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  1. I am due in the next couple of weeks w/baby number 2. DS is 3 - up until about a month ago he was a well behaved 3 year old. Not an angel - but generally well behaved. A month ago he was sick, double ear infection/flu etc. At the same time, his behaviour has gone into the tank. He is constantly grumpy, defiant, not listening, crying, yelling and just generally h e l l on wheels these days. We are trying to keep his routine steady (daycare even though I'm off work), consistent w/behaviour expectations etc. He does this w/dh, me and daycare. Although at daycare, he is slightly better. There are some signs of regression.

    So....is it related to his age, the new baby or both. I lean toward probably both - need advice on what (if anything) we can do to try and get through this. He could live in time out right now. We generally use a system of 1-2-3 Magic with him regarding behaviour. He doesn't nap here (does at daycare) but we send him to his room for quiet time at home.



  2. my first question is - are you absolutely sure that he is \"physically\" feeling fine????? that there is no underlying continued ear issue??? Just wondering- since he seemed fine- became ill and has since been acting out in every environment- i would probably take him back to the pediatrician for a good \"look over\".

    But if everything appears okay health wise- then i do think regression is normal- it is a big change- and even though 3 year olds seem to understand his whole world is about to change- the adjustment will take some time, and the regression will probably get worse if it is b/c of impending new baby.


  3. Thanks Jen! We've been to a walk in clinic once after he was given the all clear on his ears - and they are apparently full of fluid but not infected. We are going back to dr on Wed (earliest I could get him in) to have them re-checked and to discuss how they might be at least partially affecting his behaviour.

  4. He's three Nancy and that may be all the explanation needed. Time will tell, hope you get him feeling 100%. Porter has good times and bad times through each day. He's either telling me I am the best momma in the whole wide world or yelling at me for getting him the wrong drink and taking too long to do it.

    Cooper was this hellonwheels you talk about from three on but had so many changes that year with us adopting him, Porter being born etc. Now that I look back it could have been so many things but we survived.

    Good luck with your little man.

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