19 month old does not like to chew!

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  1. Is this a phase?

    She likes things mushed up, but when given a piece of chicken, she spits it out!

  2. Is this something new, does she have teeth to chew with? Did you contact EI/early intervention? How is she with speech? I ask all this because A has issues with speech, and at one point had major issues with textured foods.... Right in the beggining she would refuse to even allow a spoon in her mouth when we started with \"solids,\" at 7 months. You might want to get EI involved, speech therapists can help if there are sensory issues in the mouth.

  3. Thanks Lotus - Her speech seems fine. Has a pretty decent vocabulary - over 40 words. She also has lots of teeth.

    She likes slices of apple which she nibbles and swallows, but with certain foods (beef, chicken) , unless I puree it, she wont touch.

  4. My DD just turned 4 and she still doesn't like the texture of beef or chicken. At 19 months she still ate vienna sausages, cut up lunch meat, etc for her meat.

    It's normal. She'll be in her chicken nugget phase in no time

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