2nd IVF\'ers starting in July 2008 Part 2

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to give you a quick update. The nurse recommended another u/s and it went ok. My right ovary is huge & there are 10 or more cysts on it, but none are big enough to cause any concern apparently, just big enough to cause pain. They checked my appendix as well since my pain is mostly right sided & did blood tests to rule out kidney stones.

    I saw the OB after the u/s and she ok'd me to take Tylenol and even offered to write me a prescription for a narcotic, which I declined...I hate to take anything, but it's nice to know I can take something if I really need to.

    Take care,


  2. Valerie - I'm sorry those dang cysts are causing you such pain. Do they expect this to get better, get worse, stay the same? Thank God that you have a thorough doctor. I hope you feel better soon & I'm sorry that you are in so much pain righ now.

    P.S - We are also getting the Graco Quattro - it's huge & heavy but I felt the most comfortable with it in the store & I liked how it folded up. I think I might buy myself the Snap & Go for the first few weeks/months while I get used to hauling around 2 babies -- IDK. Have you ever used the Snap & Go? I have read in several books/articles/posts that most twin moms recommend the snap & go for a first time mom. (Thanks for answering all my twin questions).

  3. Nicole,

    Hey!! It's steph from your FET group. Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. I have been thinking about you guys!

  4. Jen, the OB said my cysts were probably sticking around longer than normal b/c of the progesterone I was taking (the suppositories), but I just stopped those at 12 weeks, so hopefully the pain will ease up & the cysts will shrink. She also hypothesized that b/c of the rapic expansion of my uterus at this stage, it could be pressing against scar tissue from my many surgeries/c-section and that could be causing pain, as well as the usual round ligament pain. She said if that was the case, it should ease up soon.

    As for the snap n go, I never did use one because the duo-glider fit both carseats. The quattro will also fit 2 carseats, so if you're getting that one, you shouldn't need to get a snap n go, unless you are getting a brand of carseat that isn't compatible with the quattro.

    What fabric are you getting your quattro in? I like the Milan, Zurich & Soho b/c I want brown as a main color. Here are a few links to graco duo strollers - you may find the one you want for a better price than BRU & maybe even free shipping doesn't get much better than that!


    Good luck!


  5. Jen - I only have to buy 1 of things so I can't relate completely, but I think I will use the pack and play bassinet for the beginning period. I saw a Bringing Home Baby episode where they put triplets in 1 pack and play. Oh, and yesterday I sneezed and peed a little. So funny when I saw your post. LOL Glad you made it to BRU as a preggo. It is fun, but I can't get serious until I know the sex. My problem is that I go to the store, pick out something I like and then research it online and decide it's no good. Sux! The reviews are making it worse on me. Amazon has them too.

    V - I'm sorry about the cysts and the pain, but glad to hear they're not cause for concern. Congrats on the wonderful NT! I'm sure it was such beautiful sight to see those babies moving around. We have 2 more weeks until we see ours! I have been feeling pretty good lately. I had a headache again for a couple of days so that wasn't too fun. Thanks for asking! Have you stopped all meds now that you are at the 12 week mark?

    Emma - Sorry about your shower drama. It's nice that you can just go with the flow and not let it stress you. I'm sure either way will be fine, but I think Jen and Val's suggestions are great. My friend's mom just served cake and punch. (But she's super cheap.)

    Steph - Hey! Nice to see you pop in! I'm doing really great. I hope things are good with you! Have you done your next FET cycle?

    AFM - 18 weeks today and feeling pretty good. Only 2 more weeks until the big u/s! We can hardly wait. DH is getting the bathroom done this week so he'll have plenty of time to start on the nursery sometime after the u/s. MIL and I ended up ordering the furniture from BRU. I got the Graco Lauren Lifetime crib and Baby Italia Classic Eastside dresser/changing table combo both in espresso. It's a lot darker that I originally wanted, but I think it will be fine with either boy or girl colors. It does seem like we have a lot of time to get all this done, but at the same time, it very hard deciding on stuff!


