27yrs Old Just started first Cycle-Scared

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  1. Hi, I am 27 years old with no children. I just started taking my first shot today and I am completely scared. I am over weight and nervous for any side effects that may come. Does anyone have any advice for me? Does walking help? I hope everything will be ok...

  2. Hey there Hopeful.

    This is my first IVF too and so far it hasn't been terrible. The lupron shots aren't all that bad. I'd make sure to do them in the stomach (not leg) and make sure you pinch some of your tummy fat before doing the injection. I would suggest having someone do them for you. I've given myself shots before for weight loss, so I thought I'd do them myself, but its so much easier having DH do them. I haven't noticed any crazy weight gain with the Lupron. I actually have endo so I had to do Deptot Lupron for a month first before starting the daily Lupron injections. I've gained a few pounds but I think that was because of the holiday and not eating so great. I've been sort of crampy, but nothing crazy. I too am overweight, 5'5\" 172.

    I started stimming last night and I think those shots are a little bit bigger. My nurse suggested ice on the tummy before the Menapur shot becuase it stings. My DH and I both agree the needles seem to be higher quality and go in easier than the Lurpon needles.

    I had a group of cycle buddies I was chatting with, but then I got delayed a month with the Depot Lupron so I dropped out. Would love a buddy to chat with that's in this process. I'm 28 and in Florida.

  3. Thank you.. I just signed up for this site and already feel like I will be ok...I am on a higher protocal due to my PCOS...Currently I am taking Follistem for the first 7 days then adding Gonirilex (not sure if I spelled that right) for a week...I am just hoping I have no dizziness or anything like that...That big day of collection is coming up soon and its all I think about... I cannot wait to have great news after so many years of disappointment..
    Thanks again..

  4. I was just passing by and wanted to wish u ladies good luck I did 2 IVf cycles 1 with Lupron and I ened up with a BFN!!!

    the second was the one with the follitism and menupor and ganirelix. great protocol gives u good egg quality. I got preg with twins but lost at 16 weeks due to a preg complication . i just did a FET with the 2 frozen blasts left from IVf #2 and preg with a singelton.

    don't worry about the shots you will get used to them and start looking forward to them. wow you ladiers are about 2 weeks from egg retrivel..

    ill stop by if u have any ?? feel free to ask

  5. Wishing good luck to you new cyclers! You have age on your side and a great chance of success this round...all the best of luck to you! Like bolajing said, if you have any q's we are happy to answer

  6. Thank you to the replies...Sometimes a little boost of reassurance is needed for something so fragile as this...I have tons of family/husband support...But hearing and talking to other in the same situation feels great...
    one more thing...I know this is personal but its my 4th day of shots for Follistim and I have a very heavy menstural... Did this happen to anyone?

    Thanks again ladies...

  7. Hopeful...no...I would call your doctor. I am sure it is just a body's reaction to the stims but I would def call.

  8. Good luck ladies...I hope you get your BFP soon...I'm planning on doing an Oct/Nov cycle (and hoping to lose some weight before then too)! We went to the RE for the first time and she told me it would help with success. I'm 5'9\" and just over 200...it's the most I've EVER weighed. I was expecting to lose weight when I went off of BC but gained about 20 pounds in the 8 months I've been off. The RE put me back on starting today (CD 3) to see if some cysts I have shrink. She's hoping they're from ovulating and not endometriosis. Hopefully I can lose about 20 pounds between now and starting my shots. Please keep us posted on how those go...I'm NOT looking forward to those, but I'm looking forward to hopefully not crying (or at least tearing up) every time I see a pregnant woman or someone carrying a baby...

  9. Ladies, I am 29 and this is technically my 3 try to complete my 1st IVF cycle
    The 1st month (May 09) I had cysts... cancellation
    the 2nd month follcs was not growing together... cancellation
    the 3rd month started lupron on 6/25 and started the other stims, Menop & Gonal F (pen) along with lupron on 7/13.
    So we shall see what happens this time around.

  10. I hope you only the best...I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes...I think all the wait will bw worth it...I am on day 8 and find out tomorrow hopefully when I can take my trigger shot...Ultrasound and bloodwork...Ugghh...I am so nervous...

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