2nd IVF\'ers starting in July 2008 Part 2

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  1. (I'm going to start posting some headings on my posts just out of sensitivity for the lurkers. I've read a few posts lately that have caught me off guard and I would hate for people to read mine and be caught off guard too, you know?)

    Nicole!!!! Congratulations! A baby boy. What a cute name. I can't believe you have it picked out already. We haven't even thought about it yet! I'm so glad that you are well on your way. And you're making such strides in getting a nursery together. I'm very impressed.

    Jen-Yes, hooray for good doctor's appointments! How many weeks are you now--22, right? I'm glad you're seeing a peri too. That's good.

    V-THANKS for the wealth of info. And I love the pictures. You look so happy. I, too, have to work up the nerve for some belly pics. Maybe this weekend. We'll see.

    I had a check up today. My cervical length is great and long so I'm very happy about that, and I have a schedule set up. Check cervix every two weeks and see the peri every 4 weeks to do a growth ultrasound. I'm so happy to be at the 20 week mark now. We still haven't gotten started with anything with the nursery. I have a lot of correcting to do that I hope to get done this weekend. This way, we can focus on the room next weekend. Pick out paint, clear out some stuff, and maybe even...dare I say...register? Hmmm.

    Let's share some symptoms...
    I have leg cramps at night, sometimes I have restless leg in the evening, constipation--even with blechy prune juice, a sense of fullness so that I have a little trouble sitting after a big meal, swollen ankles if my day is too long, and an occasional BH contraction that might actually be indigestion. I pee in the middle of the night and lately, in the middle of the night, I've been moving to the couch to sleep because it's more comfortable. Oh, and lots of nasal congestion.

  2. Val - Thanks!

    As for belly pic, here's one I took today.

    And while I'm at it, here's Colt

    Jen - I'm so happy to hear the babies are doing well!!! Do you have any u/s pics to share?

    Emma - That is so thoughtful about posting headlines. Maybe we should change the heading of the thread. Woo hoo for the 20 week mark. And, believe me, we still have a loooonnnnnggg way to go with the nursery. It needs cleaned out badly, painted and the furniture is sitting in our garage. But I know with the upcoming holidays, it would be good to get going now. Just think, by January, we'll probably be having showers and getting ready for the final countdown!

    AFM - We are going to register today!! So excited. I think DH is a little excited but not really admitting it. I also went through the girl clothes that my SIL gave me a while back and found some neutral sleepers and a few Iowa Hawkeye onesies (go Hawks!). It is so cute to look at the little clothes. I also bought a lullaby book with cd yesterday. It's definitely feeling more real.

    My sympstoms:
    CONSTIPATION and starting to get s/e from that (i.e. hemeroids - very awful). I also try the prune juice. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that stuff is really hard to get down. I also have headaches weekly. I still burp a lot too. I don't know if this will ever stop. I do have a tough time sleeping comfortably sometimes, and the dreams are crazy!! I do still pee at least once at night. But one thing about peeing I've noticed is that I feel like I really have to go even when it's just a little bit. Annoying.

    Well I will tak with you all later when we return from BRU!

  3. Nicole, you are a darling! Very cute belly pic!!! Have fun registering...definitely feels more real taking that big step, and especially now that you know you're having a little boy!

    Emma, glad you don't have any cervical change - that's always good to hear (except when you're getting so close to the end...what, no change yet?!)

    Jen, so happy to hear that both your babies are doing so well - man, I can't believe they're over a pound, now?! That's great!!! I think mine are like 2 oz or something right now, and only about 4.5 inches long!

    Well, my dh is losing his job just before Christmas. He works for BOISE (has been w/ them for 13 years) and they are laying off 300 workers from their paper mill Dec. 19th...Nice, huh? At least Chris had prepared for this eventuality & had gone back to school & gotten his degree...he planned on leaving the company in the new year anyway, or at least after the babies were born, but this way he doesn't miss out on severance packages, so he's happy with that!

    Sadly a lot of people are going to be out of work at a very tough time of year...thank goodness it won't hit us as hard as it will others in this situation. He'll start applying for jobs w/ the State soon (his degree is in social work) but truthfully I wouldn't mind if he didn't get work right away (he'll get decent unemployment) because he's worked so hard & long he deserves a few months hiatus! Besides, it sure would be nice to have him home when the babies come!!!

    My only major concern is that when the job goes, our insurance goes as well. We definitely will not be able to afford a COBRA extension, so I have to apply for the Oregon Health Plan. I'm sure that the kids & I will get coverage on this plan but I'm worried that I may not be able to continue seeing my beloved OB (her office doesn't take OHP patients) who saw me through my 1st twin pregnancy......but they may issue me what's called an 'open card' for continuation of care if I'm lucky...I sure hope so! If I'm not issued an open card, at least I know that the perinatoligist group in our area does take OHP patients, so worst case scenario, I'll just have to transfer to their care & deliver in another hospital.

