2nd IVF\'ers starting in July 2008 Part 2

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  1. Our new home!!

  2. Thanks for starting the new thread, Jen. Sorry your Peri's office is jerking you around...how frustrating!

    Just a thought on your moving/painting situation...You have a perfect excuse not to lift a finger, so try to ENJOY IT!!!

    I HATE moving with a passion. The last time we moved, though, I was 4 months pg w/ the twins & it was the best thing ever...Of course I did feel guilty b/c I wasn't helping out - it's hard to do nothing while everyone around you is working (I don't know how many times I was barked at not to lift this or do that) - BUT, I learned to relax & enjoy the break. My husband's brother & nephew helped w/ all the heavy lifting/loading/unloading and my sis-in-law even scrubbed the bathroom in our new house so I wouldn't have to be around fumes, then helped to paint it. After the whole ordeal, I decided I should be pregnant every time we move!

    Also glad to know that the hungry-all-the-time thing isn't just me, phew!

    Take care!


  3. Hey V -- You are right, I'll try to relax & enjoy the fact that I can't help move. I suppose stressing about it's not going to help any so what's the point.

    Oh & the peri's office called & I'm squared away for my apt. It's on Oct 29th which is fine since it gives dh time to make arrangements with work. Did you see a peri with your boys? I'm a little nervous about it, but I guess there really isn't any reason to be.

    Well, I'm off to watch the finale of Project Runway.

  4. No, I never saw a peri w/ my first twins. I saw an OB recommended by my RE who is very experienced w/ multiple deliveries. She sees a lot of patients from ORM (RE clinic).

    We were very comfortable & happy w/ the care she provided, as well as the C-section delivery she performed (baby B was transverse/breech) so I'll be happy to be seeing her again. However, I was only 25 last time and this time I'm 32, so that is a minor concern, but if she's not worried about it then I won't be either. I see her tomorrow for the 1st time and will hopefully have more answers...


  5. Hi ladies,
    Been crazed at work lately. I finally got home at a decent hour today and didn't have too much to do at home. Last night I got home so late that my legs actually ached. I know that can't be good.

    I've been extremely moody lately. I got into an argument with the Verizon wireless people. They sent me one too many texts telling me to upgrade my cell phone so that I wouldn't have to pay by the text. I let him have it and then felt bad. I also had this guy in front of me going like 20 mph in a 45 on a road that was about 10 miles long with nowhere to pass. I had to take this road b/c there was an accident on the highway on my way to work. So I flashed my lights. He stopped short (which is easy to do when you're going 20), then flipped me off and then went like 60 mph until he was out of sight. I think he might have been moodier than me!

    But other than that, everything is fine.

    V-I hope your appointment went well today.
    Nicole-I hope all is well.
    Jen-I agree. Oct 29th is nice. You get two weeks to relax in the meantime.

    Oh and S and TC. I'll start since I think I'm not ruining it...
    I thought it was good over all and I'd glad I saw it.
    I was a little surprised with the whole wedding scene. It felt good to see all the girls again. Although I was a little annoyed with Charlotte's surprise fate at the end. It just kind of feeds into the stereotype and knee jerk responses that fertiles always do and say. What did you all think?

  6. Emma, I totally get what you are saying about being moody. I just totally yelled at my sister & mom about what chinese food to order. Now I feel bad as I sit in front of the computer away from the. Oh well. But I do think that driver was really inappropriate. There's moody and there's dangerous.

    About Sex & The City - I really enjoyed it overall. I was annoyed at 2 things. One -- I'm with you, Emma, the obvious Charolette miracle pregnancy was ridonculous. They fed into everything most of the general population actually believes about infertility & adoption. I don't think they did the character or the audience any justice with that one. I was highly annoyed by that. Two -- Carrie's year of mourning. I get that she was devestated by Big, but I just felt like she was so depressed during the entire movie which is very unlike her character & kind of a drag to watch, especially since the movie was so long. I think Samantha totally made that move. She was hilarious.