  6. Hey Val, glad to hear that your cysts should shrink up now that you have stopped the progesterone. Thanks for the links for the strollers!! Very helpful!! I like the quattro in French Roast - it's a brown & sage. The infant SafeSeat car seat matches as well. The only reason I was considering getting the snap & go was because someone I know who is pg with twins IRL was pretty adament that I should probably get both. But after thinking it through, I have decided against it. The quattro is all the stroller I will need!

    Nicole, glad to know that I'm not the only one peeing myself!! lol I totally can relate to what you said about the reviews making it harder to make a decision! I do the same thing. I find something I like & then freak out if it only got 3 stars!!! It does make it so much harder. We must have the same taste because I have the Graco Lauren crib in Espresso on my list & I love the babi italia collection! Good call!! I'm glad you are feeling good & that things are starting to come together on the homefront! Any gut feelings on the gender of your little one??

    Emma - hope things are swell in your neck of the woods.

    AFM, I went to the OB today & it was another uneventful appointment which is good The only thing that was kind of frustrating was that the peri's office did not send my u/s report to my OB's office so she didn't get a chance to look at anything. A small but frustrating detail. I actually mentioned how much I am peeing to her, which is starting to feel a little excessive to me (five times in the middle of the night - a few times an hour sometimes during the day...plus all the leaking!!) so I'm getting my urine checked for a bladder infection. Either that or one of the babies is just resting nicely on my bladder and giving it swift kicks! We'll see!!

    Take care everyone,
    -Jen (20 weeks tomorrow!!!) 1/2 way there!

  7. Hey guys, sorry for interrupting but I just wanted to ask a question regarding your experience. Okay my first fresh ivf was a bfn, I got af and like ALWAYS i got my next af 28 days later. This time my second fresh cycle I got af and I'm still waiting for this one. I should have started on November 2nd. My question is, should I be worried? Can ivf put me into menopause early? when should I call the doctor? Thanks for all your help and congratulations on all the good news, I may not post but I'm always reading

  8. lb, so sorry to hear everything you've been thru. To answer your question, I don't think that IVF can put you into early menopause. I have never heard of that. After my first IVF cycle, AF went missing. I called my RE & they had me come in for a lining check & b/w to see if AF was on her way or in fact missing. From the results of the u/s & b/w they were able to see that AF was on her way, she was just taking her sweet time. I did have some times when they had to give me provera to start a period. My advice to you would be to call your RE if you're concerned. I was always anxious to start AF because I was always anxious to start a new cycle.

    Your body has been thru a lot with all the hormones & procedures & stress, so AF showing up late could just be a reaction to that.

    I hope you are doing well. Keep us posted on your plans.

    Hope that helped,

  9. Hi everyone,
    Sorry I haven't posted. I've had meetings after school every day and haven't gotten home until late. By Thursday night, my ankles were swollen and I've decided to stop doing so much. I knew this week was going to be a bruiser. So, even though I'm still working, I'm definitely taking more self-imposed breaks. I even went to the school nurse's office to put my feet up on Friday. So, I haven't been able to sit at the computer at home to really do much except pay a few bills.

    I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well.
    Jen-I'm glad you've made it to the 20 week mark!!! Hoorah. I hear you about the peeing (and the leaking) but yours does sound a bit excessive. Have you been tested for a uti in the meantime? I hope it's nothing more than staying well hydrated.

    Nicole-I'm so excited that you ordered the furniture already. That's so great. I'll googled your crib and dresser--they look great! That's awesome. I can't wait for my big 20 week u/s at the end of the month either.

    V-Sorry about the cysts. I hadn't realized that they were still lingering around. I'm glad you're done with the PIO. It's amazing how many steps this whole process takes. And I hope they're not causing too much discomfort. How are you feeling otherwise? How are the twins responding to your new twin news?

    Lb-I'm glad you're still around. I think of you often. As for your question, I think AF is just taking it's sweet time. I also think it's normal to have an anovulatory cycle once a year (as I definitely had that)--so maybe that is what is going on? Frustrating, I'm sure.

