2nd IVF\'ers starting in July 2008 Part 2

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  1. OH, Nicole what a cutie he is with that smile!! Adorable!

    I'm really happy to hear that he is done with that harness today. Now you can start dressing him in all those cute little outfits you have! Fun, fun, fun!
    Do you have to do anything as far as treatment for his hip goes or are you pretty much done?

    How was it going back to work today? That must have been hard. I'm sure you are missing him like crazy already.

    Hope everyone else is doing good!

    Good luck at the docs tomorrow, Colt!

  2. Its so fun reading about the kids!!! I can't wait to join you, but with the scare I had with my pregnancy I can wait till he's big enough to be born. I went for my us on the 29th to measure my cervix and it had shrunk to 2 centimeters! So I'm home on modified bedrest. I feel strange not working, but I'm going to ask my doc, if my us looks good after 28 weeks, if I can return to work at least part time, I can't afford to be off work so long. I at least want to make it passed 30 weeks, cause that's when my dd was born, and she was in the hospital for a month learning to eat and keep her temp up. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't be reporting that he's born for another 2 months or so!!

  3. Hey ladies! I'm sure everyone is busy, but I hope all is going well.

    Lien - I hope the baby gets nice and big inside there before deciding to come out!

    We did have good 2 month checkups and he is like a whole different baby without his harness on. He's definitely growing out of his fussiness. I think the routine of daycare has really helped. Jen - I also lay Colt on his belly to take naps. I'm still putting his harness on him at night so I lay him on his back at bedtime, but like you said, he sleeps soooo good on his belly and I too am glad to know he won't have a flat head. He's actually starting to scooch (sp?) himself on his tummy now. He can make it across his play gym. I think he'll be crawling in a few months. I can hardly wait, except my house is not ready for it.


  4. Ugh. I wrote such a long post! and I don't know where it went!
    So, here is the quick version!

    Jovi-I totally love putting them on their stomachs. I think they like it too! Congrats on three months already--well--two weeks ago.

    Nicole-Glad the harness is off! Crawling? Oh no!

    LB--How are you? HOw is the bedrest going? Stinks, doesn't it? Hang in there.

    V-Hope all is well! Twins are something special aren't they? And two sets? Yikes!

    AFM-I just quit my job! We're going to be BROKE, but I can't bear to put them in daycare at 4 months old in August. I asked for a leave of absence for one year (which is almost always granted in the teaching profession) and I was denied b/c it's a new principal who is shaking things up a bit. No more leaves. So I just quit. A bit emotional, but OK. I can't believe these boys are getting so big!

    Oh and Adam totally had reflux issues up until about two weeks ago. I think we're coming out of it. That's a tough one.

  5. Hey Emma, good to see you popping on. How are the boys doing? Glad to hear that Adams reflux issues are easing up. I think they are on our end as well. I guess it's just something they need to grow out of. Are you still BF'ing? Congrats on quitting your job and standing your ground!! What terrible timing to get a new principal who wants to stir things up. I understand what you mean about the day care. I hear ya on being broke, but at least you will be home with your babies - that's priceless.

    Nicole - those pics you sent of Colt were just adorbs. I can't believe how big and cute he is! You must want to eat him up! He sounds very strong. Time to start baby proofing, eh?

    LB - how are you feeling? Is bedrest a stinker, or what?? How far are you now?

    V - thinking of you, hope you are good.

    AFM - babies are great. 4 months tomorrow already! So much fun, so much cooing and talking and smiling. Its a different kind of hard now then what it was in the beginning. They need a lot of stimulating attention now and they whine if they are not getting it so it's getting harder to do things. We go back next week for the 4 month well visit and I can't wait to see how big they have gotten. Kind of ironic in lite of Emma's story, but dh and I had resigned to being broke jokes ourselves and me just staying home with the babes/waitressing at night esp. since the cost of day care is so ridic.

  6. Bed rest has been okay so far, but it hasn't even been a week. Anyway, I'm just over 28 weeks now, so hopefully he'll stay in at least a month!!!

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  8. Hey guys, just an update: failed my 3 hour glucose test!!

  9. oh no. don't worry. You can totally control it with diet. And it's only for a few weeks really. Just make sure you have tons of protein with breakfast. The morning was the hardest for me. My breakfast was a hard boiled egg, some cheese, and half an English muffin. Some veggies if I could. Absolutely no milk or fruit in the a.m. And lots of snacking on protein rich foods.

    Jen--you\'re too funny. cycling again? Hmmm....not for a while for me. Can you believe it's been a year already. I started on July 2nd!

  10. I'm just so scared to eat anything anymore. I see a dietician on Monday. I wish I could see some sample GD meal plans, it would make things a lot easier.

  11. LB - did you try googling \"GD Sample Diets.\" I bet you would find stuff. Of course, take it with a grain of salt, but it might give you some ideas before you see your dietician. Good luck with your appointment and hang in ther!

    Also - you could probably post something on the pg after ivf board - I'm sure there are plenty of people over there who would offer ideas who have been through this.

