if it was okay...but heard from others that most clinics wont allow you to cycle after that age. I was glad to hear that is not the case : ) I was concerned because we've been done for over 4 years now and all of a sudden, my husband said the other day \"let do it again\" I'm elated, but being guarded as well. Hoping if we are able, this will be the lucky cycle. Good luck on those results!

  9. Hi Ladies,

    I called about the results and the re is out of town and won't be back to read the results until the 16th (next week). At that time, we will find out if we can cycle. The last time he did these he didn't check my thyroid because I was so thin he didn't see a reason to...ends up it was low and probably the reason behind my not getting pg the first couple of times. I always tell all people cycling to get that checked or suggest it if it hasn't been done. It is such an important part of helping you to get pg. I'll let you know what the results are when they come back. I'm crossing my fingers.

    stavros, I got pg on a frozen cycle so I am a BIG believer that they do work. I sure wish we had a few left, but the cycle where I got pg was our last batch. Good luck! I am with you about not wanting to do a fresh cycle...but it's our only option. If my dd wasn't so excited for a sibling, I wouldn't be on these boards today.

    aoye, that is exactly how it happened for me. First it was my dd asking for a sister, then my dh chimed in about a ds. I think he is just as excited as my dd. I question daily if it's the right thing. I guess if it works out it was the right thing and meant to be. Good luck to you!!

    Elana, Wow! That is wonderful that the gov't subsidizes your fertility treatment. You don't get those benefits here in the US, although the new pres is trying to revamp healthcare. I wonder if fertility treatments would be included. Probably not. I am not sure what they do to test ovary function or any of the other things they look for. I'm just going along for the IVF ride, emotional and horrible as it is. Isreal?! I have never been to your country, but one day would love to come experience it. Definitely a few years away with a young child. Good luck and post if you get any new news.

    Take care ladies,

  10. Brenda

    Hey. I also have never heard of that - it is cool. I am going for my preliminary blood tests on tuesday - told me to go on days 3-5 of my cycle and I just started last night at 1 am how fun so i hope all the tests will be ok and they won't tell me I can't cycle. i guess i should prepare myself for htat possibility - never really thought about it. My consult is on the 11th of March - a few more weeks away. I would call and find out what the results are - they should be ready by now. I live in Israel, and here the government subsidizes ivf for any woman until she has 2 children or up to age 45 so I dont have a lot of time - i will be 40 in June. I am hoping and praying for good news at my consult.

    Good luck Sugarebare - I hope this is your lucky cycle.

    stavros - good luck on the frozen cycles - they do work.


  11. Elana, Brenda - Thanks, guys! I got my twins from an FET (after 11 fresh IVFs and 5 FETs). I'm hoping it works again. I have a bunch of frosties b/c we were banking them for a Gest. Surrogate, but got pg on my last try with transferring my OE into me.

    I spoke with my RE this past week and if we followed the same protocol that got me my twins, and if successful, I will have another baby(ies) the same month my twins are born. I'm going to put it on hold for 3 months before starting, so I can have a Summer birth (as if I can control this ).

    Elana - Great that you have the gov't to subsidize IVF. I'm all OOP.

    Brenda - more waiting just to find out if you can cycle or not.....sigh.

  12. Hi LADIES

    Do any of you remember me? I've been gone from these boards for sooo long. I wanted to come in and say hello and see how everyone is doing.

  13. Hi ladies,

    I forgot to post once I got my results. They say everything looks fine, with the exception of a diminished ovarian reserve. They say that the dimiished ovarian reserve is quite common for someone who is 42. I find out my schedule and meds on Monday. The retrieval and transfer will be mid-April. I guess I am on my way.

    How is everyone else? Have all of you had an appointment to figure out what you are doing?


  14. vassilis - hi - sorry I don't remember you but glad you are here. hope to get to know you.

    stavros - wow that sounds awesome. so excited - hope it all goes smoothly.

    In all my ivfs i only had frozen embryos twice and both of those FETs failed. my first ivf in a different hospital i had a lot eggs and got a few good frozen and didnt get pregnant on the fresh cycle but got pregnant on the frozen - unfortunately i miscarried at 5 wks. With my daughter i got pregnant on my 6th ivf fresh cycle and i don't have any frozen embryos so it is back to the drawing board for me. i just hope my body still works and wont have to go the donor egg route - i am not at that stage yet and dont know if i ever will be. trying to take it one step at a time - tomorow i go for my bloodwork and will see what the results show.

    Brenda - sorry you have more waiting - the waiting sucks. i hope when your dr gets back he gives the green light and it will be full steam ahead. good luck and let us know.


  15. Hey Brenda. Congrads and good luck. Mid april will be here before you know it. I hope it all goes smoothly.

    I have my initial consult on march 10th (they moved it up a day). Am just hoping to hear good news but am trying to prepare for bad news. Will update when I know anything.


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