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  1. Phoebe- Glad you are along for the ride too. Hopefully we all beat the odds this cycle. Interesting how we are all fundamentally on the same basic protocol. Though, I am doing the Flare protocol this time.

    I usually remain fairly even keeled on these meds, but I swear today I already felt a bit whacked out. My stomach also seems like it has started to bloat excessively.

    Does anybody use the Qcap to mix the Menopur, or do you do it with straight syringe?

    Also, I am doing Follistim in am and Menopur in the evening. This is a different regime for me. How else is everyone doing their meds?


  2. V - Yes, I use the Q-cap. I think they're so much easier to use than a syringe! I've also been feeling \"off\" when I've never experienced SEs before. Really hormonal. Just trying to keep to myself until this is over... No bloating yet for me - I'm only on day 2 of stims... That Menapur shot STUNG! I've never shot it straight (w/o Gonal-f) before.

    P - A foot of snow already? What state do you live in?

    ariadna - How are you doing?

    Is anybody else taking Estrogen during stims? This seems so weird to me. Like a desparate attempt to raise my E2...

    Hope you all have a fun Halloween!

  3. Z - my stim won't start till monday. today i had centrotide and estradiol shot. when i start my stim, my protocol calls for estradial suppository at night. i don't fully understand my protocol. kind of complicated. i just do it and then pray.

    V - i also use Qcaps to mix and like Z said it is a lot easier. i still have insomnia lately. i don't know it is my cold or medication. oh well, this shall pass.

    Phoebe - snow already? maybe good excuse to stay at home and relax

    Have a wonderful halloween,

  4. I am new here...

    I am 41. 1st IVF was BFN. This is my 2nd fresh.

    Follistem 225
    Menopur 225

    So far, only 10 follicles (6 on left, 4 on right).. is that bad? I am due for my egg retrieval for Nov 7th but am nervous 10 follicles won't be enough. My clock is ticking!


  5. Glad that you are joining us. 10 follicles are considered very good. You only need a good one.


  6. Thanks ariadna. So far, only 4 of them are in the 18-21mm range. They told me to start my gannerellix injections so the rest can cook more. My E2 was 744 as of yesterday. I go in for another ultrasound and blood work tomorrow morning.

    This is my 2nd fresh cycle. They think the first one failed because I have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. We didn't find this out until after I got the BFN. We now know that my body ate the embryo's up even before they had a chance to implant. So now they are putting me on baby asperin and Heparin injections. Hopefully this will do the trick....

  7. Praying - sounds like you are doing great! You'll be on the Ganerelix for 4-6 days, so your E2 has plenty of time to rise.

    Ziggy - No E2 for me during stims. I'm doing it all now, one cycle before my stims start. I'm on 4mg of Estrace a day, 2mg in the morning and 2mg in the evening orally.

    V - I don't know about the Follistim in the AM and Menopur in the PM. I've always done it the other way around.

    If I don't keep up here, you can find me at my blog:

    Tales of the Phoenix

  8. I had my first stimulation ultrasound this morning and it wasn't good. I am wondering if I have been oversurpressed on the Lupron. They barely found a single follicle on each side. The left was 4mm and the right was 7mm. And, they are not even sure whether the one on the right is a leftover cyst.

    I can't believe it. Doing IUIs this summer, I had no problem getting about 5 follies. I hate this process. I am, of course, just seeing thousands of dollars going out the window and wondering why we just didn't move to donor egg.

    Definitely frustrated and depressed today.

    Hope everyone else has a better start to the week.


  9. Vanessa - I'm sorry your 1st follie check was so discouraging. I don't know about this evil Lupron. I also think it over suppresess me. How long have you been on stims? I couldn't find it below. I thought you just started. Seems so early to be checked? How was your E2? To me, that's the most important number... Learned that the hard way. When is your next appt?

    Praying - I'm having a bit of follie-envy. Yes, 10 is excellent for our age group. Keep us posted on your numbers!

    ariadna - Did you start stimming today? Hope it's going well.

    phoebe - thanks again for the PIO tip on the GB. I never thought of warming it up w/ a hot water bottle. Now I'm not dreading those shots as much as usual.

    Hope everybody's doing well. Nothing going on w/ me - my first follie check isn't until Thursday morning.