  12. In the meantime, just do low carb, low sugar, high protein foods. The dietician will tell you that you need to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day to keep the sugar levels even. And you have to keep them even. It's dietary control not deprivation. Too little carbs is just as bad for baby.

    So: 30-45 grams of carbs at each meal
    15 grams of carbs for snacks

    Low sugar fruits: apples, cantaloupe, 10 grapes (there are about 6-10 carbs in each serving)
    A baked potato is 45 grams of carbs
    Any vegetable or piece of meat is fine.
    A glass of milk is ten carbs.
    Most everything else is on the label.
    High carbs? Fruit juices, OJ, bananas, pineapple, and sweets.

    You\'ll test your levels with a monitor after each meal until you figure out what makes your sugar level crawl up.

    You CAN totally do it.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Thanks guys, that really helps me alot. I was thinking hardly any carbs at all. I was starving yesterday every couple of hours cause i guess I wasn't even eating enough. I'll do anything for this baby, but gosh do I miss ice cream and cookies!!! I'm hoping I can hold out for another month or so!! What was a typical day of eating for you?

  14. Breakfast: hard boiled egg, cheese, half and english muffin with butter, some grapes or half a grapefruit

    snack: half an avocado, cashews

    lunch: sandwich of any kind--45 carbs at lunch is actually a lot, but on whole grain bread or something like that

    snack: apple, and something else to make up to 15 carbs like cottage cheese or a salad

    dinner: meat, small potato, veggie, and glass of milk

    snack: one sugary snack of about five carbs even if it was a bite of a cookie or chips and hummus

    middle of the night: glass of milk or half a banana

    like I said, after a week or so, it seemed my numbers only went haywire at breakfast. I was told that was common. And I actually ate more but just a lot more nutritiously....let me know how it goes

  15. Sounds alot like my day. My numbers seem fine, usually in the 80's in the morning, and 2 hours after meals just over 100, but it was in the 90's yesterday. I found that if I eat a bunch of protein with the carbs I eat, my levels stay good. I bought sugar free low carb ice cream that I take a couple of bites a night, it's actually pretty good. My appt. on monday, I was measuring a full month ahead (34 weeks), so we'll get a growth scan this Monday. I'll update then.

  16. Hey girls!

    Emma - Sorry about the job and being broke. I think that is the basic theme for everyone this year! It's nuts! My DH FINALLY went back to work FT this week. It was getting down to the wire moneywise. And the darn baby bills just keep on coming. Glad to hear the reflux is gone.

    Jen - It is so fun seeing how much my baby grows and changes. Yours too. They just take on little personalities. 4 months! Craziness! I looked at Colton today and just thought how I can't even picture him as a toddler yet, but that time will be here before I know it. And yes, I am also thinking of when we will cycle again! We still have 4 frozen embies that we have to pay for to be stored, so why not? I'm thinking August 2010. My FET was July 21st of last year, so I think it would be good to do it around the same time (save money on mat clothes). I can't believe it's been a year either!

    Lien - So sorry about the GD!!! It's awful that you get put on a diet during pregnancy - the one time you really want to eat whatever you want. And measuring a month ahead!!! He must be big healthy baby!

    Val - Hope the family's doing great!

    AFM - Things are good. I have the week off because the babysitter is on vacation. (We still have to pay her tho. ) Colton started STTN a couple of weeks ago and will only sleep on his belly. Then the last few nights he's started rolling over in his sleep and wakes up frustrated when he can't get back on his belly. I have been going in a rolling him over but last night he did it 4 times, so it gets exhausting after a while. I tried letting him CIO for a bit but that's really hard to do. I can only listed to a few minutes and then I have to intervene.

    Otherwise, we are very happy and love our little guy so much, it's nuts! Like Jen, I am reminiscing over my FET last year at this time and can't wait to do it all again. DH isn't really ready to discuss yet, but I figure in a year he will be.


  17. Hey guys, I'm already thinking of another cycle and I haven't even had this one yet Anyway, estimated fetal weight at 31 weeks was 4.5 pounds, so he's a good size. We also saw that he has hair, I'm thrilled about that because my daughter was practically bald. Just a few more weeks to go!!!

  18. STTN? What? I wish!! They go to bed at 7, and eat at 1 and 4. And last night, Adam wanted a bonus feed at 11.

  19. Emma, hi! how are you? Are you still bf'ing? Maybe Adam is going through a growth spurt with his bonus feed!

  20. Hey ladies! Colton turned 4 months and is doing so great. He just gets cuter and cuter every day! We are still BFing and going strong. He is STTN but has woken up a couple of times these last few nights. I fed him a couple of times figuring he was going through a growth spurt but last night he went right back to bed with no feeding. Ped says he's in the 50th % on the height at 25 inches and in the 30th % on weight at 13 lbs 13 oz but she figures it's because he's so active. He does not stay still! She said that he acts like a 6 month old! I just think he already has ADD like his dad. I do think he'll be crawling early so we really need to baby proof, but when do you have time?!?! He took his shots like a champ and no fever. He actually got my cold last week and had his first fever of 100.3. DH and I were so clueless on what to do! He got over it quickly and is so much better now. We've been feeding him a little cereal but I think we're going to try out some sweet potatoes this weekend. Fun Fun!

