24 hour urine tests at 12-16 weeks with trace amounts of protein

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  1. I recently posted this a few weeks back and was surprised I really didn't get much response. I can't believe I am one of the few that have this in pregnancy. Here it goes again. At 12 weeks I did a 24 hour urine test where they found some protein in urine 180. Never had this before. I know after 20 weeks it can be preclampsia related. But I was really curious if anyone has had protein in their urine BEFORE 20 weeks and if so what did the ob say about it.

  2. I also just did a baseline 24 hour urine b/c I did have severe pre-e with my last pregnancy. I do have a trace, but was told that it is normal. My level was 160. It is only pre-e if you have high b/p and protein over 300. Was your doctor concerned?


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