2009 November Cyclers

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  1. Yeah, V! 3/4 is great! Wishing you the best on Monday.

    Hope everybody is having a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Girls,
    May I barge?? I just had transfer yesterday at noon too!
    I'm on the DE board but looking for another 40's person to commiserate with.
    I started at 41 with o/e. stimmed well, pgd 1st cycle (mc) 2nd cycle transferred 2 8 and 9 cell bfn and 3rd cycle chemical.
    we transferred 2 blasts.
    They want my Beta 11/30 CRAZY< NO WAY can I wait that long

  3. Jackedme = thats great good luck!

    AFM, I am now 7 dpt. I am coming up negative on POAS and ready to stop my injections tomorrow without doctor approval. This is ridiculous to keep doing these injections when I KNOW I'm not pregnant. I have a strong feeling my body attacked them again. This would make a 2nd failed IVF even on the heparin.

  4. Thanks, I will need all I can get.

    I will prob POAS about the same BUT Unless you get Af or bleeding, Dont stop. When is your official beta?
    Evil sticks are horrible, why do we do them???
    I think I read back and you transferred 4?? WOW, Dont lose hope. I will send you some dust right now K?

  5. Hey jackedmc,

    Yes, 4 were transferred. My doctor does the BETA very late... a full 14 days PAST the transfer. Gee whiz!

    My husband and I have 3 biological children together. I didn't have a need for IVF until he made me get a tubal (his fault). I'm so mad at him to this day for making me do that. But he wouldn't let me have our last child UNLESS I did... which in my opinion was just plain wrong. A reproductive system is a God-given gift. I would never force him to get a vasectomy.. (okay I'm done ranting about marriage. lol). Long story short, I've had nothing but problems with getting pregnant since. This whole experience has definitely made me appreciate the kids I have more... I see things in a whole new perspective. I think IVF makes those that make it more appreciate parents, ya know?

    In the past, my HPT's always showed up positive very early, so I am going by past experience and that my body tells me when I am pregnant even before and HPT does. Thanks for the warm hugs! I do appreciate it!
    I will be praying for you friend!!

  6. Praying - 14dpt? That's torture. I'm sorry you're feeling negative. It's too soon, so pls don't stop your meds! I've lots of hope for you. And as for our partners, resentment, etc... I'm full of that too. I think part of it may be the meds, but this is so much to go through, and not getting the support we need at home only adds to it. At least he's onboard now, right? Not that that is too much consolation.

    mark_H - welcome! Nov 30 does seem a long way away! Hang in there...

    V & ariadna - Hope your transfers went smoothly & you are both getting lots of rest. Check in when you can!

    LB & denik - How are you?

    AFM, no symptoms yet. I'll get my beta results on Monday afternoon. Then life goes on!


  7. The good news is that all three made it to transfer. One was a seven cell with minimal fragmentation, another seven cell with frag and then a five cell. I've posted a photo on my blog.

    I am feeling as optimistic as I can. The doctor was encouraging as he thought it went as well as it could for my age and FSH levels.

    Z--is your beta next Monday 11/23? Mine will be 11/27.

    Welcome, jackedmc. So, is this your first DE cycle? I wasn't clear if your previous IVFs were with your own eggs.

    Praying--hang in there. Not every pregnancy is the same.

    Today I am working from the comfort of my couch. I opted to do more couch rest this time than bed rest. My doctor was pretty explicit, however, about taking it easy in the next couple of weeks. He doesn't want me on my feet any more than a couple hours at a time--no shopping marathons or cooking big family dinners.

  8. Hi V

    How did you get your transfer Monday!! We both transferred the same day and time!! ****!!!
    My deal is that I have had 3 fairly good cycles, stimmed well (for my age) always produced 6-8 and had 1-2-3 to transfer! 1 MC. 1-BFN and the last hail mary chemical. It is tough huh??
    Are you taking IM shots for progesterone?
    I will send you some dust right now. Stay warm and calm!

    Z, thanks for the welcome, So monday is the day for you too!
    Praying, I have read (like we all do) that each preg is different. You had 3 pregnancys and they were all alike?? what age the genders? Dont lose hope
    DH was only trying to look after you I am sure

    denik, congrats on a sucessful IVF over 41! Good plan to do the fet 1st.
    What does your office charge for that?
    Big Hope, when is your Beta??