    Moving on - my symptoms have been: daily headaches, heartburn & burping, hips & shoulders aching at night, and here lately, throwing up every night...yuck! I've lost even more weight so I'm going in on Tuesday for an 'in-between check-ups' appointment...just want to make sure the twins are growing ok & that my weight loss hasn't affected them in any way. (Besides, the more times I see my OB, the better the chances are that I'll get that 'continuation of care' open card) so you can bet from now until the end of the year I'll be making any excuse to go in! Actually, I'm planning on sharing our situation w/ my OB and, knowing her, I bet she'll schedule me for extra appointments - sure hope so, anyway.

    OK - another gigantic post...sorry!

    Take care,


  4. Hey Ladies!!

    First off, Nicole, what great pics you posted!! You & your belly are adorable. I could probably scan some pics in but we just moved so I have no idea where our camera is or how photobucket works. So I may need some time, but I'll try and get you girls some pics!!! How was registering? I can't wait to hear all about it!! That's great that you were able to salvage some things from the bag of clothes your SIL gave you - every little bit helps!!

    Emma - great news about your cervical length. That's always such a relief! Right now I'm on the same schedule as you as far as doc appointments - I see OB every 2 weeks & the peri every 4 weeks for growth scans. It's a comfort to be monitered so closely. I'm with you - haven't done much as far as the nursery is concerned. We have painted (which doesn't even count because we just moved!!) but I haven't ordered any furniture yet. I'll probably do that in the next couple of weeks?? It still can be so overwhelming sometimes. I really still don't think I have wrapped my head around two flippin babies!!!!!!!! Hope you got some of your school work done this weekend!

    Val - I'm so sorry you are going thru the stress of your dh losing his job, especially during this time of year and while pregnant. I'm sure the insurance issue is especially frightening. Thank goodness you have such a wonderful & accommading OB who sounds like will be able to help you a lot. It's also really great that dh has his education and some other possiblities for work all set up. I'll keep you & your fam in my thoughts! And feel free to vent here if things get too stressful. We're here for you in cyblerland!! Oh, and good luck tomorrow at the OB's. Please update when you get back. I'm sure your twins are growing good & strong & getting everything they need from their mama!!

    Okay, I'll play the symptoms game -- well, you know about my incessant peeing (Thank you Baby A with his head on my bladder!!), the really bizarre dreams are back in full swing, an overall huge & heavy feeling in my belly, especially at night. But that's probably just because I am getting huge & heavy in my belly. Still hungry all the time but indigestion if I eat too much.

    For you guys who are having trouble sleeping, just wanted to let you know that I invested in a pregnancy pillow called a Snoogle. It's a c-shaped pillow that fits to your body in a couple of different ways. It's really helped me sleep a lot better despite the fact that I'm still up too pee several times. I still wake up with some lower back pain here & there, but overall the Snoogle has definitely helped. It's availabe at BRU for $52 but I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $39.99.

    Well, I gotta run! Unpacking & organizing & cleaning to do (but not too much!) Talk to you all soon!!

  5. [drum roll please]

    Well, we just found out that we are having two baby boys!
    We are so excited. Of course we would have been excited either way but somehow doesn't this just make it more real? I no longer care a bit about getting work done for school--I just want to get ready. And believe me, we are FAR from done with that!! lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. Emma - Congrats on the boys!!!! Isn't it wonderful knowing what's jumping around in there. It made it very real for us. And I know exactly what you mean about work. It's just so much less important right now. May job just makes me crazy sometimes because I deal with other people's **** all day. I wish I could just take the rest of the pregnancy off from work.

    Jen - Thanks! I'd love to see pics whenever you get the chance. I can't wait to compare the pics to when my belly is bigger than the rest of my body. The snoogle sounds like a great investment. I have seen those online. Good luck with the unpacking. Don't wear yourself out.

    Val - I am so sorry about the job loss. I've been reading about it happening all over. It's good to hear you guys are so prepared and calm about the situation. I honestly don't know what we would do. DH is a carpenter and luckily they've stayed busy with remodels (usually they do new construction), but the worry is still in the back of my mind. It makes me a little glad that I don't work for one of the large companies here. They are all laying off and some are very high paying jobs. I was hoping to look for a new job next year but now I'm pretty content staying where I am for at least a year or 2. At least it's stable. I will also keep you in my thoughts and hope that your DH finds a job he loves in the next few months.

    AFM - Registering was fun, but DH got a little overwhelmed. BRU was very busy and I could tell he was out of his comfort zone so I had him go with me to look at the big things like strollers, car seats, etc. However, he had the gun and every time I looked at something to discuss, he would scan. Anyway, I ended up going back on Tues alone and took some duplicate things off and resigistered for a whole bunch of ****. It's hard to know as a first time mom what I need so I probably went overboard. There's just so much stuff that you don't think of. For instance, I plan to breast feed/pump so I registered for the Dr. Brown bottles that have the venting system since I was colicy as a baby. I just hope baby likes them. Where all are you registering?