    I feel like I'm the thread drama queen recently, but I'm kind of upset right now. I had my 3 month appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday whom I see just to make sure my hormone levels are in check due to my PCOS. Well, she was really mad that I was still taking Metformin because she says there are inconclusive studies about whether or not it's safe to take after 12 weeks of pregnancy. So much so that she called my OB while I was right there! Of course, no answer @ the OB's but at my 12 week apt she didn't seem to mind if I stayed on it or not, so I just did. My thinking was it was part of the cocktail that got me healthy & pg it would probably help me stay healthy & pg. But now I'm freaking out. I've been doing research all day and it seems that some docs are cool with it & some are not. So now I don't know what to think. All I know is that I am so sick of always having something to worry about I can hardly see straight. UGH!!!!!

    None of you guys have PCOS, right? My memory is not serving me. Well, I guess I better go apologize to my mom & sister. Have a good one everyone.

  7. Valerie, completely forgot to ask -- how did you appointment go?

    And thanks for asnswering my peri question. You're the best!

  8. Sorry about all the moodiness, ladies...it's a rollercoaster for sure! Man, Jen, I can't believe the Metformin deal - how scary for you! That must make you angry w/ both your providers!

    I can't chime in on S & TC b/c I've only seen the TV show once or twice so didn't rent the movie.

    My appointment was awesome! I forgot how much I love that OB...she was just beaming to see me again & she spent SO much time w/ me. She answered ALL my questions & even gave me an ultrasound 1st thing to ease my mind that both babies were still OK. They were perfect! Both of them had strong h/bs, measured right on target & were wiggling around...such a relief & joy to see them again!!! My uterus was measuring 14 weeks (I'm 10 weeks today) so no wonder I'm showing already.

    Anyway, between the OB & the nurse, they spent almost an hour and a half with me. It was so nice to feel like I mattered & was cared about as I am used to doctors rushing in and rushing out (answering your questions as they're backing out of the room kind of thing). So glad I went w/ her again!

    Happy Friday!!!
    PS - Chinese food sounds really good, Jen! I guess it's my bane that during my pregnancies all I crave is Chinese, Mexican, Thai, or Italian - all spicy & not the best for my heartburn, but I can't help it!!! Oh, Phad Thai sounds really good, too...decisions, decisions!

  9. Hey ladies! Glad I found you all again!

    Val - Happy to hear that appt went so well and the babies are doing great!

    Jen - I don't have PCOS but I can completely understand your feelings. It's terrible of the doctor to make you worry like that. I hope they give you some good answers. As for S&TC, it was good and I enjoy seeing the girls again, but you are right about the depressing feeling throughout with Carrie. It was really almost painful to watch at times. I guess they just wanted to make the ending seem really happy. And as Charlotte, I can't agree with you guys more. Way too cliche. And with the whole jogging thing, I ran all the time before getting pg, but there's no way I would do it after no matter what anyone said. Why chance it.

    Emma - Sorry about the moddiness. I'm sure we can all relate. I am still very emotional as well. Stupid things can set me off.

    AFM - I am feeling a ton of ligament stretching, I think. Especially on the left side, it's like having a side ache or pulled muscle. I am finally going to see the ob on Thurs! I am super excited b/c it has been forever since I've been. Question: are you girls getting a flu shot? I've heard it can be a good idea, but the one time in my life that I got one, I ended up getting the flu really bad that year.


  10. Alright, I just had a good cry in my oatmeal this morning...

    This is what I want to do. The babies are due in March, and I want to wait until they are born and home for a month or so and then, in place of a shower, I just want to have a family party to meet the twins on a Sat. afternoon in April when the weather is nice.

    Here's the history:
    1. Dh's mom is very ill-bedridden actually, my mom died 8 yrs ago.
    2. Fertility issues for the past 3 years.
    3. Dad remarried an extremely unstable woman who, despite even sometimes trying, is just no replacement for mom.
    4. My wedding was pretty much a disaster including my wedding shower b/c of #1 and 3 above. I actually had a semi-nervous breakdown from my shower until my wedding and for a few months after. I had in laws who refused to attend, etc. It's all in the past now, but took some time. And then fertility stuff... I learned through it all that I'm quite the private person and the wedding was about everyone else. I don't want the shower to be. I don't want to subject myself, or my children, to that anxiety ever again.
    5. If I had a mom, or a mother in law, I might consider a shower.
    6. I'm getting a crib and many of the essentials from dh's family anyway, and I just don't care about brand new baby stuff. I'm happy with secondhand stuff and would be perfectly content with going to consignment shops, etc.
    7. Dad's wife wants to throw a baby shower but wanted it to be a nighttime party with husbands,wives,kids. (Of course I originally told her dh and I were going to do something after the babies were born and home-she didn't really care for that.) I was actually fine with the nighttime party though-even happy about it, but it would turn out to be about 100 people and this doesn't make sense in the middle of winter. So, she called about two weeks ago, and said she'd do a traditional shower at her house in Jan/Feb.
    8. I thought I would feel more and more comfortable with the safety of this pregnancy, but I worry every day just because life has just dealt us a tough hand in the last few years.