  9. Ladies.... barging in. I am 41, 42 next month and had my transfer last sunday. This is my third IVF. The first two were pretty good but negative. For the last one they changed my protocal, trying to get less eggs (2nd IVF yielded 30 eggs) but better quality. It worked. They got 12 eggs and 10 fertilized. 9 went on to embryo stage. After much discussion of how strongly my partner and I would consider selective reduction should there be more than 2 (we would for health and financial reasons), and also considering that this could be the last cycle our insurance is willing to cover, the doctor put 6 back in: four 8-cell top grade, 1 8-cell high grade, and one 7 cell high grade. Now I'm just waiting.

    and waiting.... and freaking out... We have a three year old and we want very much to have a sibling for her. This has been such a rollar coaster, as you all know. I am so lucky to have what I already have, so much more than so many women.

    I would so love for this one to work, and just looking for words of encouragement... The results were so excellent, I just pray that this is the one! Thanks for listening.

  10. Hi!
    V, How are you feeling?

    Little, Wow, I have never heard anyone on the 2 boards I am on transfer 6! M best to you and your partner. I have 3 failed with o/e but there are many who find the right one. My Re said if we kept on stimming we would have a BFP however the age really limits the good ones.
    Heres to having the golden one or TWO... Or more.
    Keep us posted

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Jackedmc - congrats on the great outcome!

    lazaridou- I'll be 42 this January, so we are right in sync with one another. You had a really great outcome. Wow!

    AFM, I wasn't really able lay down and take it easy due to my son and husband coming both coming down with the swine flu. I'm now 12 DPO and every POAS is coming out stark white so it looks like I'm out for November. I have an appointment with Dr. Coulam in December due to my auto immune issues for my 3rd and last cycle.

    Best wishes to everyone out there!!

  12. Praying - I was just thinking about you. I'm sorry for the BFNs. It's still early for a BFP, but you've been saying that you know it didn't work for a few days now. I'm glad you have a gameplan in place already incase this doesn't work. I admire that. I don't think I have it in me to cycle again... What does your RE say? Maybe they will give you an early beta. I hope it all works out for you.

    lazaridou - When is your beta? 6 embies sounds like alot, but I had 5 transferred in my last cycle... I'd have done 5 or 6 again, but only had 1 this time! Takes the guess work out of it. My RE said it would take a miracle. Love the optimism. Anyway, welcome, and I wish you luck!

    mark_H - Yes, Monday's the day for me too, but a week earlier than yours. My beta is Saturday/Monday, and won't get the results until Monday afternoon. I'd so much rather have the results on a weekend than while I'm at work!

    V - Love the pic of your beautiful embies. Your RE sounds very protective - I like it. I didn't realize we were supposed to take it so easy.... I know no running, s*x, or exercise, but standing too long? I will take that advice to heart now. How are you feeling?

    ariadna - It's been a while. Hope you are doing ok.

    AFM, just fighting a cold & keeping busy at work. I don't have any pg symptoms, just feel like I have a mean case of PMS.

    Hope you are all doing well!

  13. My beta is next Wed. the 25th, but they told me I could wait until friday and do a home test because we're going to be away for the holiday. But.... I am thinking I'm going to wait until saturday morning because we have family in and that's when they're leaving. I would just rather be alone if it's bad news. Then again, it's going to be hard to wait!

    I know, it's a lot of embryos, right? I pushed, I know, but I feel like it was the right thing to do.

  14. I went back to work this week after a three month break, so it has been a bit crazy. It is a good distraction, however, from the two week wait obsession.

    For you gals doing your betas on Monday, how are your feeling? Any symptoms? Implantation cramps or bleeding?

    I think the progesterone supplements make it hard to really know what is going on. My breasts ache all the time. I was starting to feel optimistic and then yesterday I had this big gurgling in my mid-area, which typically happens for me on cycles where AF comes. Anybody else ever experienced?

    Hope everyone's embryos are doing exactly what they are supposed to be: growing!!


  15. Hi Ladies. Sorry I haven't checked in in a while. I wish I could say I've been busy, but I really haven't been. I had planned to get so much done while stimming since I'm taking time off work. It seems that all I'm doing all day once I get home is trying not to take a nap. I don't really feel like getting anything done.
    I'm not very optimistic about this cycle. It's cycle day 12 and I only have two significant follies, a 15 and 13.5. My RE asked me today if I wanted to go through with ER anyway. I'm 41, this is #6 and my insurance expires on 12/31. Guess what my answer was.
    So I'm just waiting for the nurse to call. Might be triggering tonight, but most likely tomorrow with ER Tuesday. My DHs birthday is Tuesday, so maybe that's a sign. Like having my ER on Friday the 13th in March, and ER two days after my birthday in June. All signs, just not good ones.

