2009 November Cyclers

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  1. Wondering if any of you 40+ would join me for a Thanksgiving journey.
    I am 42. Possible ER the week before Thanksgiving.

    Anyone else?

  2. Wondering if any of you 40+ would join me for a Thanksgiving journey.I am 42. Possible ER the week before Thanksgiving.Anyone else?

    Hi ariadna

    I just turned 42 and am doing a FET of a Blast in Nov, you could post here, or come in the August Cycle'rs thread in 40 + , a few of us gals are doing a cycle in NOv, your more than welcome

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Can I join? I'm also cycling in Oct/Nov. Our tentative ER date is 11/10/09. I'm 41 & had a failed cycle in July. My response wasn't great (5 eggs, low E2), so we are doubling my stims this time around, and I think we're adding Estrogen during stims. Never done that before. I'm afraid that the extra stims will have a negative effect on my egg quality! Just going to cross my fingers and jump in... I think this will be my last cycle, whether it works or not.

    Good luck to you both!

  4. Hi nichri and ziggy,

    Thanks for joining me. I also had failled cycle in July (three eggs retrieved).
    This too will be my last cycle if it works or not. I need to move on...


  5. Thought I just checked in... I just had a cycle calendar review with the clinical coordinator. Lurpon 10/17 Sat, Baseline Ultrasound 10/26, ..possible ER on 11/14...

    ziggy and nichri, how are your cycle progressing?

  6. Hi. I just got back from a hysteroscopy [everything looked good!] and on 10/19 I am headed for my baseline ultrasound. I will only have been on bcp for 10 days, so we won't know until then if we are going to keep my current stim schedule. Currently ER is scheduled for 11/4 and transfer 11/7.

    This is my second IVF, but my first with this clinic. Not sure if this will be the last with my eggs. Depends on how I do. I just turned 42 in September. Last year I had 8 eggs, five fertilized and after PGD, only one transferred with a chemical result. I feel strongly, however, about not doing PGD again.

    Look forward to cheering everyone on in this cycle.

    For those who don't know me, I actually publicly blog on the Conceive website.


  7. Hi V. Thanks for posting. Congratulations on your good hysteroscopy results. Cycle is such a wild ride. Each good little step counts.

    I also will be on BCP for only 10 days. Interestingly my baseline ultrasound will be a whole week later than yours.

    Are you taking DHEA? My doc recommends me to take it till the day before I start lupron.

    Let\'s cheer each other on this journey and expect miracles for everyone.

  8. Hi Ladies,

    Just got my meds today! I start Lupron on Sunday. I'm skipping BCPs this time, because I think they may have over suppressed me last time. We'll see!

    Anybody else on high stims this cycle?

    I'm not taking DHEA or any other supplements except for prenatal vitamins (and getting acupuncture 2x/wk).

    I think we are all pretty close --my tentative ER date is 11/9.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Z and V, Thanks for checking in. We are really close to each other. I just got my meds today and will start lupron tomorrow. Today is my last day of taking DHEA. I am also doing acupuncture once a week.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I am on the Flare protocol. Lupron twice a day starting on 10/23, then 420 Follistim and 150 Menopur. My meds are supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Does anybody know if you can carry meds in an icepack on the plane? I am going to my 20th college reunion next weekend.

    I am also doing acupuncture and herbs.

    Let's hope all of us get lucky this cycle!

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi V, you need to have your doctor writing a letter so you can carry your meds and injection needles on the plane. I did it once. Have a wonderful time at the reunion!


  12. as for keeping the meds refrigerated, I'm not sure if you can get an ice pack through security. I used a bag of frozen peas, because food is ok to bring. You could also bring extra ziplock baggies and just fill with ice once you've passed through security.

  13. Thanks for the travel tips. I also know that it sounds like blasphemy, but I am thinking of asking the doctor to postpone my med start until I get back. I can't see that two-three days would make that big of difference.

