2 day transfer anyone?

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  1. Has anyone had success with 2 day transfer with a 3 cell embryo grade 1?

  2. I am on my second 2dt (first was bfn but had poor grades. This time they tranferrd two grade 2/3 4 cell embryos.
    Your grade one sounds great! I posted your question before and found two women who had successful two day transfers. Good luck to you! It sounds like you're on the right track.

  3. hi cgiannoulis! thanks for responding! good luck to you too!

    this is my 3rd IVF! i am 33 years old with diminshed ovarian reserve.

  4. Hi hopeful,
    Are you still in your 2ww? When is your beta?
    This is my 6th ivf (male factor) and my beta is on the 16th.

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