    Registering, doing the whole shower thing, with some outstanding issues regarding family, some residual stress from fertility stuff, and just lack of trust in my body doing the right thing--all make me a little crazed.

    Now, do you think the welcome home shower is a bad idea? Would people think this was tacky?
    It would be easier in some ways to let unstable stepmother do this b/c then I don't have to confront her-again. But registering and doing that **** would make me crazy too. What should I do? And if I should do my original plan, how do I tell dad's wife this, and yet let her save face? I don't want others to think she didn't want to throw a shower.

  11. Oh, Emma, I'm so sad to read your post.

    To answer your questions, no, I don't think a \"welcome home party\" after the twins are born is a bad idea. It's also something I consider often. I also would not think people would find it tacky.

    I know all of this is MUCH easier said than done, but do you think you can have an honest discussion with your dad and your step mom about your feelings? I obviously don't know what your step mom is like, but maybe if your dad is present, she would be more likely to understand your feelings?

    I hope you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing right now. We both know how hard it is to be pregnant with twins after everything we've been through - if you are not comfortable with registering for things or having a shower, I really hope you don't have to do it. Perhaps you can offer to let your stepmother throw you the welcome home party after the babies are born? That way she feels involved and you don't have to worry about this stuff until after your babies are safely here. And by then you'll be so distracted with your 2 lil' babies, the shower or welcome home party probably won't even matter!

    Unfortunately, this comes down to the age old battle between fertiles and infertiles. Fertile people will NEVER understand the stress we feel about registering and showers. That doesn't mean you need to do something that is making you this upset for the sake of keeping your family happy.

    All that said, give yourself some time. I am almost 18 weeks pg and I still dont' know what I want to do. My SIL is breathing down my neck to register & that it takes 2 months for furniture to get here blah blah blah & I just want to scream \"I DON\"T GIVE A F HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET A CRIB!!!\" I know that I will have everything I need when the babies come with or without a shower & so will you.

    I totally understand your feelings. They are so valid. This is the last bit of time for L*O*N*G time you will be able to put yourself first, so I really encourage you to do what you need to do.

    Please feel free to PM me with a vent or a rant or a cry or anything!! I'm totally here for you in cyberland!

  12. Thanks, Jen! I'm doing better today--and I just pm'd you.

  13. Emma - got your message & I hit ya back!

    Nicole, sorry you are suffering from ligament pain. It really stinks!! Hopefully it has eased up since your post. About the flu shot, I was just at the OB's today & they gave it to me. I got one that is preservative-free so it is safe for pregnant people. Hopefully it spares me from the flu this year!

    Val, sounds like you have just a wonderful OB. That's great that they spend so much time with you! And even better news that they were able to give you an u/s. There's nothing better then seeing 2 squirmy baby's on the screen & knowing everything's okay. Congrats on such great news!!!

    I am 18 weeks tomorrow & I went in for a check up today. Luckily it was pretty uneventful! Everything is good! My OB recommended that I stay on the metformin so I'm going to take her advice. I feel much better about it. What a relief. So all's good in my hood!

    Hope you girls all doing good! Update when ya can!

  14. Emma - I am so sorry that you are going through this turmoil. I don't think you or the babies need the stress of worrying about all that right now. Maybe you can explain that to your dad and step mom. Hopefully they will understand. I think that the welcome home party is a great idea and will be a great way to show off the babies to everyone all at once.