    AFM-I had an uneventful appointment on Tuesday and we heard the heartbeats with the doppler. I, too, can't wait for the big u/s. Of course, Dh's boss is giving him a hard time about leaving for the appointment. Figures. He's kind of a jerk anyway. But dh does not want to miss this one and he hasn't really been able to go to a lot of them. So, work will just have to deal.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. Jen - It's funny, I have dreams about it being a boy, but I kinda want a girl. I'd be totally happy with either tho. Congrats on 20 weeks! Did you get your results of the bladder test back? I do pee a lot but not quite as much as you. I do drink a lot of water. I just wonder if it's from the pressure and placement of the uterus.

    LB - Good to hear from you. Sorry things have so frustrating. I always had irregular periods and it was terrible waiting for AF between cycles. I would definitely call the doc if you've always had a regular cycle. Good luck!

    Emma - That's good that you are taking breaks. This is your time to take it easy. I hope your DH's boss starts being more accomodating.

    AFM - The furniture is in so I am excited for DH to pick it up! We can't really do anything tho until he paints the nursery so it'll still be a while before I get to see it put together. Time is really flying by. I feel it will be January before we know it and by then I think I will feel more pressure to get things done. I want to pick out a glider next. DH is doing some work for my aunt and uncle so we'll have some extra cash. I have to admit. It is fun shopping for this stuff.


  11. Lien, it's good to hear from you even though it's not so good news...I'm sorry you're still struggling. The girls have already offered better advice than I could give, so I'll just say that I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best...keep in touch.

    Nicole, I googled your baby furniture, too...I love it! I think you made really good choices as those pieces are beautiful and it looks like both will last for a long time & 'grow' as your little one does!

    Jen, congrats on making it halfway already...woo-hoo! I sure hope you don't have a UTI, those really suck! Hopefully, as Emma said, it's nothing more than good hydration and/or baby position. I always had one on my bladder and one up in my ribs...good times!

    Emma, sorry your work has been keeping you on your feet more than you would like. Good for you taking some self-imposed breaks - you REALLY need them. Anything is better than PTL! Other than the ovary pain, I am feeling really good, thanks for asking! I am happy to report that I am ALL DONE with progesterone suppositories and that my m/s has eased considerably in the last few weeks...I haven't worn my accupressure wristbands (to ease nausea) in 2 weeks - yay!

    My boys are very much looking forward to being big brothers, but I think they're really enjoying momma being pregnant, as well. They are fascinated with the growing belly...they've seen pics of me just days before I delivered them and so they know that I'm gonna be HUGE before it's all over. They say things like \'how are you going to put on socks when your belly gets so big?\'

    The other night when I was kissing them good-night, Brendan kissed my belly and I asked him if he had anything to say to the babies and he said: 'yep - stay fresh!\' and Devin chimed in, \'yeah, don't expire!\', then Brendan said: \'don't try to break out of there, you can't come out until momma says so!'

    They are so silly, but so sweet, too, always looking out for me. Their dad is so overprotective of me this pregnancy - even more than last time (which I didn't think was possible) - and so he's always telling them things like: take care of your momma and don't let her lift anything too heavy. So the boys are like my little police-men saying things like \'you're not allowed to do that, mom, you're pregnant, remember?!'

    OK - sorry for the long post & the rambling about my boys (you should never have asked, Emma!)

    You ladies have a happy Monday! (is that an oxymoron?)


  12. Hey ladies!

    LB, any news on the AF front?

    Emma, hope you are having no trouble finding the time to take the breaks you need during the day. Are you feeling more rested this week? I'm sorry dh's boss is being such a pain in the arse about needing time off for your level 2 u/s. When is it? Must be getting close!

    Nicole, how exciting that the furniture is in!! I was in Babies R Us this weekend and I thought of you as I checked out the Lauren crib. I'm planning on ording the Graco Sarah collection in Espresso, which is kind of funny because dh & I are pretty sure that we are going to name our girl Sarah. So I guess it's fate. I'm also looking into gliders right now. Let me know if you find anything good!

    V - hope that you are feeling better now that the progesterone suppositories have stopped. That's great. Your boys sound amazing! They are going to be great big brothers. When's your next doc apt?

