2ww Symptoms

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  1. I had my transfer yesterday and was wondering if anyone had any symptoms post transfer. If so, what have you been experiencing? I had a little cramping last night and a slight backache.

  2. Hello,

    I have experienced cramping at times during the 2WW. I have also had breast tenderness and overall fatigue.....but these are also side effects of the PIO I believe.

    I had my transfer on Saturday. We're very close!

  3. Is this your 2nd transfer? I am feeling a bit stiff today - my upper back and neck are tight. I have not even been in the bed 24 hours yet. This is my first time so it is a ll new to me. Hope things went well on Saturday.

  4. Yes, things went well, thanks. I did accupuncture this time and am glad. Even though I didn't feel stressed, when they took my blood pressure upon my arrival they said it was a little high. Very unusual for me....I usually have low blood pressure and it was 140, just a little high. I was unbelieveably relaxed after the accupuncture and almost fell asleep.

    I did a FET this time. I did a fresh DE cycle in March but it resulted in BFN.

    Did yours go well yesterday? How many did you implant?

  5. I wish you every luck in the world with your cycle. You may have better responses to your question over on the 2ww board.

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