    So at my last ob appt, they told us we need to find a pedi or fam doc. Are you all going to interview docs? I love my family doc, but she's not the same hospital group. We were just going to take him to the place near our home, but it would be nice to meet someone first since they will be at the hospital checking on him when he's born.

    Have a happy Turkey Day!!! I am so excited for dinner! And this is truly a time to remember everything we are thankful for!


  7. Emma, OMG Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! What fantastic news to get, especially around Thanksgiving! Yay for 2 little baby boys!!! Are you guys thinking about names now? I'm so happy for you!

    Hey Nicole, I hear you about registering being fun but overwhelming - especially for the dh's. I actually went for the first time with my mom & then back a second time with dh to show him some of things I picked & let him give his $.02. Like you, I wasn't really sure what to get either - esp. as a first time mom, so I just more or less followed the registry check list they gave us & just left out stuff that I was pretty sure was either not my style or a waste of $$. Maybe Val could give us some hints on what are must have's ??? I'm also registered at BRU. I hate to admit it, but I spend a lot of time during the day on the website (even tho it's so slow it drives me nuts!) editing my registry.

    My OB hasn't brough up finding a pedi or a family doc yet, but I am pretty sure of who I will use. My SIL & all of my friends that have LO's are in love with this one doc in my town so I'll probably just jump on the bandwagon. My pedi is also still in practice, but I'll most likely want to go with the other guy. We'll see. I'll have to ponder this one.

    Well, my mom is sending out shower invites next week! This makes me very nervous and excited!! She's planning it for January 10th. I'll be 29 weeks then. I was nervous that this was too early, but I guess with twins, its' not? IDK. I have read in several books and IVFC threads that 28/29 weeks is usually the end of the golden days of a twin pregnancy (is this true, Val?) in terms of how much energy you have, so I figured better to do it then.

    Well, I gotta run. Hope you all had a great holiday!!

  8. Emma, Congrats!!! I must say from experience that I think you'll really enjoy having 2 little boys! I thought that I wanted a girl w/ my 1st pg, but when I found out they were both boys it grew on me so fast & I wouldn't have wanted it any other way...I'm youngest of 3 girls so I know what kind of havoc fluctuating female hormones can cause in a household like that! Now I'm really asking for it (literally!)...

    Hope everyone had a happy & healthy holiday!

    Nicole, your registry story had me cracking up...never give the man a gun!

    Jen, you've got some BIG milestones coming up! I think your shower timing is perfect. Yes, I was exhausted constantly after 29/30 weeks. Congrats on registering...I'm almost afraid to do it b/c I feel like such a newbie again...it has been 7 years since I've had a newborn! I haven't even thought about most of the 'little things' we're gonna need. I'm trying to remember some of the things that one may not immediately think about, but that can make life a bit easier...

    First of all, I would definitely recommend getting a few packs of cloth diapers to use as burp rags (especially if one or both of your babies has a tendency to spit up after feedings) & for all-around clean-up jobs. We've never gotten rid of ours & used them for years afterward - very handy.

    I didn't particularly care for the Dr. Browns bottles. I b/f and pumped as well, and after trial & error ended up going w/ the bottles (Playtex) that have drop-in liners. You can squeeze the air out to help prevent colic and since the babies will go through lots of bottles this cuts down on washing & sterilizing as you only have to wash the nipples/rings.

    I did just buy an Avent IQ electric sterilizer & I can't wait to use it - I think it'll be so much better than the microwave sterilizer I used last time. It's like a little countertop dishwasher just for bottles/nipples/breast pump parts & it can keep items sterile for 24 hours. They sell for $80-$90 new, but I found a lady selling hers on Craig's list for $20 and it was in perfect condition - she even had it in the original box!

    If you're pumping you may want to buy a few ice cube trays specifically for your breast milk. They do have special covered trays at BRU for this purpose - the milk freezes in long cylinders so you can fit the 'cubes' in a bottle neck - but you can use regular trays, too, as long as the milk-cube will fit thru the neck, which was no problem for me w/ the drop-in bottles. Each cube is 1oz of breast milk so it's easy to pre-measure. I would pre-load 2 bottles w/ cubes before going to bed & store them in a bottle steamer by my bedside that had a cooler area in the back, so when the babies woke up, it would just take a minute for the steamer to heat them to the perfect temp. You could probably even go w/out the cooler part b/c the milk will stay fresh as the thawing cube(s) will keep it cool. I had my babies in January & it was too freezing to sit up (window at my back) and b/f, so using bottles at night was a better option for me - plus, that way dh & I could each feed a baby!

    I also had this little tiny boppy pillow that I used as a bottle propper. When I didn't have enough hands to hold them both while feeding, I could put one near me in a car-seat or bouncer & prop the bottle w/ the pillow while feeding the other baby. You can do the same w/ rolled up receiving blankets, though.

    Well, I'm sure there are other things & I will post as I think of them - it serves as a good reminder for me, too! I've been thinking I'll start an on-going checklist of what I'll need so hopefully I'll be prepared when the time comes (besides, I need lists to survive...)