    So things with me have been busy. We've been packing & painting & getting ready to move soon. I also registered this weekend which was exciting & overwhelming. I had a little attack of the \"what if something goes wrong\" now that I've registered & my mom is starting to plan my shower. But I'm just trying to get those thoughts out of my head & focus on the positive. It turns out I have a UTI - which is annoying for the obvious reasons, but I'm not in any pain or discomfort so thats good. I went back to the doctor today for an impromptu check up because the UTI & leaking was making me paranoid. All was fine & I even got an ultrasound - always fun!

    Hope all is well with you guys!
    xoxo Jen

  13. I'll be honest, it's getting a little harder to take the breaks here. I'm thinking of just calling in one day per week starting in December. I have one full five day week next week and then Thanksgiving week which will be short. So, if I can hold out until then and then go to four day weeks with no after school meetings, then that might work out. I'll talk to my boss next week and see.

    Jen-sorry about the uti. And Sarah? How great. I'm so excited that you know you're having a boy and a girl and are already thinking of names. I can't believe you're moving in the midst of all this. I'm pretty impressed.

    V-That story is SO precious about your boys. How precious. You can tell them I'm wondering how I'm going to put on socks too! Oh, I meant to ask. I think I had two Braxton Hicks contractions last night over the course of several hours at smack on 19 weeks. Do you remember when this started with you? And what it felt like? I just had lots of water and they stopped--if that is even what they were--because i have no idea what they were. It wasn't painful, but when I stood up, things tightened up. I wasn't breathless or anything. When I went to the bathroom, things relaxed. Could I have just been full? The thing was that I was home all day yesterday so it's not like I was even doing anything. I have an app. on Friday, and I didn't have any contractions today if that is what they were, so I'll ask then too, of course, but I wanted to check with our resident expert. What to expect says BH starts at week 15.

    Nicole-I'm glad you're getting so much done. I need to get on the ball. I think next week, I'll start. And yes, we're both almost 20 weeks. Are you on pins and needles waiting to find out gender? I still don't know if I'm ready to know...

  14. Hi Emma - just wanted to answer your question about Braxton Hicks...yes that sounds exactly like what I experienced from about 16 weeks onward. Usually they would be brought on by standing. Sometimes my whole tummy would tighten up and sometimes just one area (like up high, where baby B's head was)...I've since heard that the 2nd ones I described are just from the babies doing 'gymnastics' and making certain areas tighten up; however, the other variety are definitely BHs.

    I was never put on bedrest b/c my cervix never dilated or shortened; however, was told to stay hydrated, sit/rest as much as possible and try to put my feet up whenever I could. Drinking water & lying on your left side should help if they get too bad.

    I was due Jan 31st and had BHs pretty much every 5 minutes or less throughout the entire month of December...I was in the hospital for observation around 12/12 and they were coming consistently every 3-5 minutes, but again no cervical changes, so they let me go home after 2 days with the orders to rest, rest, rest. I was due for inducement 1/16 but my water finally broke 1/8...it felt long overdue after contracting all that time!

    If I get brave I'll scan in & post a picture I just found of me 6 days before delivery...I'm only 5'3\" and was SO huge - babies had nowhere to go but OUT...I sometimes can't believe I'm gonna do it again!

    But then again, EVERY single day, I'm overcome with gratitude that I'm actually pregnant, and I am in complete awe that TWICE I have been blessed to carry 2 babies inside of me...so it's definitely worth it...I just happen to know what I'm in for in the coming months, so maybe that doesn't help!!!

    Anyway, I've got my 14 week appointment today (in Portland - 45 minutes away) so I'll catch up on personals later!

    Take care,


  15. Val - good luck with your appointment today! Are you having an u/s? Maybe you'll get a sneak peak at the genders?? I would love to see your pic if you are feeling brave enough to post it. I guess I still can't even really imagine how large & in charge I'll be later in the pregnancy. This whole pg with twins thing sometimes still feels totally unbelievable.

    Emma - you perfectly described a BH contraction! I've had a few myself. It's a strange feeling. I think your plan about calling out one day a week is good. Hopefully your boss will be supportive. I have found that most of the time, school districts seem to be pretty supportive when it comes to these sorts of things. I hope this is the case for you.

