25 weeks, 2cm dilated with shortened cervix

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  1. I just had a routine appointment and to my surprise I had a shortened cervix (under 3 but can't remember exact number - maybe 2.5 or 2.7). I was also dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced. I then had a steroid shot. My doctor put me on House Arrest which is basically modified bed rest.

    I am so worried now and don't know what to think. Because I had the shot, I feel like the Dr. is saying there is no way I can keep these babies in much longer (I am having twins). I didn't have any contractions while being monitored in office but have lots of BH at home.

    Does anyone have any stories of a situation like mine. I guess I am looking for reassurance that I can get further along.

  2. Hello gustavo,

    Yup. Your story was my story.

    I went to a routine appointment and was found to be 2.4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.

    Immediately I was put in the hospital and given steriod shots.

    I was then on strict bedrest with tons of medicine until they came out at 31 weeks.

    They are now 2 years old and happy and healthy.

    Good luck!


    P.S. Each and every day was a blessing that they stayed in and talked to them aloud about how they need to hang in there one more day. My boys could have been born at 25 weeks. Kudos to me, husband, and them for lasting almost 7 weeks longer.

  3. Sexy,
    Thanks so much for responding. Your story really gives me hope. Not that I want to be in the hospital but I don't feel comfortable with the fact that I am not even on strict bedrest and not on any meds other than the steroid shot. What meds were you given?

    I feel so desperate right now that 31 weeks sounds great but so far away.

    I also keep feeling these sharp pains in the vagina and am convinced its my cervix opening more. There are so many strange feelings going on during pregnancy that its hard to know what's what sometimes.

    I\'m so glad they are doing well!

  4. I think my cousin had similar things going on when she had twins - I remember her saying that she was partly dilated. She was at home on bedrest for a few months - ultimately she made it to 35 weeks - and both babies were over 5 lbs. A steriod shot does not necessarily mean the babies birth is imminent, it is a precaution in case they come sooner (I think the efficacy of the steriod shot is about 2.5 weeks). I was given the steriod shot at 24 weeks, and then when I made it to 28 weeks, I was given another round... I made it to 31 weeks but I also clearly had IC and uterine irritability (plus other complications). For me, I think stict hospital bedrest helped me buy time.

    Try to be as strict about bedrest as you can manage, do make sure that you are candid with your Drs. about your concerns, and push them to be more aggressive with your care if you think they are being too light.

    I hope you are able to go the distance! Hang in there - 25 weeks with steriod shots is a great milestone and major hurdle... take each day, shoot for small goals, and hopefully time will pass uneventfully until you are giving birth to healthy big babies!

  5. Hello gustavo,

    I read Dr. Barbara Lukes' book on "When You are Expecting Twins, Triplets, and Quadaplets" and I followed her plan exclusively since I first found out I was preganant.

    The book is really an eye opener and brought tears to my eyes when I read the NICU portion of it and the odds of all the dangers that could go wrong(read the book in the first trimester).

    People thought I was paranoid and I did self-imposed rests during the first trimester and ate up a storm!

    I truly believe Dr. Barbara Lukes' book saved my children's lives and wrote to her and told her so.

    The book is pretty open on the dangers, so be prepared to read it with tears in your eyes. It truly takes your "innocence away" and makes you informed as to all the what could go wrongs in a twin pregnancy.

    As for my meds, I took indomecin when I was admitted in the hospital for labor pains (inserted in the bottom, by the way). This medicine was given infrequently because of its side effects on the fetus.

    Nifidepine was my drug I took every 3 hours (about three pills) throughout the pregnancy.

    I drank a lot, ate every two hours, did the home exercise, Dr. Luke's books mentions....

    Be proactive.

    Listen to your gut and DO NOT LET doctors dismiss your concerns.

    If you feel your uterus irritable and your cercix, that probably means you are experiencing labor....

    Go to the HOSPITAL!!!!!!

    Good luck!


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