    Hope this helps a little...take care girls!

    16 weeks today!

  9. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sorry about not doing any personals before, so here's the second half of my last post.

    V-First of all I am so sorry that dh is losing his job, especially around the holidays. I, too, am amazed at your strength with the way you are handling this. My mother found she was pregnant with her second when she was 39 years old. My father had just been laid off and they too were without insurance. My mother also had multiple sclerosis so they were worried about a relapse. I was 19 at the time. Looking back, they muddled through it and my father was so happy to be home during those early years. He had eventually started his own business and was able to stay home too. Sure, they had some tough times and some credit cards I'm sure, but it's funny how things work out. So I guess I'm saying, I hope there is some blessing in disguise in there. I guess that's partly why I really want to take a year and a half off after the kids are born (maybe more if we can but I doubt it). I figure we all have our whole lives to work.Still, I hope you can use your same doctor and that the holidays are wonderful despite this setback.

    Nicole-What wonderful pictures you posted! You look great with your baby bump. As for us, we haven't even thought about interviewing docs yet. It seems you're always a good few weeks ahead of me. I love it, as it's a little To Do list to follow because I feel so overwhelmed with all of this. I wonder how registering will go for us! What a cute story you just told. I think we will open a registry this weekend just to open one, but I doubt we will get very far.

    Jen-How exciting that your shower is coming up! Part of me thinks our pregnancies are going SO slowly, and here we are at 15-23 weeks now, with you in the lead! After all of my shower worries, I think 29 weeks is a great time to do all of this. That will give you 5-6 weeks to get everything ready. I'm sure you'll have to rest a lot during then so that's great. How is the nursery coming along?

    So this weekend, Dh and I announced that we're having boys, and we made another big purchase. We were long over due for a new mattress (for us!) and we do not have any guest beds at all. So we bought a new mattress set for us and a twin bed set for the guest bedroom. It really seems like it has nothing to do with baby stuff--but it really does. I can't sleep and our mattress is old and if anyone wants to come over and stay with the kids, they will have nowhere to sleep! My little brother, now 14, always sleeps on the couch, but that has been my domain lately! If we keep this up though, we'll be in the poor house before we buy some baby stuff! I did find out that we will inherit a big bin of 0-3 months boys' clothing, a crib, a dressing table, a very old bassinet, and a tandem stroller from dh's side of the family. So I'm excited that we'll get all of that. Still lots more to shop for though, I'm sure. And dh is raring to get started with painting.

  10. Hey ladies!

    I hope you are feeling good these days!

    Val, as per your suggestion, I added cloth diapers to my registry. My SIL uses them too and she swears by them. I couldn't help myself and I also put on some cute burp cloths as well. I figure wth, this might be the only time I'm pregnant, I might as well live it with some pretty things!! I will also look into that bottle sterilizer you mentioned. Thanks for all of the helpful hints, it is so nice knowing that we can ask you questions!

    Did your doctor appointment go well last week? How are things with dh's job situation?

    Emma, how great is it that you are inheriting all of those baby supplies!! How's your new mattress treating you? DH & I got a new mattress a few years ago and it was a great investment. I hope that you are sleeping better these days.

    Nicole, hope you aren't working too hard & that things are going well with you!

    AFM, went to the OB today and everything is good! Oh, how I love uneventful doctor appointments. My belly is measuring 4 weeks ahead I go to the peri in 2 weeks for a growth scan and then it's time for the 1 hour glucose test. I'm nervous about that. I'm going to really try to clean up my act in the eating department and watch my sugar & salt intake and up the amount of protein I eat. So far everythings fine with my BP, but I figure it's better to start really focusing on that now. That's the plan anyway.

    Oh & we ordered the cribs & the changing table this weekend! That was exciting. Now I want to find a dresser & a glider. I can't beleive the babies are going to be here in 3 months! Still feels so unreal!!!!!!!!

    Gotta run, ttyl!

  11. Jen - Things are really coming along for you!! I think the shower is perfect timing. You don't want to be too miserable and tired while hanging out opening gifts. Congrats on ordering the cribs and changing table! It's going to start feeling so real when you get the room all decked out.

    Val - Thanks for the tips! I have friends and families with new babies so I do get lots of advice but it's all so different. I ended up registering for 2 different types of bottles. We'll see what baby and I like best. I definitely like the idea of that ice cube tray for breast milk. I'm sure I will be pumping, especially when I return to work.

    Emma - That's great that you got a new mattress. We really need another dresser. Currently DH puts his clothes on a baker's rack in the soon to be nursery. I told him the shelving unit is NOT going in our room. He needs a dresser like real grown ups have. I'm sure the new mattress will help you so you don't have spend every night on the couch. And that is so awesome to be inheriting all that baby gear. You will be so greatful when the times comes!