    Happy Monday,

  10. Vanessa - sorry about your disappointing check up. i think it might be still early, right? cycling is such a roller coaster, just hang on tight. we will go through this together.

    Susan - how is your ultrasound and blood work? i am also on heparin and baby aspirin for my immune issues.

    Phoebe - how was the snow? sounds like you are quite busy.

    Ziggy - thanks for remembering my stims day. i had my max dose of Gonal F tonight and after tomorrow it will down half. my first ultrasound won't happen till next Monday.

    have a peaceful week,

  11. Vanessa - is this your first IVF? I had something similar happen to me, except I was on the microdose lupron protocol. That was even too much lupron for me. If you are canceled, I'm hoping they can pick a protocol without lupron for you! You can get a refund if you are canceled for the fees of procedures you didn't have done. I know it sucks, but I think part of IVF is just finding the protocol that works for you. Big hugs!!

  12. Phoebe- This is my second IVF. The first one we did Lupron and I got 8 eggs, so I don't know what's going on. This is a stronger dose than I had before. I am just kicking myself for not sticking with my doctor from last time. I left him because he was just much more expensive because he did all the immune treatments.

    All I can do is wait and see what happens on Thursday.

  13. Hey guys,

    socrates - I will be praying for you hard. I've had so many \"crashes\" this year with infertility that I can relate to your pain and my heart really hurts for you. What Immune treatments did they have you do? Was it by infusion or by the Heparin injections?

    dimitris- I am praying for you also! Hugs!

    ariadna- Have you found that the heparin and baby aspirin made a difference? Is this your first try with it?

    As for me, I wanted to chime in and give you all an update. I've now been STIMMING for 13 days.

    My ovaries have been hurting so bad lately. I was in so much pain last night I thought they were about to bust. I found out why today. I am now up to 20 eggs!!! But I am trying not to get excited because I learned a long time ago that the truth is, is that with IVF anything can happen (I could be down to only a few left and all embryo's could fail in the petri dish, ya know?) But PRAISE GOD. I guess extra injections helped. However, out of that 20, only 6 were still within the normal range of 18-21mm. Is 6 normal sized ones enough?

    I don't know yet if the nurse will make me STIM longer to get the others up to speed or what they will do. I've never had this happen before. She is going to call me later today.

    Hugs to everyone,


  14. Hi Ladies,

    Is it Thursday already??? This week is flying by.

    Praying - Um, 20 eggs? I am shocked. I'll bet your RE is shocked as well. 6 good-sized ones is great, and you'll probably get more. Have you gotten a call back yet?

    socrates - Any updates? Hope you are doing ok.

    ariadna - Good luck on Monday! Wishing for nice, healthy follies for you.

    Phoebe - Hope all is well & you are staying warm.

    AFM, had my u/s this morning, and heard the magical words \"we're lowering your meds!\" Love hearing that. The real proof will be in my E2 number later today. I had nightmares all night about this appt. He was able to find 5 on the right, and a few on the left. He didn't count them all, he usually just measures the top 3-4 and tells me when to trigger. We are headed for ER on Monday! This is the first good appt I've had in a very long time.

    Looking forward to hearing your updates!
    Happy Thursday,

  15. Hi dimitris,

    Don\'t get discouraged. You have a good bunch to work with as well. Quality than quantity is the key. Out of that 20, only 6-8 is within normal range. The others are too small. They had me on a higher dosage this time. Last I heard I was at 10 so this was a real shock to me as well. None of them may even make it to the 5 day blasocyst stage or could still result in a BFN (you know how that goes). I did get a call back and I'm scheduled for my retrieval this Sat (Nov 7th). I'm fully prepared for the BFN....like I'm just on a merry-go-round going through the motions, ya know?

    Keep us posted!

  16. Went in for the ultrasound today and they started to look like my ovaries. There were roughly 3 on each side. My right has a 11mm,5mm and 4mm. My left has a 7mm, 5mm, 5mm. I would love to have numbers like everyone else, but this is good for me as I fall into diminished ovarian reserve category.

    Our trick going forward is managing the 11mm while growing the rest. It is looking like the earliest our ER would be is Wednesday, so I have a few more days on stims. They are making me a bit crazy, especially with this rollercoaster.

