2nd IVF\'ers starting in July 2008 Part 2

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  1. I wish I knew I had a lot of time to post...kids are napping..i really shouldn't let them sleep this late into the evening, but really enjoying the ten minute break of having two sleep at the same time!

    Nicole--how cute. teeth already!! and yes, I'd love to see new pics too!

    Jen-lol about the sweet potatoes. I just tried applesauce, rice cereal and bananas so far. Will try some veggies next week. Congrats on the Odyssey. I'd love to buy a new car. Not yet though. My inlaws just bought the same mini van and love it.

    excited--wishing you some good news this week.

    Lien--almost there! wow. can you believe it? I forget. Did you settle on a name yet?

    Our boys are doing well. Still working on sttn. They go down at 7 and many nights both sleep until 3 and then again until 6. But lately one twin will wake up at midnight. not sure why or what to do but am riding it out. Love the early bedtime though.

    But i totally disrupted today's schedule b/c i went out this morning and they slept while out!! Ugh. So, midday nap is messed up and it's almost five and they are both sleeping. I'm doomed tonight! lol

  2. Hey guys!! I had a growth us yesterday and he's about 6.5lbs, I'm so glad he's not a monster I've been doing really well with my gd so I think that's helping. His name is Ronin, our little \"lone warrior\".


  3. Nicole, thanks for the info on what you did when Colt wasn't feeling well. Glad to hear it was a speedy recovery for him. How did the sw. potatoes go?

    Emma, do you still have your doula? I agree, I'm also loving the early bedtime. sttn is a toughie. Madeline still wakes up once a night to eat at all different times now. I have read that it is normal for babies to wake up to eat in the middle of the night until 9 months of age. Yikes. I hope she grows out of it before then. But I'm with you, I'm riding it out. She chugs her bottle when she wakes up so I know she is really hungry. Hope you have a smooth night tonight.

    Lien, what a great name Ronin is! Congrats on a great u/s and I'm glad to hear that your gd is under control.

    AFM, I am so freakin tired! These babies have been really kickin my arse this week. I think the teething is playing a major part. I have a couple of tired, cranky, irratable babies on my hands. Neeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. Talk to you guys later!

  4. us update: Everything looks good with Ronin, estimated fetal weight-7.11, I know us can be off by a pound or so either way, but for them to say 7 pounds 11 ounces was just crazy! I still hope to make it to September.


  5. I just saw a post that she's expecting TRIPLETS!!! I'm so happy for her!!

  6. Lien - Yay on one healthy baby!!!! You are getting so close, I can't believe how time flies (I know when you're the one preggo it doesn't seem that way).

    Wow! That is awesome about Carrie!!! Longtime coming!

    Jen - Hope the babies are behaving a little better for ya. I know how tough that can be after you get so used to them STTN. I don't think it ever ends completely! My friend's 22 mo old starting waking up every night for about a week or so. Can't wait to see some new pics soon!

    AFM - Things are good and Colt is just growing and changing daily. He has become so active. He just can't sit still. And no teeth yet, but he still slobbers and chews constantly so maybe soon. The solids are going pretty well. I made and froze sweet potatoes and squash. He's loving the taters and I'm going to try the squash tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else is doing great!


  7. Okay, the verdict is in: I'm being induced next Wednesday the 2nd!!! The Doc did an outside weight estimate and he though \"8ish pounds already\" I've had seizures with a couple of my surgeries and we don't want to risk having to have a cs. I'll be over 38 weeks then, so things should be fine. I can't believe it!!!

  8. Woo hoo Lien!!!! How exciting that you get to meet Ronin next week! Best of luck for a smooth delivery! Let us know all about him.

  9. how exciting! congratulations, Lien!
    Hi to everyone else too. Hope all is well.

  10. Woooooooohoooooooooooo Lien!! Can't wait to hear the update next week!

    Nicole - How did the squash go over? The only thing my 2 didn't like were green beans. But they eat everything else up in 5 seconds. I bet Colt's teeth will be popping out any second now! Is he being cranky? Gotta run -

    Hope everyone is good!

  11. Lien - Wondering if you got to meet your little guy yet and hoping things went nice and smooth!

    Jen - Squash went great. He gobbled it right up. And then I tried green beans and he didn't eat them as eagerly but he still ate them, so we'll keep trying. Colt's not acting cranky, he just chews on his hands and slobbers all the time. I'm just waiting for the cranky part. I keep checking but no signs yet. Ryan's teeth are soooo cute! They made me smile!