    Ah, and don't be fooled when I say \"we're\" moving. What I really mean to say is that my husband is moving & I'm just watching!

  16. Oh, yeah, Val...I meant to ask you...what do you mean by this comment??

    ...I just happen to know what I'm in for in the coming months, so maybe that doesn't help!!!

    Anything I need to know??


  17. I'm kind of relieved that you two have both had them this early in twin pg's. One dr. at my OB called and said \"yup--that's exactly what they are\". And he gave me the instructions to call if it's more than 4 per hour. He also said the lay on my left side and drink water. This is what I'd been doing so that's good. And it's definitely not 4 per hour. It's more like 2-3 per evening in total over 3 hours.

    I was really worried, but I guess it's a little more common. I asked if it was too early to be getting this and he said \"not with a twin pregnancy.\"

    I have an appointment tomorrow anyway, so I'll just sleep in and get up and go tomorrow.

    V-Hope all is well with your 14 week appointment. How exciting to be in a 2nd trimester! And ditto on the gymnastics comment. I definitely think I had that today. It's so cool.

    And yes, I'm calling in once per week or twice even if there are no other issues. My feet are almost always up--even when I'm teaching. I have a box underneath my desk!!! And I make the kids turn on the projectors and things like that!

  18. V - That is such a cute story about the boys. It sounds like they are really going to welcome the new babies into their lives. And I'd love to see a pic of you the last time around. I'm only 5'3\" and I'm scared of how big I'm going to get now, let alone if there were 2!

    Jen - I can't believe you are moving either! I can't even get my housework done. Your poor DH. And congrats on registering! I plan to next week and I can relate on always getting that \"what if something goes wrong\" feeling. Just need to remember that it's all out of our hands and staying positive is the best thing we can do for our babies. And sorry about the UTI I've had that before and it really sucks.

    As far as the gliders, there's a lot of options out there and the prices vary so drastically! I may have to try some out. The only compaint people make is that some can get noisy, but I'm sure my DH can fix that.

    Emma - Sorry about the BH. I definitely think you need to take it easy. Calling in sounds like a good plan. I don't think I could wait any longer to find out the gender. I think I would go crazy having to wait any longer. I just hope they get a good look on Tues.

    AFM - Just biding time until the u/s Tues. I think DH is ready to get started on the baby's room. Sometimes I walk by the room and I still can't believe we're actually going to have a nursery in there.

    Do any of you watch ER? It's pretty cool how they tied everything together tonight.

    Happy Friday tomorrow!

  19. OK, you asked for it! Here it is:


    I was (almost:eek 36 weeks in this picture and delivered the twins 6 days later when my water broke. They were 5 lbs 1 oz and 5 lbs 9 oz, no NICU time!


    PS - Yes, it was as painful as it looks...I have no idea why I'm smiling!

  20. V-I thought I was big now! I'm not even close at a gain of 25 lbs. You do look very happy at 36 weeks--probably just because it's an accomplishment in and of itself? I pray to be so lucky.

    And ladies-I'm 5'3\" too! How funny. I had assumed everyone was way taller than me.

    As for the BH-none yesterday. We also saw the specialist and he said my cervix was very long and that I should have it checked every two weeks. And he said I could continue working up to or even into the third trimester. He said he used to tell moms of twins to stop working at 26-28 weeks, and that he was conservative in his approach and this was before cervical length checks were the practice. So, I'm excited that everything is progressing well, that I can probably work up to Christmas (week 25), and then I'll put myself on a modified bedrest schedule for those two weeks off. After that I have two short weeks in January that I can work or not work, and that will do it for the semester! (I do plan on still calling in or taking half days and skipping meetings between now and then though--I don't want to push it).

    Yes, it's 5 a.m. and I'm wide awake.

    Nicole-I think I'm going to look at gliders too. We're trying to decide between two cheaper ones or get the nice more $ comfy one. If we both get gliders, then we can each take a kid right?

    V-Did you find that you held both babies at the same time a lot, or was one playing or bouncing while you rocked the other?