    AFM - Well DH was laid off yesterday. It came as a bit of a shock to us and we're definitely not prepared. He'll apply for unemployment and is hoping to get some cash paying gigs on the side, but things have already been so tight with the big fertility loan payments on top of our other bills. He's a finish carpenter and he's never been laid off before but the new housing market has been terrible. His boss is saying it's just temporary. Let's hope. On the bright side he'll have plenty of time to finish the bathroom and nursery.

    I haven't looked for a pedi. It does seem so early, but they want a name by 33 weeks. It gives me time. I did sign up for birthing/breastfeeding classes at the hospital. I signed up for 1 class in Jan/Feb and another in March. Crazy how soon that really is. I think they will do us some good.

    Hope you all are doing well!
    22 weeks today!

  12. Hey ladies,

    This thread has been quiet for a while so I figured I'd check in and see how things are going with you all.

    Nicole, wow, I'm so sorry to hear that your dh got laid off. How's he handling it? It is really scary how something so unexpected can happen so quickly. Hopefully he will be able to pick up some side jobs and make some quick cash. I give you credit for looking at the bright side of things. Have you guys made much progress on the painting & setting up of the nursery?

    I wish you guys lived closer. I would love to have a dependable, hardworking carpenter around right now. We are trying to get a carpenter to come in and re-tile our bathroom floor and this guy we hired is totally jerking us around. I can't believe how hard it can be to get people to do work! But I digress...

    Emma, how is school going? I hope you are finding time to rest during the day.

    Val, how are things with you and the babies? When are you having your anatomy scan?

    AFM, things are okay. Emotionally, sometimes I really freak myself out - especially if I am combing through the pg after ivf boards and come across a scary situation. These boards are so helpful but sometimes they also give me things to worry about that I otherwise wouldn't be, if that makes sense? I'm just trying to stick to my buddy threads now. Physically, I can't believe how big I am getting. Just this week I have started to feel slightly uncomfortable...breathless if I go up a flight of stairs, difficulty breathing if I sit in a reclining position because my baby b girl has taken to jabbing me in the ribs and apparently likes to sit on my diaphram. Her brother still likes to massage my bladder so I feel like I am going to the bathroom every 5 seconds! Not that I am complaining, it's awesome to be pregnant. I know you guys know what I mean.

    Well, I'll stop my Sunday morning ramble. Hope all is well with you guys. Update when you can!

  13. Hello ladies!

    We had our anatomy scan at the peri's office on Thursday & I'm happy to report that we're having...a BOY and a GIRL !!!!

    The u/s tech immediately determined baby A was a boy but then proceeded to scan every part of his anatomy (like 45 minutes!) before moving on to check baby B...my dh & boys were there & we were all on pins & needles waiting! The boys were saying 'I hope the other one is a girl!' Finally, the tech moved on to baby B & said it looked like a girl. She double-checked one more time during the scan to be sure and after she was done, the peri came in to do a bit more scanning and he confirmed that A was definitely a boy & B was definitely a girl...whew! We are so thrilled to have the best of both worlds & our boys have already decided that they will be their little sister's appointed protectors & will teach the new boy to be as well!

    I've been feeling both babies more & more lately and am so grateful. They looked perfectly healthy. The boy is measuring a day or two ahead & the girl is right on target. They estimated them both to be about 8 oz now and 6-7 inches long.

    Like you, Jen, my girl is on top and the boy has been tickling my bladder, too! Oh I well remember the days of baby B up in my ribs & I'm already starting to feel her there a bit...mostly her feet under my left side as she is transverse. I totally understand what you mean about the boards...they are such a source of support, but when you also read about the scary stuff it can make you a bit paranoid. One lady on my due in May board just lost her twins at 15 1/2 weeks due to premature rupture of membranes...totally devastating. I do take comfort in the fact, though, that I've carried twins to (almost) term before & never had any early cervical changes or anything.

    Nicole, I'm so sorry about your dh's job loss...what a horrible time for that to happen. Hopefully it is only temporary. If you have a WIC program in your area you may want to check into it...they will be giving me a Medela double breast pump which is a huge savings for us as we were planning on buying one and they're not cheap. We had that kind last time & it was great!

    Emma, glad to hear you will be getting so much baby gear donated. It always worked out that way for us. A friend or a neighbor would happen to have huge tubs of clothes they wanted to give away just when we needed more! Luckily I know one lady who just had a boy & one who's about to have a girl and they have already promised to pass on outgrown clothes to us as these babies will be their last - lucky us!

    Well I better get outside - it's snowing (a rare occurrence here!) and the boys are all getting gear on to go play in it.

    Take care,


  14. Jen - It has been quiet. I suppose that's a good sign. And I totally know what you mean about feeling freaked out when you hear bad stories. I just heard a terrible one IRL about a SIDS case. A guy brought his newborn to bed with him after drinking all night. Just a very bad idea. I wouldn't be that stupid, but my DH doesn't always think of these things. Stuff like that gets stuck in my head.

