3rd m/c in a row question re: bleeding

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  1. I found out this past Friday that I had a positive pregnancy test. Monday's b/w showed that my hcg levels dropped dramatically. By Wednesday, they were so low that I am no longer considered pregnant.

    My first two miscarriages, I knew of before the bloodtests proved it due to bleeding. I have yet to bleed with this one. Has anyone had this before? I have had a few stabbing cramps, but nothig constant, and they go away immediately and don't return for quite some time.

    Thank in advance for anyone who may be able to help.

    And I am sooooooo sorry for all you r losses as well. This is a sad, sad "club" that we all belong to. :-(

    - Melly

  2. So sorry for your loss. Its NOT a fun club to belong to.

    I've only naturally m/c for 1 of my 3 m/c's.
    It took my body almost 1 week once my beta was under 5 to shed the lining/contents I was 5 weeks.
    Everyone is so different & each pg is different too.
    Hope the info is what you were looking for.

  3. Thanks Hope. I appreciate your help!

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