  14. Baseline ultrasound looked good, so we are moving forward...except we postponed the med start until next Tuesday. Pushing my retrieval out closer to 11/8.

    This way I can go to my reunion and relax this weekend!

  15. V - congrats on getting your cycle pushed out a few days. I had to do that once, and it didn't have a negative effect on my cycle. Our tentative ER dates are just a day apart. I know, anything can happen between now and then....

    I hope you enjoy your reunion!


  16. Hi V - happy to know that your doc could get your med start later and congrats on a good baseline ultrasound. it seems that we all will be closer together. my tentative ER is behind you two.

    Hi Z - thanks for checking in. How is your lurpon injection going?

    Have a wonderful week!

  17. ariadna - injections are ok! Just waiting for AF this weekend & then the party starts. I've had the worst PMS this week!

    How are you?

  18. Hi Z - thanks for checking in and let us know how you are. weekend is approaching, that means your AF will come and your PMS will be over soon
    Sorry to hear about that.

    Hi V - have a wonderful reunion and enjoy some drinks before you can have them again.

    i am doing well. now it is relatively easy part of the cycle. the medication does give me a little bit insomnia but not that bad.

    let\'s wait for our parties to start.

  19. Just catching up with you gals. I had a good weekend in Southern California, though I was lousy on the moderation of eating and drinking. My acupuncturist today said there was quite a bit of excessive heat around digestive tract and liver. All I can say is that is was all good.

    I had forgotten what a pain, twice a day Lupron shots are going to be. I checked with my clinic and they are fairly adamant about them being 12 hours apart. Are you guys doing it twice a day?

    Do you give yourself a shot in a public bathroom? May be hard to believe, but I have received most of my shots at home up until this cycle.

    Two of my fellow bloggers on Conceive got BFPs this week. Though, those lucky gals I believe are under 30.

    Here's keeping our fingers crossed for the over 40s.

  20. V - glad you had a nice trip! I had no idea some people did Lupron 2x/day. How many IUs are you on each time? I do one 10IU shot in the AM. That will go down to 2.5IU when I start stims on Thursday. I will have to do stims 2x/day - 12 hours apart, but I'll just do my best to make sure I'm home by that time every day. Good excuse to not work any overtime, at least in my head. FWIW, I think 2x/day is better than getting one huge shot in the AM.

    ariadna - sorry to hear you have insomnia too! I woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep! Only a little while longer of this.... hang in there!

    Happy Tuesday,

  21. Hi V - Good to hear that you had a wonderful reunion time. now the party starts, we all need to be good, no drinks etc. I am like Z, only one lupron shot 10 units in the morning then go down to 5 unit.

    Hi Z - Sorry to hear that you also have insomnia. My tendency was to get up and work. This time I forced myself to lie in bed even if I woke up... yes hang in there and this too shall pass!

    Take care,

  22. Hi All,

    I\'d like to join in. I'm 43 and this will be the last cycle with my own eggs (cuz I'll be getting pg, yaa know!). I'm on CD 16 today of a month of estrogen priming. Then, I'll be on max stims, the only way I like it :

    450iu Follistim
    150iu Menopur
    HGH for 5 days

    Should be a fun ride! I'll try to keep up here, but with everything I'm doing for my fertility, I don't know how much time I'll have!!


  23. Welcome, Phoebe! I like your attitude!

    You and I will be on the same stims this cycle - 450gonal-f/150monopur... Mine steps down after 2 days though. I'm on the Long Lupron protocol, with Estrogen suppositories for the 1st 5 days of stims. This is a new one for me... I wasn't on high stims last cycle, and didn't respond well. My E2 never went over 750, with 5 follies retrieved/fertilized/transferred.

    What is HGH?

    Good luck,

  24. Welcome aboard, Phoebe! We are all on the same page.

    Have a happy halloween,

  25. HGH is human growth hormone, aka Saizen.

    We got a foot and a half of snow in the last day. Dang!!

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