    Jen - I am feeling a lot better. I did get a flu shot today at the ob. She recommended it. The tummy is still pretty tight and sore at times. The doc said that could also be from the constipation. Oh fun. I am ready to feel the baby kicking! I think I felt a little movement a couple of times, but not sure.

    AFM - OB appt today went well. Very uneventful so I suppose that's good. Now only 4 weeks until my u/s!!!! DH is counting down the days to that one with me. We talked about looking at cribs this weekend. It's nice to be able to look at this stuff finally but also so overwhelming. I've spent so much time avoiding these areas, ya know. DH's boss' wife is pg with their 2nd (btw, she was a virgin at wedding and got pregnant with 1st on their honeymoon, of course) and they spent $1700 on furniture! For the 2nd!! Must be nice DH and I were saying. We had to spend all our money on just getting to this point. DH is a carpenter and spent all day redoing their baby room. While ours (and our bathroom) sits waiting for the work to be done. But we're not bitter, no.


  15. Hey all,

    Hope everyone is doing good!

    Nicole, I'm glad that you are feeling better. I hope the next 4 weeks fly by for you and dh. Are you guys going to find out the gender of the baby? I can't remember if you mentioned that or not. I hear ya on the baby stuff/furniture being overwhelming. We just started looking into things these last few days. I guess I will start ordering stuff soon........everyone keeps telling me how long it takes for furniture to come, it's freaking me out! I think I will be able to seriously look for things after the \"big\" u/s.

    That stinks that dh is busy working on his boss' baby room! I hope your rooms get finished, too!!

    Anyone else feeling like they have no brain cells? I swear, there is really something too this 'pregnancy insanity' thing. I can't remember anything, I screw up my words & can't put together a complete thought sometimes. It's so weird!

    Val - Emma - hope all is well with you.

    Things are still cool with me. I finally felt a \"hand on belly\" baby kick this morning!! It was awesome. It was quick and I havne't felt anything since then but I hope it starts happening with more frequency! Dh is dying to feel them! I'll update on Wednesday after my first peri apt/anatomy scan. Wish me luck!

  16. Just have time for a quick post, but wanted to wish you luck tomorrow, Jen!

    Emma, any updates on the step-mom situation? Jen said it all & gave you much better advice than I could have...I hope all works out well for all of you.

    Nicole, phooey about your dh having to work so much on the boss' baby room!...but at least he'll have all that experience to bring when it comes time to deck out your nursery, right?! Glad your OB appt. went well...here's hoping the next 4 weeks fly by for you!

    Take care,


  17. Hi everyone..
    Where does the time go? I can't believe I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe how fast and how slow this is going.

    Jen-GOOD LUCK tomorrow. Give us an update as soon as you can.

    V-Glad to hear things are going well.

    Nicole-Ditto on the baby's room. Although, V is right. Look at it as a practice run! Yours will be way better. As for the money, I just can't even fathom spending that much. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things, but even if I had that cash, I'd just open a bank account for college. Everything that we will have for these babies will be out of love and that is way better than something designer anyday.

    AFM-I calmed down. I apologize about the meltdown. I still get down about not having a mom around, but I need to just stop getting upset about it. Anyway, I talked stepmom into having the shower at my house. I'm very happy with this plan--I think it's perfect.

    When are you all thinking of stopping work? Jen, I know you already decided this. I'm having a hard time trying to plan this out. On the one hand, I don't want to do anything that will harm the babies. On the other hand, we NEED the money. Sigh.

    V-What did you do with your first two with working and stuff?

  18. Jen - Thanks and we do plan on finding out the gender. There's not way we could wait until it's born. I am like you, I can't get serious about picking out stuff until I know. Good luck with yours! I can't wait to hear!

    V - I hope these weeks fly by too! Yea, DH is finishing the bathroom next week. He's taking the whole week off and it's going to be so great! Then he can start on the nursery. We have hardwood already in there but he doesn't want to finish it, even tho it needs it. I guess he'll mainly paint. But we can't pick out the color until we know the sex. Hope you are doing well.

    Emma - I think we all deserve to have meltdowns every now and then. I'm glad you worked out the shower and feel comfortable with it. You need to enjoy this time. And I want to have nice things for the baby too, but I agree about spending money wisely. We are stressing about daycare. I started looking into it and it's so expensive!!! Our fertility loan is a pretty big monthly payment and I can't help being reminded of that when cash is tight.

