2009 November Cyclers

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  1. I updated my blog today

    Essentially all 6 are still in the running, just need to keep the lead guy at 16.5 from not escaping too soon.

    Looking at ER on Thursday.


  2. Hi Praying,
    Yes DH and I had all the testing done and apparently it all came back negative. It's just my age. My third was a m/c with a chromosomal abnormality. Last cycle I produced only 5 mature eggs and of these only 2 fert normally. I am now bundling my cycles to try to get as many embies stored away as possible.
    MY RE makes me wait one period. THe period after that can be when your IVF cycle begins. Even then I feel anxious with every month that passes away. So I can empathize.

    Vanessa, good luck w your ER.

  3. Ladies, do you have room for another?
    I'm 41 and starting cycle #6. All BFN, never been PG. Jeez, it feels like I've written this SO many times.

    Ziggy-Didn\'t we cycle together over the summer?

    This will be my first cycle with a new clinic and slightly different protocol. I'm doing EPP which I've never done before. Applied the first patch yesterday. Will be doing 450 Gonal-F/150 Menopur and Ganarelix (did that last cycle after 5 days of clomid). Anyone who's done EPP, did you feel anything after starting the patch? I don't know if I was just exhausted today, still getting used to the time change or feeling effects of the patch.

    I'm looking at starting stims Thursday and possible retrieval on T-Giving day. I'm going to Cornell and live out of town. This should be fun finding an affordable hotel in NYC the night before T-Giving. The parade goes down the West Side, doesn't it? Maybe it won't be so bad on the UES

  4. Hi Ladies,

    L8 - Good to see you back & with a different RE. I've heard great things about EPP for our age group. If I could afford another cycle, I'd try EPP. My RE gave me estrogen suppositories for the first 5 days of stims this time, and since you mention it, I was exhausted during that time. Bed at 8pm each night, which is rare for me. Had no idea it was from the estrogen. I hope this protocol works wonders for you. Are you doing acupuncture or taking any additional supplements?

    Vanessa - that's great news! Good luck on Thursday!

    AFM. RE only got 1 egg. I had 7 great looking follies going into this. My E2 reached 2200+ before trigger. Not sure what happened. My RE did an IUI for me, just incase there are any stragglers. I thought maybe I ovulated early, but he said there would be fluid in my uterus if that were the case.

    I'll find out tomorrow whether my only egg fertilized.


  5. Ziggy-so sorry I hope you have a good support person to vent your frustrations and that you get the answers you're looking for.

  6. Thanks, LB. I edited my post to remove the \"anger...\" Now that the meds have worn off, I'm feeling much better. Depressed, but better! Tomorrow's another day.


  7. ziggy-
    i am sorry that happened to you. the same thing happened to me in my first IVF cycle. I was 34. I had at least 10 follicals and when I woke up, my DH and RE said that they were only able to get one immature follical. The explanation was that I ovulated early - before retrieval. It sounds like what happened to you. (I switched to a bigger better clinic after this)

    I will also so that I do not know your financial/insurance situation but I wish I had not gone on to transfer in this cycle. There was so little chance of this being a success with this one follical that they did ICSI on. I did transfer it at 4 days and it was BFN. I am saying this because it ate through a substantial portion of my insurance money and it was really really a long shot. But if this is not an issue for you then by all means transfer and I hope that it takes.

    i did go on to a successful ivf the next time.

  8. Ziggy-

    Disappointed to hear your news. I fear the same thing. Once that lead follicle goes, they all follow. I am back at Stanford tomorrow am for one last look.

    Hang in there....I know it's trite, but it does take only one and there are lots of successes on my over 40 board with just one.


  9. Hi Ladies,

    My only embie fertilized. The embryologist couldn't tell me any more about him - it's still too early. I was really expecting to be told it's over & stop all meds today. I've decided to root the little guy on, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

    V - Thanks for your support. I hope your appt went well today!

    Carrie - I KWYM about insurance. My max was reached a while back. My RE insisted that I did not ovulate... so I'm going to chance it & go forward w/ ET if this little guy makes it. I can't stomach starting all over.

    Hope you are all doing well.

  10. Ziggy - GREAT NEWS. Yes we will be rooting for this little guy and expect a miracle for you.

    freedom - Welcome aboard. You are not late for the party.

    Hope every body is doing well.


  11. Ziggy - keeping positive thoughts for you!

  12. Hi Ladies...

    I have an update.

    The end result is that 4 embies were transferred.

    Two were grade 2 (one had some fragmentation)
    and the other two were grade 3

    I\'ve been having some trouble breathing since I woke up from anesthesia and my lungs still hurt. I also had a lot more bleeding and soreness this time which I did not have the last.

    The doctor and his staff did the best that they could possible do. They did ICSI, assisted hatching and a whole new protocol this time. If it doesn't work, I know in my heart I was giving it my best.


  13. Thanks, B! That means alot. And speaking of barge.... do you have some good news to share? Can't wait to hear about it, when you are ready to talk!

  14. Hatsidiakou - 4 embies, that is very good. did your doctor tell you what cell stage are they, 7 cell or 8 cell? rest up well.

    ziggy - keep positive thoughts for you!

    i have three follies. tomorrow i'll have another ultrasound to determine my ER date.

    take care,

  15. Hi all. I just started my protocol for an FET on approx. 11/30 or 12/1. So for me: estradiol 2x/day began yesterday, upping to 3x/day on 11/17; lining check and progesterone (crinone) early the week of Thanksgiving, then t/f the following week. So far nothing but headaches from the E2.