    Hi to EOE. Hope things are well!!


  12. He's here Ronin Amadeus was born yesterday at 7:04am he was 8lbs 1.4oz, 20in long and his apgars were 8 and 9. He's wonderful and a pro at nursing already! I just can't wait till my milk comes in because it seems that he wants to nurse for at least an hour and still roots around, so I feel bad that he's hungry. Anyway, gotta check on him

  13. CONGATS Lien!!!! That is big healthy boy! Hope the birth went well. Glad to hear that nursing is going well already! Colt was the same way. He even gave me a hickey on my chest. LOL! Luckily my milk came in after only a couple of days. I'm sure you're little man will get flowing in no time. He sounds just precious!!! Congrats again!

  14. Congrats, Lien! Ronin sounds absolutely adorable. I hope mom and baby are bonding and enjoying every deserved long-awaited moment. Best to you in these first few days.

    Nicole-Glad to hear solids are doing well. Have you done fruits or meats yet? We just started and so far we tried: applesauce, pears, peaches, green beans, bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots. We still have to do squash and peas. And then I guess we'll be on to the meals and mixed things. That's great that you are making the foods yourself. I plan to do that maybe soon but just haven't done it yet. Any teeth yet or still slobbering?

    Jen-How are your two? Is Maddie sttn yet or still waking up once a night? How exciting about Ryan's two teeth!

    V-Hope all is well.

    AFM, let's see. Nate and Adam will be 6 months in about two more weeks. I can't believe it. They hang out in their exersaucers and jumperoos and that's a lot of fun. Since is gone from 7 to 6 during the week, I've been trying to figure out how to get out of the house by myself. Believe it or not, we go to Target and the grocery store by ourselves. It's tough but it helps to get out of the house and have a routine. Adam's two teeth came in this past week and so far no teeth for Nate. Nate slept 7 to 6 am three times this week, so I'm hoping it continues. Adam still has reflux and is still going from swing to co sleeper to crib depending on the night. He's up twice per night but he just nurses and goes right back to sleep. I'm also still cloth diapering during the day but have started to cut back with Adam as he had a case of prickly heat and I think the cloth aggravated it a bit.

    It's just so exciting to be able to come on here now and talk about the babies, isn't it? I think about a year ago...wow.

    Hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend.

  15. Hey guys, just an update: We got discharged from the hospital on Saturday and had to get his bili checked again the next morning because it was a little high, well we ended up getting re-admitted on Sunday morning and just got out late last night. He had to do phototherapy, and he kept losing weight. He went from 8.1lbs to 7.1lbs in 3 days, so they made me give him a bottle and then he would get so frustrated trying to bf, I was so discouraged because he was a bf'ing champ, but he gained about 1/2lb in 12 hours so that was good. We are now home and we started feeding him from a tube on my finger and now he's back to breast again, but it seems like he is never satisfied, he'll get done nursing and keep rooting around and eventually start to cry until he gets formula, then he passes out. I've been pumping after he feeds as well to try to get my supply up. He's already taking at least 2oz plus bf every 3 hours.

    Okay, I hear him now, I'll write again later.

  16. oh yeah, with my dd my \"bible\" was \"The Super Baby Food\" book by Ruth Yaron. You should check it out it's great.

  17. Lien - How are things? Has the BF worked out better? Sorry to hear that he lost some weight and you had to feed formula. We did that too after the first couple of weeks but I quit the formula after his weight caught up. And now we're 6 months and going strong! Good luck! And as for baby food, I look at wholesomebabyfoods.com for recipes. I've only made green beans, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash. But I bought carrots and butternut squash and am also hoping to start some combos and meats soon.

    Emma - We've only done fruits, veggies, oatmeal and cereal but at the 6 month check up next week, I want to ask the ped about meats, egg yolks, yogurt, etc. He's already got 2 teeth and just loves everything we feed him. There are some good recipes on wholesomebabyfood.com but I don't know how much time I'll have to get creative. Making it does last longer tho so it's nice. How often do they BF? Mine only does about 4 times per day. He doesn't wake to eat anymore. And kudos for cloth diapering!

    How's everyone else? Hope all is well!