    AFM - MIL has offered to buy our baby furniture. I guess she offers a big purchase to all the kids so we're pretty psyched! However, I have been having a terrible time picking stuff out. I am way overanalyzing things and just want to be sure I make the right choice since I want to use it again hopefully. It was weird tho, when we were out looking I told MIL about my plan to have the next baby when this one is a toddler so can use the same crib. She said, but what if you get pg right away. I just looked at her in a bit of disbelief and reminded her that it's impossible. She was like, oh yea I forgot. I guess in a way it's nice that she just sees me as a regular pg woman. It just stunned me a little.



  19. V- hey thanks for dropping in to wish me GL!

    Emma, again, I'm glad that you came up with such a great solution for your shower situation. It sounds like it's a win-win situation. The decision of when to stop working is a tuff one. We are definitely feeling the pinch with one income. I think that you will just know when it's time to either slow down or stop completely - your body will tell you (if not your doctor). (P.S - You are so right about how fast & slow this is going! Couldn't have said it better myself)

    Nicole - how awesome that your MIL offered to buy the baby furniture!! That's so great! You must be thrilled. I understand how overwhelming it is to pick stuff out, because of course you want to get something that is going to be cute, safe, long lasting, durable, comfortable -- I mean the list goes on & on. I have been reading a lot of reviews on the BRU website to help me decide what I should get. I'm still at a loss.

    Right now I'm trying to just decide on a bassinet (or two!?) Have you guys looked into anything? I'd be interested to know what your thoughts on bassinets/cribs are.

    V- did you have your twins sleep in the same bassinet or crib for any length of time?

    AFM, I have to say the peri appointment was awesome!!!!! We started with an anatomy scan that lasted over an hour and a half - maybe longer, I stopped paying attention. It was so long that I actually started getting majorly uncomfortable - but seeing those squirming babies on the screen was the best medicine!! It was so cool to see them on such great equipment for so long. The boy is in the same position he was 3 weeks ago -- face down & butt up, just chilling out. The girl was moving around so much they asked me if I drank coffee! She was so cute -- she sucked her thumb & got the hiccups! When that was done they gave me an ol' school transvag u/s to check my cervix - which was long & closed - yeyay!! The peri, who was such a nice, gentle soul said we had a very healthy twin pregnancy & to just enjoy! So overall, a fabulous day!! I see my OB next week and I go back to the peri for another u/s in 3 weeks!

    Enjoy your days!

  20. Emma, with my last twin pregnancy I had planned to work until 7 months; however, I had to cut down to 1/2 days at 4 1/2 months b/c of contractions (put on modified bed-rest: told to sit as much as possible & put my feet up whenever I could). I gave notice a few months ahead of time & my boss ended up 'letting me go' early (about 6 months)...my suspicion was it was b/c he didn't want to pay both me & my replacement (whom I had been training), I don't know. I was seriously ticked - a week later he called begging me to come back & train someone new b/c my replacement flaked out. Then of course he told me that I could come back any time for as long as I wanted - hah! - I was SO done with that company! Glad I'm not working this time around. Money is tight, but it's so nice to really be able to take it easy & take care of myself - nap when I need to, etc.

    Jen, glad your u/s & peri appt. went so well...I remember those LONG ultrasounds - uncomfortable but definitely worth it!

    My boys did sleep together in a cradle at first & then a crib. They were only in the crib for a very short time b/c we worried about them climbing/falling out. We ended up putting them in separate playpens & that worked great until it was toddler bed time.

    This time we are skipping the crib altogether and will start the twins out in playpens that have bassinets (probably together at first, then separate when they get too heavy to be together) and then move them directly to the lower playpen as a bed (will get memory foam cut to size for comfort) when they get too heavy for the bassinet. If we had more room in this house we would consider the cribs that turn into toddler beds, but as it is, we don't even have a room for the new twins so they will be sharing our bedroom at first and we really have to conserve space!!! We are planning on moving after they're born, but it will be cramped for awhile. We want to move to the north-eastern side of Oregon to be closer to our parents, but need to stay around Portland until the babies are born so we have access to great hospitals with level 3 NICUs.