    How are all of you doing? I miss chatting with everyone, but it's so hard to find time.

    Lien, how are you? How much longer?


  21. Hey guys, I'm still hanging in strong at 34w3d today. I really don't know how my cervix is holding him in, at my last appt. w/ peri he checked me and said that my cervix felt like jello, but closed. I go for a growth us on Monday the 10th to see how big he is, I'm measuring 37 weeks and at my last us at 32w2d his estimated weight was 5lbs5oz, so he may be a big guy. I'll update on Monday.

    It\'s so great reading all your updates and even the little hurdles you have to face. I think it's preparing me for whatever lay ahead. I can't wait to bf, I keep having nightmares that he'll be born anyday now and he'll be too weak to bf. I really hope I make it to at least 36 weeks!!


  22. You're doing great Lien!!!! It sounds like he is definitely going to be a big boy if he's already over 5lbs! Just remember that with BFing it really does get easier. If it's what you really want, don't ever give up no matter what anyone tells you. My boy's a pro at it now, but we definitely had our hurdles. What helped me most was having extrememly helpful lactation consultants at the hospital where I delivered who were available whenever I needed them. I still go to the BF group twice a month to get him weighed and talk with other moms. It's nice to be the veteran in the group and to help out a newbies with advice, tips, and encouragment. I know you'll be a great mom!


  23. So tomorrow morningI go for another beta... I had one on Wed but when they called from the office they told DH that it was too early too tell.
    They said that my estrogen did go down... they said it was really high at the ET which was on 7/27 but now its lower?????

    I dont know what to think about this. This is my 1st IVF and I'm just really feeling down about what I think the result is going to be.

    On top of all that... I feel that AF is coming- mild cramping about 3-4 times a day

  24. Hey Girls!

    Nicole - I hear ya - I miss chatting with everyone, too. There is just not enough hours in the day! So Colt is one big, active baby boy, huh? He just sounds so cute. You'll have to send me so pics when you have a free sec. I'm sorry to hear that he was sick. You have to tell me what you did. Knock on wood, our babes have not had fevers yet, only colds, but I am so nervous for the day and that I won't know what to do. Good luck with the sweet potatoes this weekend! Solids are a whole other world...yesterday I was dripping in sweet potatoes because Ryan sneezed and he had a mouth full of food. DISGUSTING!!!!!

    Lien - you just hang in there! You've made it this far, you're going to go all the way!! He's weighing in at a great weight and sounds like he'll be born very healthy. FWIW, my two were born at 35w1d with absolutely NO feeding issues whatsoever. I could have bf if I could have mentally handled it at the time but that's a whole other post. You'll be fine!

    Excited, ugh beta hell stinks! Been there and done that so I feel for ya. I'm sure you are on progesterone which can really mimic the way AF feels so that's probably why you feel all crampy and yuck. Unfortunately - the 1st IVF cycle is usually a learning process for the doctor who is getting to know you and for you yourself. But you'll get through it, hopefully with a postive result. Try to stay positive!

    Emma - hope you and the boys are doing good!

    AFM - things are going really well! Babies are eating well, I have them on a pretty good schedule now so that helps. Big news - dh and I bought a honda odyssey. I swore I would never drive a mini van but with twins, I have learned I just need to make my life as easy as possible. And not having to worry about car doors flying open will make my life MUCH easier! In other big news Ryan cut his first tooth!!!!!! He's been so cranky and I couldn't figure out why until I saw the little tooth yesterday! Madeline is teething away too so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she has a tooth too! My, how time flies! xoxo

  25. Excited - Hang in there! The roller coaster of IF is tough! Stay positive and hopefully those AF symptoms are PIO and implantation symptoms. Keep us posted!

    Jen - Congrats on Ryan's tooth! Colton is a total slobber monster and loves chewing on his hands so we wonder if he is teething. And that is hilarious about the sweet potatoes! I can't wait to get into all of this but I am also sad that he is growing up so fast. It's so bittersweet, ya know. I do need to send out updated pics. I take them, but am bad about getting them onto the computer lately. As for the fever, we called the doctor of course and she said there is nothing they can give them at this age other than tylenol. She just said to give him a dropper and we only needed to bring him in if his fever spiked after the Tylenol or he got really fussy, wouldn't eat, batted at his ear, etc. He actually tried to smile but you could tell he didn't feel like himself so I gave him Tylenol and fed him and he went right to bed at about 6pm. He didn't fuss at all. So I stayed up until 10:30 and rechecked his temp and it was lower so I gave 1 more dose of Tylenol and he went to bed for the night. By morning he was all smiles, but still had a phlemy cough. We bought a humidfier and used the saline drops. And he's totally fine now. I'm grateful that he's such a healthy baby.


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