    Thinking good thoughts for everyone's retrievals.


  17. Vanessa - that's great news. I don't think getting 6 follies is bad for our age group, is it? 6 is kind of what I've been hoping for... Of course, we never know what will happen. Such an unexact science. When is your next appt? If you had ER Weds, then you'd probably trigger tonight. Good luck & let us know how you're doing. Ride is almost over!

    Praying - Good luck tomorrow! That's so exciting. Hoping for mature, healthy eggs for you. Are you planning to use ICSI?

    AFM, my E2 came back at 1555 yesterday, but prolactin was on the high-side. I'm taking 1/2 pill of Parlodel until ER. Will find out tomorrow AM when we trigger.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  18. I'm afraid I have some bad news to report. They only got 3 eggs. That's it. And it's unknown whether or not any of those 3 will make it -they will have to do ICSI on them. It's too soon to tell yet as to whether or not they will advance or make it. There were another 4 they took out, but those were too small and not mature - too small to even fertilize. I don't know why they couldn't see it on ultrasound? And as for the remainder of what we thought was 20, those were all cysts.

    I can't believe how much my fertility plummeted in only a matter of 8 weeks.

    The ride home was horrible. We stopped at Cracker Barrel which was a big mistake. I threw up 3 times on the way home, and am still nauseated and dizzy. My ovaries hurt from the needles even on pain medication. I called the emergency line twice, and the nurse still hasn't called me back (which I am not happy about), so I guess I will have to live with the vomiting until it subsides. I am going to complain about this when their office opens up on Monday.

    Meanwhile, I still have to continue my painful progesterone shots and meds until I find out if any of the eggs made it. I'm off to lay down.

  19. Praying-- I am so sorry that today has been terrible. The disappointment can be tremendous when you are expecting one thing and another happens.

    Have you had anesthesia before? Vomiting is a very typical side effect for some people. Hopefully, you are laying down right now and resting.

    You have all my thoughts and prayers right now that those three eggs and sperm are meeting to create healthy embryos.


  20. Thanks Vanessa,

    Yeah, once the anesthesia wore off the nausea went away. The thing that scares me is that my doctor said that when only one is put in, the chances decrease - that one or more is better. His statistics didn't give me much hope, even if one makes it.

  21. Susan,

    I saw your blog today. I'm so sorry. What a blow. I'm glad you are feeling better since the meds have worn off. Get lots of rest & try not to worry.

    Thinking lots of good thoughts for your 3 embies & hoping for a good fertilization report tomorrow!

  22. Susan,

    Sorry that you had to go through this. i am just praying for you for the miracle!!! My doctor told me that one patient who had one egg retrieved and was pregnant during my last failed cycle.

    thoughts and hugs are with you!

  23. Does anyone know what is the normal amount of eggs retrieved for our age group?

    The lab called this morning. The 3 good ones are still doing well. Two others that were too immature, matured overnight and he was able to inject them with sperm. He'll call tomorrow to let me know what ones went onto divide to the 2-4 cells.

  24. Hi Praying,
    I think for our age group it can vary a lot. I do believe there is a difference between a 40/41 year old and a 42/43 yo and a 43/44 yo. Every woman is different for sure and some women have one ovary, some have translocations, some have other issues. But I think we we simply look at age and disregard other factors, I think a 40 yo has a much better chance of getting a live birth than someone like me, who will be 43 in a just a few months.
    So I think anywhere between 5-10 is normal for women our age. I told my RE I was upset over my AFC of 6 at our one day workup. He said thats normal for my age.

  25. Casentini,

    I just read on one your posts that you've had 3 failed cycles? Have they tested you for an auto immune or AKA killer cells? That's what happened to me.

    Yeah, I heard once a woman hits 40, fertility declines rapidly. The one issue I have with my RE, is that he makes everyone wait 2 months in-between cycles. Though I can understand why he does that (he wants all the hormones out), it makes it very hard for those of us that are in our 40's. I started seeing him 8 months ago, and in that short time I went from having 18 eggs, 13 eggs on the next cycle, and now down to 7. I can't believe how FAST my decline went! I've heard some clinics only making a women have one period before starting hormones again. I really like my RE but I don't want to wait another 2 months if this IVF round fails. I'm running out of time.

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