    Nicole, hope all is going well with you! How far along are you now? Less than a month until you can get serious about taking up you MIL's offer - yippee! I can't think about what to buy until I know, either...the wait is so hard!

    Sorry for the long post! So excited for my NT scan tomorrow...happy early Halloween!

    12 weeks tomorrow

  21. Emma - good luck at your NT scan!!! Let us know how it goes!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing about your twin sleeping arrangements. It helps me to figure out what I'm going to do. I think I will have them share a cradle at first and then move them into separate cribs when they get a little older. I'll also have a pack & play so if the sleeping together thing doesn't seem to be working out I can move one into that. I just can't see spending $$$ on 2 bassinets or 2 cradles (or other ppl spending $$ on 2 of everything).

    So - anyone else having trouble sleeping? I am up anywhere between 2-5 times to use the bathroom, but worse than that is lower back pain! I can't sleep on my back at all, so I just toss & turn all night & that movement is not easy! Lack of sleep is so frustrating.

    TMI alert - I'm also totally leaking pee all the time. I guess one of the babies is right on my bladder because I basically have to wear a freaking Depends. Okay, it's not that bad, but it's not fun either!! Please tell me I'm not the only one! Lie if you have to!


  22. Hi girls, hope all of you had a great Halloween!

    We had our NT scan yesterday & were so thrilled to see that both babies are healthy & have great heart rates. All measurements were normal so that was a relief as well. They were both wiggling around & baby B looked like he/she was sucking her thumb all the time - always had the hand up by the face - so cute!

    No hints on gender yet, but at least we didn't see any boy parts since we're hoping for at least one girl! I was 12 weeks exactly and the babies were measuring 12w6d & 12w4d!

    I love that they were measuring ahead because it makes me think that I must be giving them the proper nutrition they need to grow. I hope so, anyway...I was a bit worried b/c I had only gained 2 pounds so far even though I've been eating like crazy - trying to get lots of protein since that's good for the babies & it helps me to feel fuller longer. I did start out this pregnancy a bit overweight, so it's probably fine that I haven't gained that much & I'm sure I'll make up for it in the coming months!

    Have a great weekend!


  23. Hi ladies-Happy November.
    I can't believe how time is flying by.

    V-I'm so glad to hear about your NT numbers. I can't believe you are 12 weeks already. Almost out of that first trimester. And I can't believe you only gained 2 lbs. so far! (I had gained 12 by then. I don't even know what I'm up to this month!) I'm sorry you didn't find out about the gender. I didn't even want to know at 12 weeks--I think I must be strange or something. My family can't wait to find out. We were even thinking of secretly finding out and NOT telling the family. That's too cruel though, right?

    Jen-Good question about the sleeping arrangements. Money is definitely an object for us so I'm not spending tons of $$ on 2 of everything either. I think once I have my big u/s, we'll start on the nursery. I never thought I would say that before! But that will be after Thanksgiving and then we have two months to get ready before the shower. Ah-more shower drama of course. My father's wife wants to serve chili at the shower for the main meal. (And her chili is gross). Isn't that weird? I think she thinks it's a superbowl party. And she told me how my father is broke lately (which I think is made up--I mean we're all hurting in this economy and business is slow for the most part). So she doesn't want to have it catered because she says \"catered food is not good and makes her sick\". And as you all know, I didn't even want a shower, but of course now I do. So in her mind it's either chili or catered at 4 in the evening when it will already be dark out and probably snowing. What ever happened to a nice brunch from 12-2? Part of me just wonders if she is trying to see if she can get me to overreact. I can't even get mad--it's too silly. Sigh.

    Nicole-That is really cool that mil wants to pick out and buy some baby furniture. And I can totally relate to her awkward comment. She must have momentarily forgotten. My weird stepmother had a comment as to why she thought it was two girls. TMI alert: She actually made a comment about how fast/slow sperm swims. I was like--yeah but we didn't do it that way...

    And you're right--I can't believe how expensive daycare is. I'm really hoping to work as long as I can (hopefully through January--and if I'm really lucky--parts of February or halfdays through February) and then taking a year off after that. Our income will be sliced in half, but if daycare costs $26,000 for the year, I think we'd break even between food, formula, gas, clothing, diapers, etc. We'll be poor either way and while I'm worried, I'm not so sure I'll care. I just hope I can get the one year leave of absence approved.

    wow--that post was long-I didn't think I had that much to say. Off to eat.