  21. Hey girls!

    Jen, to answer your question regarding my quote below, I'm sorry to say that I just remember how hard & painful the last few months were on my body. I was always so grateful to be pregnant, but it was really just brutal on my joints, as well as the feeling of being a stuffed turkey. Not only the heartburn, but it was difficult to breathe & eat, and it was so hard for me to be comfortable anywhere, even in bed b/c the arthritis in my hips & shoulders made it extremely painful to lay on either side for more than a few minutes (and turning over required a great deal of effort, as well as dh's help!). Sitting up wasn't easy, either, b/c I had to lean back just to allow for my giant tummy...invest in a chair/glider with recline if you don't have one already!

    The only place I ever really got relief was in our hot tub...(we use a non-chlorine cleaning system & we turned it down - doc said not above 100 - to 98/99 degrees)...I could barely fit in our bathtub & felt like a beached whale whenever I tried to get up, but in the hot tub I felt wonderful - I could actually float & the weight of the babies was bouyed by the water - heaven! - I took a soak almost every night, even in December & January.

    I gained close to 50 lbs but dropped 40 immediately w/ the help of breastfeeding. I never did get a stretch mark (yes, I slathered w/ cocoa butter, too!) until the LAST month of my pregnancy & actually they were very light, almost invisible (my dh says he can't see them at all), not the red ones.

    I did get a horrible rash on my lower tummy (the redness in the pic) and upper thighs the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My OB said it was pregnancy induced & there was nothing that would get rid of it except delivery...so excrutiating!!! It took superhuman strength not to scratch it 24/7 - I was horrified that scratching would give me major stretch marks. Thank God the OB was right and it went away after the babies were born!

    Emma, so you're a shorty, too?! Good luck!!! When is your due date? I'm glad your specialist ok'd you to work so late - that's great. It's a good thing the holidays are coming up, too...that'll be nice that you get some rest time w/out feeling like you're skipping out on work, lol! And as a bonus, you can eat all the holiday food you want w/out feeling a twinge of guilt!

    As for holding one or both babies, there were definitely times where I had to hold them both, but really, I had one very mellow baby & one that required much more hands-on attention, so usually Brendan would be in a bouncer, swing or car-seat, while I took care of Devin. Sometimes I'd carry one around in a baby bjorn & that way I could carry or pick up the other one & not worry about dropping either of them!

    If you are planning to breast-feed, see if you can hook up w/ a mothers of twins or mothers of multiples club in your area...they had a nursing pillow program where they would give you a twin nursing pillow (much different & bigger than a boppy - I'll send a pic if you're not familiar w/ these) as long as you would return it when you were done breastfeeding, so other moms could use them.

    Also, I wondered when your doc started checking your cervix? I'm just curious b/c I want my OB to be very proactive (I'm only seeing the peri for ultrasounds when the OB orders them)...anyway, my OB said she would start checking my cervix after 22 weeks. Last time it stayed long & closed until the day my water broke, so she's hoping for a repeat performance...just want to be watchful & vigilant b/c every pg is different and my biggest fear is PTL & NICU time! When I go in for my 18 week u/s on 12/11, I think I'll ask the peri what he would do if I were his patient...

    Nicole, wow, 3 of us are only 5'3\"? How weird is that?! You must be showing by now, for sure. When is your big u/s to find out gender? Sorry if you already mentioned that...must be coming up soon!

    Glad you are finally getting close to fixing up your nursery! I got a chance to do that last time & it really helped me to feel so calm & prepared. It'll be so hard not to have a baby room to fix up this time! I am definitely looking forward to moving ASAP after the babies are born - they really do need a nursery - just have to hope the economy/housing market turns around enough for us to make a profit on our house by then!!!

    Sorry, I never do watch ER, mostly b/c we are wusses & never make it up that late! I'm sure it's a good show, but dh & I always like making fun of the dramatic previews: \"If you watch just one ER...\" We usually only watch TV on Thursday nights b/c of The Office & 30 Rock. We actually rented all seasons of the British (BBC) version of The Office on Netflix, too...hilarious! Much racier than the US version but just as funny.