    And DH has made no progress on our home projects. He doesn't seem very motivated and is not ready to spend money. He's had 1 job that lasted a day and has an interview tomorrow just to see what they would offer him. Otherwise, he seems pretty depressed with the whole thing. Too bad we don't live closer. He's all about doing work for others right now. I think I will buy paint on Tuesday so he can get started on the room.

    V - Congrats!!!!!! Woo hoo! That's wonderful news! I am sure your little girl is going to be well taken care of with all those brothers. And thanks for the tip. I make too much to qualify for WIC but I'm going to see if my health insurance covers the pump. My friend just had a baby and bought hers from the hospital. If it's not covered, then I'll have them charge it to the hospital bill and use my flex spending next year. Honestly, if it wasn't for our super high fertility loan payments, I think we would be ok during this layoff. Oh well, it's these kinds of things that can really bring a couple together as a family.

    Emma - Hope things are well with you!

    AFM - Nothing new going on with me. It's gotten soooo cold here. I think it's about 5 degrees out right now. And my biggest pregnancy complaint right now is constipation. It has gotten so much worse!!! I don't know what to do. I drink tons of water all day, I exercise, I eat fiber bars and other healthy foods, I take 400 mg of Colace daily. I am at a loss. I have my next ob appt on Tuesday so I'm going to see if they recommend anything else.

    One of my close friends had a baby boy the other day so I went and saw them at the hospital last night. It was really fun seeing how excited she and her DH were. It's their first. They didn't find out gender so I'm so glad we are having boys about the same age!!! They named him Kelton, so we'll have Colton and Kelton.


  15. Hi everyone!
    Sorry about being MIA lately. The work weeks have been filled to the brim and are even overflowing with these random and lengthy after school meetings too. It's all I could do to just catch up on sleep. This week is looking up though as there are only four more days and no more after school meetings. I had two appointments last week--the OB and the peri. All is well and I'm 23w and 5 days now. My baby boys are measuring at about 1 lb and 4 ozs apiece. Still holding my breath until I get to 28 weeks though. Just can't wait for that.

    Oh, and guess what? I ran into my RE at my peri appointment. He and his wife are expecting too! It was quite funny.

    V--Aw--what wonderful news that you get your girl too along with another little boy. I can just picture all of you sitting in the u/s waiting for the news. How sweet! And, like you all, I've stopped reading the other boards too--people post random bad news and it just pops up out of nowhere without a warning. It's too anxiety filled to deal with so I just stopped for the most part. I read this one and one other that I joined about 1 1/2 years ago.

    And I have 16 people coming for Christmas dinner! I love having that holiday here and I love not traveling. But I'm probably crazy to volunteer this year. I figured that everyone else is involved in my shower so the least I could do is have the dinner. We're having it catered and I'll get help the week before to clean. I even ordered the groceries online and they just came about ten minutes ago. It's nice b/c they leave the groceries right on my counter. (I think the guy thought I didn't tip him though because I left the tip on the paper I signed instead of giving him cash. He was very short with me when he left--I feel bad. But I hope he at least looked at the receipt--you know? I don't know why I'm writing that--but it just happened and it was awkward--and I have never stiffed anyone in my life. Oh well.)

    Nicole-Sorry Dh is bummed. It's so hard. And I'm sure it's extra hard right around the holidays too. I hope this economy picks up soon. I'll say an extra prayer. My extended family are mostly builders and I just feel so bad that they're having such a rough time of it too. Hopefully some small projects will turn up for Dh.

    Oh, and I HEAR you about the constipation--Fiber One bars are working this week but I'm sure that won't last. My biggest thing is the horrible heartburn though. I don't know what to do. I can't eat more than an ounce or two at a time. At least I have no urge to go out to dinner--because a whole meal is fairly pointless.

    Jen--Isn\'t it funny how one minute you feel fine, and then another minute you have to run to the bathroom b/c one child is on the bladder. It's almost painful and I just have to shimmee (sp?) down the hallway to get there in time. Oh and what cloth diapers are you looking into? I put the regular ones on my registry, but I also wanted to do a fuzzibunz or bumgenius or gdiapers, but I don't know how any of them are yet.

    Well, gotta go fix dinner. Small portions though...
    Have a good week ladies.

  16. Val, congrats on your b/g twins!! I'm so glad you got your little girl!!! I really was thinking pink for you!! She's very lucky to have 3 brothers looking out for her! How wonderful!!! So how is this pregnancy comparing to your last one? So far is it pretty much the same? I am envious that you know what to expect!

    Nicole, ugh I feel so bad for you & dh right now. It's so easy to lose motivation when you are feeling down in the dumps about stuff. I hope his interview worked out well for him. As for the constipation - try some prune juice. I know that really helped my sister & is easier to get down then just prunes. I hope you feel better soon!

    Emma, wow! Your boys are getting big! Are you thinking of any names yet? Isn't the bladder thing crazy? It has to be my biggest pregnancy discomfort so far. Sometimes I'm sitting on the couch and I'm fine & then all of a sudden I have to pee so bad I can hardly stand up straight! So weird! About the cloth diapers - I just registerd for the plain old gerber diapers to use primarly as burp rags. I'm not planning on officially cloth diapering so IDK about the brands you mentioned! Sorry!

