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  1. Any Successful IVF Cycle with DHEA During Stim?

    Hi, I have been taking DHEA for a month and a half and it seems to have helped my fsh level. I wanted to give it a little more time before I try a cycle. A friend of mine currently is going through stims and

  2. success stories with DHEA?

    I am wondering if I can find some first-hand success stories with help of DHEA? I have high FSH 16.8 and low AMH 0.25. My latest IVF cycle failed with only 1 out of 8 eggs fertilize via ICSI. Although DH has lo

  3. Third IVF Failure - seeking ideas for next steps

    Debbie, Thank you for your well wishes. ...I know how stressful it is to swallow lots of tablets. Last cycle I also took DHEA, it was awful. I lost hairs all the time and at the end the outcome wasn't good.

  4. Devastated in NY - Only one egg retrieved

    I would start seeing a chinese med doctor to get some herbs and take these herbs for about 3 mos before doing another IVF if this one fails. I would also start taking DHEA for about 3 mos prior to a new IVF. I

  5. When to stop DHEA, Herb, and other supplements?

    For you guys who is trying supplements and herbs. I need your advise on when to stop them during an EPP cycle. I am taking Chinese herbs, DHEA, coQ10, l-arginine, and vitamin E in addition to the standard pre

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  1. When to stop DHEA, Herb, and other supplements?

  2. Any Successful IVF Cycle with DHEA During Stim?

  3. success stories with DHEA?

  4. Has anyone heard or used the Center of Human Reproduction with Dr Gleicher? (chld men

    I had success a few years ago at Cornell and delivered a little girl just after I turned 44 (she is now 2). I, however, have been unsuccessful during the past year and half trying to have second. I'm a g

  5. DHEA + major pelvic pain!!

    I am taking DHEA -- as recommended by Dr..I have such pain in my ovaries-- it is not normal. anyone else experience this? I'm sorry that you're experiencing pain, but thankful that you posted. I was

  6. 46 Years old can anyone help with my fertility results

    Hi I\'ve just had some fertility blood tests done on CD3, can anyone interpret them for me please. FSH - 6.1 U/LLF - 4.8 U/LOestradiol - 914 pmol/lProlactin - 237 IU/mlDHEA - 0.7 umol/LAnti Mullerian - 8.00 p

  7. Things to improve egg quality- do they really work? m/c ment

    ******Pregnancy Mentioned********* I\'m also a big believer in Pycnogenol and Resveratrol. I took both (at the suggestion of my RE) before I started my first IVF. I have had 4 losses in the past and I am 41.

  8. Devastated in NY - Only one egg retrieved

  9. Choosing a doctor/clinic

    A BFP is a big fat positive- it means the person got pregnant. I congratulate you on doing your research. These are all great clinics. I would check out the ones closest to you and see where you feel most com

  10. Third IVF Failure - seeking ideas for next steps

  11. Need clinic suggestions for last try

    Hi SOFIADIMITRIOU -- I'm so sorry about your failed cycles. I wish you could somehow swing CCRM because I really believe they are the best, for a number of reasons. Did you ask about doing shared risk to

  12. Beta on Feb 10th! Anyone want to join.

    HI Beth- welcome- glad to heat that the embies have a fighting change. Hope they are snuggling into that lining. I, did 2 fresh cycles at NYU and a FET with Dr. B. What a nice man!! One cycle was succesful an

  13. July buddies: 2nd and Last time, new approach!

    I think my flight arrives around 7pm or so on Sunday evening. With using miles, I didn't have many choices on the outbound. DH is arriving on Friday morning. I've made our return trip on 8/1. Intrali

  14. PRO/CON of donor embryos - need your input

    've had 2 failed IVF, 1 failed FET with my 40+ y/o eggs. Moved on to donor eggs 31 y/o. Thought it would work, especially with fresh donor sperm. A big fat zero in the fertilization dept. Donor has PCOS. Ha

  15. Symptoms at first US

    Hi Search,First of all, congrats for the positive beta! Yes, I had some minor ovary pain on the day of beta and then nothing for 2 weeks going into my first ultrasound at 7w1d. I was also fearful that the pr

  16. CCRM OR CORNELL? Who can offer advice>

    So I just got back from my RE's office. My DH and I wanted to go to get an explanation on why the 2nd IVF did not work. He looked as puzzled as we did. He says that with my age being 40 each IVF I have only

  17. 17 Hydroxyprogesterone caproate shot?

    I currently take the weekly injection and have been since I was 17 weeks. I am now 30 weeks and will continue to 36 weeks.I have had no side effects and I think its something like the PIO you take during your f

  18. Interesting FYI on Dr. Stone

    I was browsing pregnancy books today, and she is one of the authors of Pregnancy for Dummies. Funny, huh? I ended up checking it out of the library.

  19. Heparin

    But you have to have both MTFR mutations for it to be clinically significant, which I'm guessing equals far less than the 30% quoted. FWIW, my MFM feels that lovenox/heparin are far overused in pregnancy no

  20. FET on 11/30/09

    anyone out there doing an ET on or about 11/30/09? i am now anxiously waiting for 12/8/09 pregnancy test. this is our second ivf attempt. the first one worked but sadly ended at 9 weeks pregnancy. i had to

  21. 2009 November Cyclers

    Hi V. Thanks for posting. Congratulations on your good hysteroscopy results. Cycle is such a wild ride. Each good little step counts. I also will be on BCP for only 10 days. Interestingly my baseline ult

  22. Allergies during Pregnancy

    Fish and shrimp allergies during pregnancy. Fish and shellfish are common allergens, and reactions can range from mild to severe. In most cases, consuming these foods during pregnancy poses no increased risk to

  23. 2nd beta Feb. 9th with really low first beta

    mzor, I am right there with you in beta hell. I had an IUI done Jan 20th, first beta on Feb 3rd was 11, second on the 5th was 40, then waited until today (4 days later b/c of the weekend) but it was only 98.

  24. Trying after 20 week twin stillbirth

    Hey Girls, Just wanted to encourage both of you. I know the thought of trying and carrying a pregnancy after a loss is so stressful! I lost twins (went through IVF x2) at 21 weeks. Nobody was sure why it h

  25. How soon is too soon to think one is morning sick

    well, last time i was pregnant i didnt start feeling sick until my 5th week of pregnancy - that doesnt mean that it cant happen to you - a rapid escalation of pregnancy hormones can make you feel quite sick. p