    OMG sorry for the novel-length post!!!


    PS - I'd love to see pics of you ladies, too! Here's one of me a few weeks ago (@ 12 weeks): i342.photobucket.com

  22. Valerie, thank you so much for the wealth of twin info you share with us. Knowing what to expect (or at least what *could* happen) makes me relax a little bit. I already feel so heavy around the middle that I can't imagine what it's going to feel like in 2 months. I'm also slathering up with cocoa butter - hopefully that will help ease some of the stretching of the skin rashes, itches & pain.

    Your 36 wk picture is adorable. You are brave to post that!! I'm not sure if I'll be brave enough to post a pic, I'll think about it tho I happened to allow myself to be photographed yesterday at a bridal shower & I have to say I was shocked by my appearance. My belly looked huge! and my face looked a little round, too so I'm not exactly having a great self-esteem day here! lol

    About the cervical checks, I have a peri & ob appointment this week so I'm going to ask when they start doing them with some regularity. I've had my cervix checked a few times so far, but that was pretty much because I called the office & scheduled extra appointments for some concerns I had, which ended up in exams and/or u/s. My first official cervix check was at 18w6d tho.

    Emma, glad to hear that you came up with a good plan to get through these next couple of months of working. I'm sure that eases your mind some.

    Nicole, isn't your big u/s tomorrow?!?!?!! I think it is! I'm so excited for you! BTW, I do watch ER & I loved that episode! Cried like the hormonal maniac I am! It was really, really well done.

    Nothing new with me on the pregnancy front this week as of yet. I have peri & OB appointments on Wednesday, so I'll update after that. Hope you girls aren't working too hard & are resting when you can!!

    Talk later,
    Jen (the tallest one of the group at 5'6''!!!)

  23. I just wanted to jump on to let you know that we are having a BOY!!! We had the u/s yesterday and it was so much fun. We got to see lots of him and he's measureing great and looking healthy. DH, my parents, and MIL were all there to see. DH is definitely very happy and with much discussion last night we've picked out a name. Colton William Berger (Colt for short). It's hard coming up with names that go with Berger so I'm glad we could agree on something. And I guess Colt is some football player. William is DH's middle name and a also common in my family. So it's feeling very real now, I think it especially is for DH. He's just all smiles. We picked up the furniture last night and picked out bedding so now we can get paint this weekend! (We have a lot to do tho. The room is currently DH's closet. Yes the whole room.)

    Val - That is a great pic! You do look a bit uncomforable but you hold it well! And I love The Office. I will have to check out the UK version. ER is my late night of the week. I've been watching it since the beginning of time so it's hard to stop at the last season. And I will definitly post some pics later.

    Emma - I can't believe 3 of us are so short. I am shorter than most of my friends so that is weird. I tried out some gliders at BRU last night and I like the rocking chair style that reclines. Yes, get 2! You can rock the babies together.

    Jen - You giant (J/K ), I'd love to see some belly pics. Remember, it's all going to go away afterwards. My family was ooing and awwing over my belly yesterday b/c it's popped a little. I was a bit horrified since I know it's only getting bigger! And I did enjoy ER Thurs. I hope the show ends well. The season started off pretty crazy.

    Well I need to get ready for work. Have a great day!

  24. Nicole, congrats on your baby boy!!! Thanks for taking the time to post this morning to share wonderful news! What a nice name, too...


    PS - looking forward to seeing pics of ALL you girls!

  25. Nicole!!!!!! OMG That's great news!!! Congrats on your little boy!!! I'm so excited for you! And I love your name! Enjoy setting up Colton's nursery with dh! That's going to be so fun!!!

    I went to the peri today for an ultrasound & it was awesome! Both babies got a glowing report and are weighing in at just over a pound each! I'm so excited that we are in pounds now!! Then I went to the OB for a check up and everything was fine there, too! Yay for good doctor appointments! I'm exhausted now so I'm logging off, but I just had to check in and see Nicole's post ... so glad I did! It was the cherry on top of my day!!

    Emma, Val - hope you mama's are doing well!!


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