2nd beta Feb. 9th with really low first beta

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  1. HELP! My first beta was extremely low on 11dp4dt. It was 18. I've had a chemical before so I pretty much assumed it wouldn't be the outcome we had hoped for. However, my dr wants me back tomorrow for another beta and to stay on all meds. I took HPTs all weekend. Sat it was negative, Sun it was negative when I walked away from it and then when glanced back like an hour later, it had a slight + (can't count that really), and then this morning it is a light positive within the 2 minute time frame. I'm so confused! Is there anyway that it is viable and isn't showing up on HPT until 2 weeks post transfer? I thought people always got their positives on HPT sooner-it wasn't showing up the day I had a 18 beta. Why is this finally showing up so late?
    AGHHHHHHHHHHHh! This waiting game continues....
    Any advice anyone?

  2. Unfortunately, there's really no way to tell until they continue to check your numbers to see if they're rising or going down. There are definitely "miracle" stories of people w/low first betas going on to success, but plenty who wound up with chemicals. I just had a(nother) chemical last week myself - first beta was 12.5, 2 days later down to 0. My hpts were going the opposite direction from yours though - from positive to negative before beta, lighter and lighter. So yours could be a good sign, but there's no way to tell. The other thing they are going to want to rule out, if the beta is increasing but still low, is an ectopic. GL.

  3. Don't have much advice to offer, just want to tell you I am hoping for the best for you!

    Betas and waiting will definitely drive you crazy and stress you out -- try to hang in there!


  4. With my last chemical, I had a 36 beta and 48 hours later, it was down to 8. I was bleeding before I ever got the first beta.
    I guess these beta numbers can really be all over the board-and it depends how your body responds to the implantation, and then the failure to stay around I guess.
    I appreciate your thoughts on this, and will update tomorrow.

    bornat: sorry to hear of your chemical! When (and if)do you plan to cycle again? Does you dr. have any reason for why? What does he/she do to prevent next time?

  5. mzor,

    I am right there with you in beta hell. I had an IUI done Jan 20th, first beta on Feb 3rd was 11, second on the 5th was 40, then waited until today (4 days later b/c of the weekend) but it was only 98. WTF??? It should have been at least 160 if you go by the doubling every 48 hr math. I have no pregnancy symptoms, but didn't with my son 2 years ago, either. We have had 4 or 5 bfn IUIs in the meantime. I have never had a chemical pregnancy, but wonder if this is where this one is going. The worst part is wanting to be hopeful, but at the same time, guarding my emotions for the possible let down.


    Thanks for sharing your story. Do you or anyone else know if it is typical for a chemical pregnancy to have the beta start declining so quickly, as it was in your experience in the second beta? Also, what is it about an ectopic that the hcg doesn’t double as a normal pregnancy? Is it the confined space of the tube? If it is an ectopic, the nurse mentioned giving me Methotrexate to abort it. Anyone have experience with this drug? It is a breast cancer drug, right? Should it prevent surgery and possible damage to the tube?

    Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for the help!


  6. Hi Ladies,
    I received a very good second beta today of 209. We are in complete shock! From an 18, we had pretty much counted this cycle as a BFN. My doctor was thrilled with the increase. I will have another beta Thursday. Praying that this is it for us! After 4 IUI's and 5 IVF's, I'm hoping our time has come-but remaining very cautious. We have no children (yet), and to finally hear this today is completely shocking!

    Tex: I'm sorry your beta hell continues...I posted a little update for you on the other thread. Hang in there! My nurse said that sometimes when betas start low, they are a 'late implanter'....the increasing number is a good sign.
    I'm hoping we both have increases that keep going!!!!

  7. That is awesome!! Fantastic!! Hope tomorrow brings you more wonderful news -- you deserve it!!

  8. mzor, congratulations on the wonderful second beta! Wow, from starting from 18...makes me wonder how many you have in there!!!

    Thanks for the support, I saw your reply on the other thread. I have another beta tomorrow, and I am hoping that it is either very high, (my preference, of course,) or very low, so that I can have more direction. I don't know what to make of this in-between bs. Have a great week, ladies!


  9. I did receive my next beta today of 519~ Great news for today!
    My first ultrasound is week after next. Fingers crossed for continued good news! Just wanted to update everyone.

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