    I hope the prep for your Christmas dinner goes well! I'm sure the delivery guy knows that you tipped him by now - I'm like you, I would have been upset too if I thought he thought I stiffed him.

    Well, I have a peri appointment Thurs (was supposed to be tomorrow but the weather is supposed to be bad) so I will update after that. Be well!

  17. You guys, I'm sorry to barge in on all your good new and stuff. I still read all your posts from this thread I'm excited for all of you!!!! Sounds like everything is going well (okay, besides the constipation). I've posted a few times on the FET board, but I feel like I don't belong there, nobody responds to me, so if you all don't mind...Can I post here? I'm doing a FET day after x-mas. If not, that's okay, I just feel like I know you guys better.

  18. hey, lb! I would love it if you posted about your FET cycle here! You are & always have been a part of this thread since it started so please feel free to post! I will look forward to hearing about your FET & hopefully your much deserved bfp! Is this your first FET? Where are you in your cycle? More importantly, how are you feeling?

  19. Hi Lien...happy to hear from you & congrats on your upcoming FET! We'll all be pulling for you & will be excited to hear your updates!


  20. Thanks guys, you don't know how good you make me feel! Really it shouldn't be a big deal that nobody responds to me over there, I felt very childish after posting that yesterday (wah wah wah ) But it feels like a big stress reliever just to be able to post and be listened to. I love my \"friend from afar\". Anyway I should be transferring day after Christmas. I had us and bw yesterday and everything \"looked good\" once again. She didn't give me bw results, but my lining was triple stripe and 12. Is that too thick for my fet to be next week? Anyway, I'm so excited reading all the updates, oh yeah this is my first fet. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!!! aaahhh it's good to be back

  21. LB-It's GREAT to hear from you. Like everyone else said, give us all the details. What a way to spend to the holidays!

    Jen-I HEAR you about the bladder. It's unmerciful at times!

    Hey-does anyone get any leg cramps? I get them about twice a week in the middle of the night. I leap out of bed and it stops. But, today I noticed that even though there is no longer a cramp, my calf muscle is a little sore--feels like I pulled something or that it's bruised. It's weird. I have an appointment tomorrow, but 'm going to call the doctor tomorrow about it.

  22. LB - Welcome back!!! I am so excited for your FET! My FET cycle was so nice and laid back. I hope yours is just as successful.

    Jen - Hope they peri appt went well. Our weather has been terrible here. And thanks for the advice on the prune juice. I did buy some last week. I actually felt kind of silly at the store... my cart had prune juice, Fiber One cereal, hot oat bran cereal, Fiber One bars, and flax seed. Do you think I have a problem?

    Emma - Sorry about the heartburn. I do get that occasionaly but Tums seems to work. I haven't had any leg cramps but I do hear that can be common. I hope the Dr has some advice for you on how to get some relief. Christmas dinner sounds nice! We have people over for xmas eve and then 3 different places to go on xmas day so it will be busy. I am looking forward to spending time with family and eating some good food.

    Val - How are you feeling?

    AFM - I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! I have been so busy lately with work, appts, and getting ready for Christmas. I had a good ob appt last week and we found a pedi for the baby so that was fun. DH has been doing a couple of side jobs here and there to get some extra cash and I just got a nice bonus at work so things are going ok. We're still trying to limit what we spend since we don't know what the future brings, ya know. His interview wasn't what he hoped. They wanted to pay him a lot less. He makes more on unemployment so he's just keeping his options open and talking to his boss daily. I'm sure things will pick up after the 1st. It's crazy how January is almost here! That means the 3rd trimester is coming! I just can't believe that we are actually going to have a baby. It's just wild.

    25 wks

  23. Just wanted to pop in & wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!

    Pregnancy insomnia/indigestion is a good way to catch up on posts!

    Nicole, holy cow - I hope all that fiber works for you!! You'll be the most regular gal I know! Sorry to hear that dh's job interview was a bust but it's good that you guys are staying positive about what could happen in January '09. I can't believe that we are heading for the 3rd trimester either! Time is really starting to fly! I say bring it!

    Emma, I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering thru such horrible leg cramps! I got them in the beginning but not so much right now. From everything I've read, it's just another lovely symptom of pregnancy! Did your doctor have any helpful advice about it?

    Valerie, how are things with you? Any news about your dh's job situation?

    LB, wow! your lining sounds great! You are getting very close to transfer day How many embryo's do you plan on putting back?

    AFM - I had my 1hr glucose test this week so I'm just really hoping I passed! I don't want to take the 3 hour!!! Every week I feel like I grow a ton. My digital camera is busted, but I'm getting a new one for Christmas - so I promise I will post a belly pic after that! Oh - and my peri apt. was fine - just a growth scan. Both babies are doing well & getting big!! I'm so thankful this holiday season. Well, I guess I should try getting back to sleep now. Or eating a piece of cheesecake..........