    AFM - Colton turned 6 months yesterday and he's already got 2 teeth and is sitting up by himself. My mom says he'll be crawling soon for sure. Can't believe how wonderful and cute he is. He really has his own little personality. He also LOVES his exersaucer and we haven't tried the jumperoo but I think we'll pull it out soon. I also tried giving him some water in a cup and a sippy cup. It was so cute. With the real cup (it was a little kid's cup) he tried chewing the water and with the sippy, he was just confused on what to do. It's so fun to experience these things with them!


  18. Hey guys, I'm still here I'm still giving him formula and I'm so sad, but I BF him first and he STILL wants more. He'll take like 4-5 ounces or more sometimes, and thats AFTER BF. If I go at least 3-4 hours between feedings I can pump about 3.5 ounces so I have no idea how much he gets. I think I've given up trying to bf exclusively, which bums me out. I'm just glad he gets at least a little breast milk anyway.

    I can't wait to start feeding him, I know that's a really fun stage! I'm glad all is well with everyone!

  19. Just wanted to say hi to you ladies and hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your LO's. We are doing really well. Colton is crawling, standing and cruising all over the place. Definitely keeping us busy and having a blast!


  20. Hey everyone - take what Nicole said and times it by 2 and that's where we are! It's kind of exhausting but in the best way. We are 9 months old (closer to 10 now but I don't move onto the next month until we are on the day!) and doing great. I wish I had the time to do more posting and chatting but gone are the days of sitting around doing nothing! Hope you all are well and Happy Early Holidays!

  21. Jen - I can only imagine how busy those little buggers are keeping you! Before you know it our babies are going to be toddlers!

  22. I thought nobody was posting here anymore, what a pleasant surprise Ronin is 14 weeks today and a drooling king! When did your babies cut their first teeth? He's over 17lbs and almost 26inches long already, I can't believe how fast he's growing!! Breastfeeding is going good, he only gets a couple of supp. bottles a day now, and I think having his tongue/frenulum cut a few weeks ago was a great thing cause he seems to be nursing much better and has eliminated a few bottle feedings. Omg, I can't imagine what I'd do with 2 babies right now! You must have superhero status by now Anyway, I'm glad all is well!!

  23. Lien - 14 weeks already! Time really flies, doesn't it?!? And what a healthy boy! I'm pretty sure my little Colton only weighs about 17 or 18 lbs at 8 months! He's my wild little string bean. Glad to hear BFing is still going well for you and that the frenumlum cutting helped out. It's awesome to hear from you and to hear that the LO is doing so well!

  24. Just seeing if anyone is posting here still. Anyway, my poor Ronin got RSV. He was coughing and hacking and sounding so junky I finally brought him in cause it was affecting his feeding but luckily not his mood. He lost about a pound and a half!! He is now 17lbs8oz and 26.75 inches long at 18 weeks. I wish I knew how to post pictures on here. He's rolling around now and sitting up for quite some time unassisted, then he just leans forward and kinda rolls over on his side, it's so cute.

    How is everyone else? When did you introduce solids? I feel so bad sometimes when I'm eating cause he watches me so intently. Probably another month before he gets anything, but I swear he knows what I'm doing!When did your babies cut the first teeth? Just curious cause it looks like 2 indentions on his bottom gums are forming, it's been so long since my last baby I forgot what it looks like.

    Anyway, sorry so long. I hope you guys are doing well!

  25. Lien - Great to hear from you! So sorry Ronin had RSV. That's gotta be tough on a mom. Colt had a virus the other day and his temp rose to 105! I totally freaked. He was so lethargic. Took him to the ER and they basically said it was a virus and just to keep giving him Motrin and Tylenol. It's so hard because we just felt so helpless. Colt cut his first teeth around 6 months but I fed him cereal around the 4 month mark. At his 9 month checkup he only weighed 17.4 lbs so your baby boy is as big as mine! Too funny. Mine's a little string bean. You can post pics through photobucket.com. Here's a recent one of Colt eating cottage cheese

    So Colt is now cutting his top teeth and it's been rough. I saw the tooth coming through and then the next day it was gone! I guess the gums must have swelled up so bad that it made the tooth go back up. Poor little guy. I hope it comes through soon. He's so clingy and fussy (especially around mama) that it's hard to get anything done. But I know I need to enjoy it while I can.

    Hope everyone is well!

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