    LB, our transfers should be fairly close in timing if you have ER around Thanksgiving!

    As for me, I'm 41, unknown infertility (aka old eggs). DH is 37 with no issues. Began ttf at 37 with no luck. Went straight to IVF after consulting RE due to age. 1st IVF bfn after t/f 3 day3 embies, no frosties. 2nd IVF bfp after t/f 3 day3 embies, 1 frostie. DD just turned 1!!

    So now were going to t/f the one frozen embryo before going back to a fresh cycle. Not too hopeful, but since we're paying out of pocket, we thought we'd try the FET first. I know sometimes it works, so here goes nothing!

  16. denik - Welcome and I will keep you my prayer list.

    ariadna - two were 8 cells, the other two fertilized the next day and were at a 5 cell. Three follicles is great! There may even be more by your ultrasound.

  17. denik - Welcome aboard! Rooting for this frozen one.

    Hatsidiakou - 8 cell embryo is the best according to my doctor. GREAT that you got two of them. Has your bleeding stopped?

    ER is set for me on this Sunday.

    I have a question regarding transfer. Since I see a doctor out of town (about 2 hr flight), he usually recommends us to stay in town for three days then drive home (6hr drive) after transfer. This time my husband will be on business trip and we were wondering is it better for us to drive home after transfer or fly home after transfer? have you gals know of success case on either case?

    many thanks,

  18. Hey ariadna!

    yeah, the bleeding stopped. My doc is a 2 hour drive and what I regret most is that we didn't get a hotel the night of the ET. They had filled me up with 2 bags of fluid and we were stopping almost every other exit so that I could pee. I was so exhausted from the anesthesia. The last thing I wanted to be doing was stopping, walking to a dirty public bathroom when I just wished we were in a hotel for the night - would have made things so much easier. I swore I would never attempt that two hour drive home again after an ET. lol

  19. yeh Hatsidiakou! the bleeding stopped great. rub your tummy and welcome those embies. sticking thoughts for you


  20. Hi Ladies!

    ariadna - Good luck on Sunday! I've heard of people travelling abroad for IVF, who jump on a plane immediately after & come home. I don't know what's best, but you should try to do whatever makes you most comfortable.

    denik - Welcome! I hope your little one thaws well & you don't have to go through another fresh cycle.

    Praying - hoping 4 is your lucky number!

    AFM - we transferred our embie this AM, an 8-cell with no fragmentation. I was so relieved to hear the quality. My RE requires 3 days strict bedrest. Don't think I can do that, but I'll try.

    How much bedrest do your REs require?

  21. Ziggy Congrats on your transfer. That is awesome news. It only takes one good one and I will definitely be praying.

    AFM, I'm trying not to be negative but I can't help it. I have to ramble a bit lol. It's too soon to know anything yet but I don't feel like it worked. It's hard to be positive when I've been hit with so much downfalls this year, ya know? I'm sure some of you can relate to that \"feeling\". Like that feeling of, \"I'm too old\" and that I need to get to the other side and stop doing these cycles - wherever that other side may be. Maybe the emotions part of it is a process we all go through?

  22. ziggy - congratulations on an awesome quality embie! no fragmentation, yeh just try your best to bedrest doing something like reading books or organizing photos. our RE also asks us to do 3 day bedrest.

    Hatsidiakous - we all feel that way. waiting is the most difficult part. hang in there and talk to your embies.

    hello to everyone.

  23. Whew....we made it and didn't lose the big one. They retrieved four eggs today. Not quite the six I was hoping, but I am not surprised that the smaller follicles never quite came out to play. Now we wait for the fertilization report.

    Ziggy. Glad to hear it is such a strong embryo. Do you have normal FSH? My bed rest philosophy is 24 hours of fairly strict rest, then a couple days of couch rest.

    ariadna--hard to say on the flight piece. When I was considering doing out of state, my TCM really didn't want me to fly. She wanted me to drive home. Yet, we know a lot of folks who do things when they don't know they are pregnant. Do what you can live with.

    Praying--keep positive, you've got embies in there. Just believe that they are growing.

  24. V - that's great news! Glad you didn't lose the front runner. I recently read somewhere that the lead follie is usually the best one. I've read lots of stuff lately -- mb I should step away from Dr. Google for a while. Anyway 4 is fabulous! Looking forward to your fertilization report tomorrow!

    (ETA - you asked about my FSH. It was 9.3 last checked, a few months ago. Big increase from 5.3 in 2006! )

    Praying - I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax and hope for the best. This is a difficult process - emotionally, financially, physically... Our defenses are down and negative thoughts creep up on us so easily. Somebody told me that you are pregnant until proven otherwise, and I'm going to try to believe that for this 2ww. Ya, we'll see about that. Hang in there - we are here for you.

    ariadna - Have you decided what you'll do as far as travel? Good luck on Sunday!

    AFM, nothing to report. I'm going to stay on bedrest until tomorrow morning, then go back to normal. I feel that laying on my back for this long is doing more harm than good, but who knows. Can't wait to get some fresh air!

    Happy Friday,

  25. Very happy. Three out of four fertilized naturally. I still expect we will lose 1 more in the process, but transfer is scheduled for noon on Monday.

    Everybody have a restful and peaceful weekend.


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