    Happy Hannukah/Merry Christmas!

  24. Happy Holidays to you all, too!

    Lien, just 2 more days...yippee...hoping for a Christmas miracle!!! Can't wait to hear your update.

    Nicole, you are getting so far along now...not much more to go! It's so exciting when it gets closer & closer. I love that I'm past 18 weeks and am now on the downhill slope, too (figuring on a 36-37 week delivery judging from last time) I'm really happy that you and dh are getting along ok and that you get to look forward to celebrating a new little life soon...no matter what else is going on in our lives the love of family is what matters the most!

    Jen, glad your growth scan went well. Can't wait to see a pic of you after X-mas! How far along are you now? I well remember the pg insomnia - sometimes sleeping in a recliner is easier! My main complaint is baby B's feet (my girl) up under my ribs...which brings back more memories of my Devin up in my ribs...oh well, all worth it, I know!!!

    Emma, let us know what the doc said about your leg cramps, but from what I hear also it's a common pregnancy complaint. I guess a lot of times leg pain comes from uterine pressure on the sciatic nerve. Every once in awhile I get an electric shock-like pain in my left hip - figure the babies just hit a nerve when that happens. Good luck tomorrow with your company for dinner! BTW I totally know what you meant about the tip thing, too...I hate anyone thinking I stiffed them - for example I always make sure the barista at an espresso shop is looking when I put a tip in their jar - weird, I know, but I just like them to know I appreciate their service and I'm not a stiffer, I guess.

    Lovely little side story: We had dinner w/ my husband's in-laws and I left 2 $5 bills as a tip (almost 20% which I thought was fair - it was a busy restaurant & we had good service) but I saw my old school mother-in-law look at me like I was crazy to leave more than $5. I had a weird feeling b/c she was lingering at the table when everyone else had gone and sure enough when I looked back I saw her swipe one of the fives...I couldn't believe my eyes! We were already out the door and I whispered to dh what I saw but we couldn't go back and add more w/ out his mom knowing we saw, which would have mortified her (and rightly so!). Anyway, long story, but I was horrified that the poor server would find themselves with such a measly tip for serving a party of 6! She's in her late 60's and I think she just grew up in an era where money was tight and she hasn't grown w/ the times in terms of what is appropriate to give to service personnel.

    You ladies have a wonderful holiday season & remember to take the time to sit and rest (especially you, Emma, with all those people over!) and take care of yourselves!

    20 weeks tomorrow!

  25. Hi everyone! I hope everyone's holidays were good.

    Lien--Thinking of you over the next few days.

    Gulsen-Congratulations on 20 weeks. I'm so excited that here we are at the middle and end of the 2nd trimester. As for the leg cramps, they're not that big of a deal. From what I read online and what the doc has told me, I've increased iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium in food form mostly. I do take an extra calc. and mag. supplement at night if I don't think I've had enough. That seems to work very well. And flexing my toes by pointing them to my knees as soon as it starts seems to do the trick.

    Nicole-It sounds like things are going as well as they can be. I'm glad you got a nice bonus and that dh is finding some work in the mean time. That's good to hear. It also sounds like you were quite busy on Christmas Eve and day too. I hope the running around didn't get you too, too tired. As for the heartburn, I've been keeping a glass of milk by my bed at night. Each time I wake up, I take a sip and it seems to neutralize it somewhat. And I usually finish it within three hours or so and that seems to work.

    Gee-it sounds like I have a lot of complaints. I really don't and they don't bother me that bad at all. But with my daily banana, extra serving of iron, a cup of prune juice, some milk at night, I seem to be warding off the constipation, heartburn, and leg cramps. Oh, and my left eye twitches at night. I'm not sure why! I'm sure all of this makes me sound VERY attractive. ha ha

    Jen-did you hear back about your glucose test? I'm sure I'll be doing that very soon. I hope you pass with flying colors. A three hour test does not sound fun at all and it would just be easier to not have to take an extra test. I'm glad the appointment went well too.

    Hey-Is anyone taking any classes? I'm skipping the childbirth class--I just don't feel like it. But I signed up for a breastfeeding class and a Tot-CPR class--both in January. Has anyone thought about the choice between the bottle and B/F? I would really like to B/F, but I'm open to the possibility that I'll have to supplement or (if it doesn't work out at all), then I'll go straight to the bottle. V-What did you do with the first two? What were your thoughts on it?

    I'm so glad I have the next week off to rest though. Work isn't too too demanding but I could definitely use the rest. And when I can't sleep at night, it's nice to know I don't have to get up at 5 a.m. Dh is going to start on the babies' room next week as he took a few days off too. Maybe he and I will grab a dinner and a movie too just to enjoy a quiet night. And then, I'm back to work come January 5. I wonder when I'll start maternity leave...I hope I don't sound crazy, but I'd like to make it until March but I don't know.

    Well, have a great weekend ladies!

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