  24. V - I'm glad your u/s went so well!! It's always nice to see the babies squirming around & even better when you get a great report to go with it! I'm still thinking lots of pink for you! I'm really excited for you to find out what they are! I also worry about my food intake/weight gain...but I feel like I'm gaining too much! Every day I strart out thinking I'm going to make healthy choices & I usually fall off the wagon by 3:00. This weekend was especially ruff with all of the Halloween candy around What did your boys dress up as?

    Can I ask you a question about movement? I feel very low movement, like right underneath my belly...that's probably the baby that's closest to the cervix, right? Because the other movement I feel is just a tad higher than my belly button, leaving me to believe that it is baby b? Just curious about what the heck I'm feeling.

    Emma - I'm sorry you are yet again dealing with shower drama! Your stepmom does sound a few fries short of a happy meal. Chili is definitely a random choice for the main meal at a shower - especially if her's is gross! I don't even know what to say because it sounds like this woman is beyond reasoning with. Maybe you could tell her that you have a serious aversion to meat right now and you'll be really sick if you smell simmering chili all day and then suggest penne ala vodka (a real crowd pleaser!) & a 6ft her if she still insists on not having it catered?

    I hope you get your one year leave approved. I'm sure the $ would be tight, but how great would it be if you could spend every day with your twins? I'm totally with you in the future financial struggles. DH & I will be pinching pennies for a long, long time. We can get thru it together - albeit together on line!

    Nothing new with me - I spent the weekend making up for lost time and researching baby gear. I even went to BRU for the first time ever as a pregnant woman to look at stuff. It felt weird for many reasons but overall wasn't too bad - and dare I say, fun? It was definitely good to look at stuff in person. A double stroller is all fine and dandy on line but to see them in person is quite a shock! Everything is huge!! I think we are going to register soon so I'm trying to decide on all of the major purchases now so I can have a stress-free relaxing day when we do register w/o having to make too many major decisions that day besides what kind of bouncer I want.

    Nicole - any furniture decisions? hope all is well!

    Well, I'm off - have a good day everyone!

  25. Thanks for the sweet words, Jen - it is always great to see the babies healthy & wiggling around! Glad you took that major step and went to babiesRus. It is a major shocker to see those twin strollers for the first time, isn't it?! They're like limousines! We went with a Graco duoglider & the snug ride car seats and were very happy with that. They now make a smaller Graco front/back stroller (quattro tour duo) that fits two carseats, so we may go with that this time around - should be easier to haul around, anyway!

    Halloween was fun for us - the boys were a SWAT team policeman and a white knight. When we got home from trick-or-treating & the Harvest Party that we go to every year, the boys dumped their candy into one big pile & then arranged it by type & counted it - 97 pieces! Of course they'd already had a couple...It was nice to see that they would rather share than horde it to themselves, though.

    Brendan (my littler twin) finally lost his first tooth last night. He's been waiting SO long...his brother lost his first one (plus 3 more!) over a year ago & already has the new ones growing in. It was a big milestone for him & he's very proud - he even brought it to school with him today for show-and-tell!

    Emma, what a hassle w/ your MIL! I like Jen's suggestion (meat aversion story)! I think a variety of finger sandwiches and appetizers and some punch would be plenty for an afternoon shower. Why go later in the evening when you feel like you have an obligation to feed everyone dinner? You could tell your MIL that you'd like to have it earlier in the day for that reason alone...she did mention being tight on cash - an earlier shower should save everyone $ - especially if you can prepare the food yourselves. No one should have to eat chili at a baby shower!

    Nicole, how are things with you?

    AFM, I've had a lot of ovarian pain lately (increased)...I know I have a fairly large cyst on my right side. Has anyone else had these? I'm not sure if I need to be concerned about it possibly rupturing or ovarian torsion, which can cut off blood supply to the ovary. I have put in a call to my nurse, so we'll see. They didn't check out my ovaries at my u/s, so I don't know if the cyst has gotten bigger or what.

    Will check in with you all later!


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