  16. Oh, I've go the the cramps and and boob pain- not only are my breasts sore, but I am getting these shooting pains in them, like tiny little needles. and it comes and goes....

    and I am thinking it's all the progesterone/estrogen.

    Good luck to everyone!

  17. Hi


    Unfortunately, I'm without symptoms except minor cramps. I have had 3 failed ivfs with O/E. I started when I was 41. My RE originally waned to transfer 3-4 but changed plans after fert report. I really felt out of the loop with this cycle and am starting to regret it. How much PIO are you taking??
    LB, Hope you were able to trigger, Does your insurance expire cause you have reached your limit??
    Vanessa, how did you get off for three months? WOW.
    Ziggy, I guess you will hear monday. What is your gut feeling?
    Praying, when is the official day??

    This is a holiday week and I am in no mood for family gatherings. Does that sound horrible?? I think I need help!! LOL

  18. You asked how much PIO I'm taking, not sure what you mean? Progesterone?

    I'm in no mood for family gatherings either, I know exactly what you mean. And it doesn't make you horrible, just human, and honest.

    Keep the faith! Amy

  19. Amy-Yes, PIO is Progesterone in Oil. Some do PIO shots while others do suppositories. With 6 embies, wouldn't you begin seeing some results if you POAS?
    Jake- I switched insurance coverage effective 1/1/10. I went with Oxford for 2009 because they offered coverage while UHC doesn't. I've almost used up my allowance and, at 41 with no positive results, don't imagine I'll do this again. I think 6 is enough. I'm also not a fan of HMOs.

    Went back this morning. Still just have the two follies, growing slowly. Nothing else has developed. RE now says ER will be Wednesday. I'm really not holding on to much hope, but will still give it the old college try. I don't want to have any regrets for giving up too soon. I started TTC in 1998 and began seeing a RE in 2002. 5 failed IUIs and 5, possibly 6, failed IVFs, never a BFP.

  20. Thanks. I'm doing suppositories - 200 mg twice a day.
    And maybe on the POAS but, also maybe false positive because of all the trigger shot.
    I\'d rather wait, you know, torture myself a little longer. : )

  21. L8 - Good luck on Wednesday. I know you've been through alot. I hope this is it for you.

    socrates - How are you feeling? Any more symptoms?

    ariadna - Where have you been? Hope everything is ok.

    lazaridou & mark_H - Best of luck next week.

    AFM, I got the call today. Stop all meds. I POAS yest and today, so I had the heads-up. RE thinks we should try again & this was just a fluke cycle. I'm not sure if we will try. All the time off work adds up. I have alot of time off in December, so if there were any way we could start again right away, I might actually be open to that. But I'm pretty sure REs make you wait another cycle, don't they? Can't even believe I'm asking that. It's like I want to start again before I have time to talk myself out of it. I just don't want to have regrets later in life.

    Best of luck to you all,

  22. Sorry to hear that Z, such a bummer. Keep trying! Amy

  23. Z, I just posted on the 2ww board ((Hugs))

    Lil, you are a strong woman to hold out from the evil sticks
    LB, I would have never thought I'd still be looking for the golden egg after 3 failed IVF's with more money than I'd care to admit but you need to try this!
    Vanesa, I had a major headache and woke up to spotting. I was crying all morning and all day. We psyched ourselves up and down. Truly there should be a better faster way!! When is your beta?
    Praying, I am thinking about you

    AFM, I am 7dp5dt and my RE never does this but after he checked my levels, he confirmed my BFP! SHOCK... My guy is goin out of town tomorrow and I was such a basket case. Beta is 137!
    I'm freaking out but for now...it's on!

  24. So glad, mark_H, to see that someone on this board has had success! You give me some hope when you said that you had spotting.

    I spotted this morning and, of course, started to do the downward spiral. I was really tired yesterday, so I was starting to get hopeful, plus I have had some low level cramping. Tomorrow I will POAS.

    Z- Big hugs, I am so sorry to hear this one didn't work out. What's next for you?

    Big hope--where are you?

    Little A--here's hoping there's some baby dust in our Thanksgiving.

    Everyone else...keep going and hoping.


  25. Ziggy- I'm so sorry I don't know what else to say to make it any better.

    Vanessa- Good luck with the POAS tomorrow. I will definitely do it this time if there's anything to transfer.

    Jaked- Congrats!

    Amy- Hang in there.

    AFM- ER tomorrow at 0700. Just the two follies so it's a long shot. Keeping my fingers crossed about what I've read about leading eggs.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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