41 + from Indiana??

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  1. Is there anyone from Indiana going through IVF? If so, is anyone using the clinic new beginnings?

    Would love to hear from anyone that is going to new beginning??


  2. Nobody? Just jumping this up to see if maybe someone?? I tried the locations site, but not luck there..

  3. Hi Debi!! Most of the 40-somethings are cycling at clinics that tend to specialize in ladies in our age bracket. Have you looked into cycling out-of-town at all? I know SIRM has offices in St. Louis and I think Peoria. And then of course there is CCRM in Colorado and Cornell in NY. Those ones tend to be among the best for ladies our age.

  4. Thanks for the reply Georgopoulos...

    I should have put that different.. I meant to ask if there is anyone doing IVF in an Indiana clinic.
    I have check into new beginnings and they handle women of my age, I was just wanting to see if anyone has been to this clinic. They don't have a forum that I am aware of.

    I have done 3 cycles out of state... this last cycle done, July, there was no transfer. Just looking for closer to home clinics..

  5. I am using Dr. Gentry.

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